Brose Bamberg

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Brose Bamberg
Nickname Freak City
Founded 1955 (as 1. FC 01 Bamberg )
Hall Brose Arena
(6222 seats)
Chairman of the Supervisory Board Michael Stoschek
executive Director Philipp Galewski
Trainer Johan Roijakkers
league Basketball Bundesliga
2018/19 : 5th place
Colours red / white / black
Jersey colors
Jersey colors
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German champion : 2005 , 2007 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 ,
2013 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017
German cup winner : 1992, 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2017 , 2019

Brose Bamberg is a German basketball team from Bamberg that has won the German championship nine times and the German Cup six times . Bamberg competes in the basketball Bundesliga and Champions League in the 2019/20 season . The license holder is Bamberger Basketball GmbH .


Basketball beginnings in Bamberg

From 1953 sports teacher Bert Peßler taught Bamberger students the basics of basketball, and in 1955 a basketball department was founded at 1. FC 01 Bamberg at the request of Winfried Potrykus . In December 1958, Peßler initiated the Klaus Haferkorn Memorial Tournament, which promoted basketball and became a permanent fixture in Bamberg's sporting life. The tournament was later described as the "nucleus of basketball success in Bamberg". In 1962, 1. FC Bamberg rose to the Bayern League and in 1969 to the Oberliga.

Predecessor clubs (1970 to 2001)


In 1970 1. FC 01 Bamberg was promoted to the basketball league for the first time under the direction of coach Werner "Pablo" Hartmann . The team had prevailed in the promotion games against BC Darmstadt.

The first Bundesliga game in the club's history took place on September 6, 1970 at USC Munich. Despite the great support of their own supporters (around 350 of the 600 spectators present came from Bamberg), the Bamberg team lost 59:87. The first Bundesliga home game was also lost: 73:75 against Grün-Weiß Frankfurt. The meeting took place in the sold out John F. Kennedy Hall. On the following day of the match the first victory after promotion was achieved against TSV 1860 Munich. Bamberg's coach in the first Bundesliga game year was Sergeant Robert Lewis, who was stationed at a US Army base, and the season's best FC scorer, which ended in fifth, was Lewis' compatriot Jim Wade . At that time, the team was financed by sponsors and by selling tickets.

In their second year in the Bundesliga (1971/72), the Bambergers, whose home games were meanwhile regularly full of seats and a heated atmosphere, reached the finals of the top German division. There they won against SSV Hagen, against TuS 04 Leverkusen there were two clear defeats. In the DBB-Pokal they advanced to the quarter-finals. 1972/73 came the team in the Bundesliga under coach Ludovit Karpil , who had replaced Lewis who had returned to his home country, in the semifinals, there was against the MTV Giessen. In the cup competition they made it into the top eight teams again, then lost to ASV Köln.

In 1976, Wade, the outstanding man of the previous Bamberg Bundesliga years , said goodbye, with Ljubodrag Simonovic , a Yugoslav national player was brought in, who led the Bundesliga basket hunter list in the main round of the 1976/77 season and scored 55 points on the first match day, which was a new high in the league meant. In 1977 former national player Holger Geschwindner moved to Bamberg and was the team's top performer until relegation in 1979. The Bundesliga relegation was missed despite the good performance of Geschwindner and also of the American Kennith Sweet , who was signed in 1978 and stayed for years. The relegation was determined after a 79-81 defeat against Post SV Bayreuth , of all people Manfred Voigt from Bamberg scored the decisive basket for Bayreuth in this game with a "desperate throw" in the fall.


After being represented in the top tier of the 2nd Bundesliga in the 1979/80 and 1980/81 seasons, but missing the promotion, they returned in 1982. Bamberg had finished second in the 2nd Bundesliga South, but at the Green Table Master TuS PAM Aschaffenburg was revoked and Bamberg was awarded the title. With Sweet, coach Rudolf Lorber had an outstanding American, and Bernd Ziegmann and Jürgen Becher were also cornerstones of the team. After the Bundesliga resurgence, Karpil was brought back as a coach, who initially wanted to do without Sweet. The American finally played, however, as the receipt of the eligibility for the 2.12 meter tall Richard Johnson was delayed. As in the year of promotion, Sweet was the best Bamberg points collector in the Bundesliga, but that was not enough to keep the league, which was determined after an away defeat on the last day of the relegation round against MTV Wolfenbüttel.

