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The color gold takes its name from the precious metal of the same name . The adjective for color is golden , in contrast to the outdated term gülden for something made of (the metal) gold .

Color theory

Gold is originally the shiny color gold metal .


Bronze powder

The pigment gold bronze is used as the colorant. With this pigment, not only the hue but also the particle shape play an important role. The pigment for the various substrates is available on the one hand as "real gold", a real gold color based on atomized gold leaf , which is also called powder gold or shell gold . For simpler applications, substitutes called Musivgold (tin IV sulfide) are used. In the mass market, a matching metallic effect pigment with brass as the starting alloy is usually used.

The RAL color system has the effect colors pearl gold RAL 1036, pearl beige RAL 1035 and rapeseed yellow RAL 1021 are conditionally suitable .

Symbolic meaning

Golden often symbolically stands for the best , for top performance.

  • The metal gold has been the metal of gods , emperors and kings since the earliest times because of its “ sunshine ” . So it was the constant effort of artists, craftsmen, alchemists to upgrade the yellow metal by cheaper, albeit less noble materials and to replace expensive, rare gold with something that looks the same.

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The contrast is colloquially the dark, non-glossy counter color black :


Depiction of the color gold in heraldry

In heraldry , a distinction is made between colors and metals . Heraldic gold is therefore not a color, but - like silver - a metal. According to the principles of heraldry, colors and metals must change, which is how gold is found. In color printing it is usually shown as yellow , as hatching (black and white representation) it is shown by loose oblique dots. The sacred and imperial meaning of heraldic gold is still handed down today in the flag of the Vatican City and in the federal coat of arms of Germany .

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