In the 1983/84 season under coach Dirk Dunbar succeeded in direct promotion to the top division. Holger Geschwindner, now in his late thirties, was there again, points was again guaranteed by Kennith Sweet, Wolfgang Goppert as well as Stefan Baierlein and Michael Boyle , who moved from Bayreuth to Bamberg, contributed significantly to the promotion. In addition, the semifinals in the DBB Cup was reached.

In the following years after the recovery, the team was not only able to stay away from the relegation ranks, but even moved into the semi-finals of the German championship in the 1986/87 season under coach Dan Palmer , who replaced "Pablo" Hartmann in November 1986 . There they met Bayer Leverkusen, defeated the defending champions in the first game away, but then lost the next two games and then had to admit defeat to Gießen in the games for third place. With the American Ralph McPherson , Palmer had on the way to this good season result a player who was described as "one, if not the best foreign player", "who had ever worn the shirt of 1. FC Bamberg". Kennith Sweet was also still a pillar of the team.

In the run-up to the game year 1987/88, Bamberg did not reach an agreement with Palmer, so a new man had to be found for the coaching office. It became the former star player Ljubodrag Simonovic, who had to do without several actors from the successful preseason, including McPherson. Simonovic remained hapless as a coach in Bamberg, in the course of the 1987/88 season it came to a separation, manager Hans Herbst stepped in and looked after the team. There were also economic worries. The main club FC Bamberg went bankrupt through no fault of the basketball department, the Bamberg basketball team founded TTL Basketball Bamberg on February 10, 1988, a successor club to which all previous FC basketball teams were transferred. The new club name TTL ( abbreviation for wallpaper-carpeting-land ) was based on the collaboration with a specialist store for interior design, which acted as the sponsor and name giver.

In 1988 Terry Schofield , who had previously worked successfully in Göttingen, took over as coach. In Bamberg, compared to Göttingen, things were much more professional, Schofield later recalled, who got into trouble in his first year in Bamberg when he went through the bars to celebrate after a victory and, according to his own statement, was threatened with firing.


In 1992 he achieved his first national title success in the men's division by winning the cup competition. In 1993 they moved into the final series of the German championship for the first time in Bamberg's basketball history, but lost to Leverkusen there. The 1993/94 season ended as leaders of the 1st Bundesliga South and moved into the semi-finals, where Brandt Hagen was defeated. Nevertheless, as the chroniclers noted, Bamberg, which under Schofield "was the only team to have made it to the semifinals regularly for the past five years", "confirmed its place as one of the leading forces in German basketball". In mid-December 1994, Schofield collapsed with circulatory problems during a game against Ulm, had to resign and, on the advice of his doctor, gain “distance from basketball”. Schofield's assistant Ken Scalabroni was promoted to head coach after his illness-related departure. From 1995 the name of the team was extended to TTL uniVersa Bamberg with the entry of uniVersa insurance .

In 1999, Wolfgang Heyder took on managerial roles in the Bundesliga team and worked as a sports director , but for the longest time also in a dual role as management , and in the following 15 years should have a formative effect on the Bundesliga team, but also on the organization of the environment. After financial problems, the entry of the new name sponsor TSK saved the Bamberg Bundesliga basketball in 2000. The long-time “maker” of the Bundesliga club, Hans Herbst , withdrew. The team now appeared as TSK uniVersa Bamberg .

Bauermann era (2001 to 2008)

Already in the 2001/02 season was Dirk Bauermann , who in the early 1990s with the TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen had already become seven times German champions and cup winners four times, become the new coach of Bamberg's basketball team. The Bambergers had three sportily lean seasons behind them in the championship, in which they did not achieve much apart from qualifications for the BBL Top Four in the cup competition. Under Bauermann you could first of all qualify again for the play-offs of the best eight teams. In the following 2002/03 season , for the first time since 1993, the play-off final series for the German championship succeeded. If you had lost ten years earlier to the series champion Leverkusen trained by Bauermann, this time you lost to the then series champion Alba Berlin . Differences between the main sponsor and the club jeopardized the sporting upswing in 2003 and questioned whether the club would remain in the basketball league.

After the entry of the new name sponsor GHP and the name change to GHP Bamberg , the team was able to continue the sporting upswing and defeat the defending champion and series champion ALBA in just five games in the play-off semi-final series of the 2003/04 season . The vacant championship title could not be won, however, and lost in the final series again within the maximum distance of five games against the Opel Skyliners . A year later the time had come when the defending champion from Frankfurt am Main was defeated in five games in a new edition of the previous year's final series and the championship title was brought to Bamberg for the first time. The defining players on the team included national player Steffen Hamann and the native Americans Rick Stafford and Chris Ensminger , who were said to have particular qualities in defense . With the championship win it was also the first time for the top-ranked European club competition ULEB Euro League qualifying, in which one the first German team in the recent history of this competition since 2000, the discharged in group matches second round ( "Top16") of the ULEB Euro League 2005/06 reached . In the 2006 Top Four of the cup competition in front of a home crowd, however, they lost the final against ALBA and in the play-off semi-final series of the Basketball Bundesliga in 2005/06 , the defending champion had to admit defeat to RheinEnergie Köln .

At the beginning of the 2006/07 season, the club changed its name to Brose Baskets , as Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG became the new main sponsor. In the final series of the championship you could get back the title against the Artland Dragons and Casey Jacobsen , who then initially returned to the NBA , was awarded as MVP of the final series. In the play-offs of the 2007/2008 season , however, they were eliminated in the first round. A week later, coach Dirk Bauermann announced his resignation, who concentrated on his previous part-time job as national coach of the German men's national team . In addition to the sporting failure this season, the league and the DBB had pushed for a separation of the offices of first division club coach and national coach.

Fleming era (2008 to 2014)

As the new coach and successor, Chris Fleming was hired by the Artland Dragons as head coach. In addition to the then 38-year-old American, his long-time coaching assistant Arne Woltmann also moved from Quakenbrück to the Brose Baskets. Fleming brought his compatriot and builder of the Dragons John Goldsberry to Franconia . The rebuilding and realignment of the team, of which only a few players like the Serbian Predrag Šuput remained, turned out to be difficult at first and the Brose Baskets only barely made it into the play-offs of the 2008/09 season , in which one then indeed reached the semi-final series, but was eliminated there against the eventual champions EWE Baskets Oldenburg , against which they had already failed in the first round a year earlier.

At the beginning of the 2009/10 season , the young talent Tibor Pleiß could be signed and the 2007 final MVP championship team, Casey Jacobsen, could be brought back to Bamberg as the new team captain. After another rather bumpy start to the season and an early injury to John Goldsberry, the Slovak-born Anton Gavel  was temporarily signed as a replacement . After the performances in the Bundesliga stabilized from then on, they looked for ways to financially extend the contract with Gavel until the end of the season, for which the T-shirt campaign "Anton must stay" was launched. At the end of the season they finally reached fifth place in the table. After winning the 2010 cup competition against the top four hosts Deutsche Bank Skyliners from Frankfurt with a point difference in the final game, the play-offs took advantage of the fact that all teams with home rights had already been eliminated in the first round, which means you received home rights for the semi-finals and a possible final as fifth in the main round. After two series without defeat, they went against the Skyliners in the third edition of this final series pairing again over five games and brought the third championship to Bamberg. Jacobsen was again named MVP of the final series.

For the 2010/11 season, the successful team from the previous season was largely held together and strengthened in a targeted manner. As a result, the well-rehearsed team dominated the points round almost at will and had to accept only two defeats in 34 games. She also won the cup competition, the final tournament of which was also held in Bamberg. Against Braunschweig they defended the cup victory of the previous year with 69:66. In the championship, Brose Baskets survived the quarter-finals with ease against Eisbären Bremerhaven . In the semifinals, they surprisingly suffered two away defeats against Artland Dragons and only won in the decisive fifth game. In the final against Alba Berlin , Bamberg showed again weaknesses away from home and declining form. In the corresponding fifth final game in the Stechert Arena , after a good start for the Brose Baskets, Berlin was in the lead until shortly before the end of the game. The Bambergers were able to turn the game in the final minutes mainly with three-pointers from Goldsberry and Roberts and win 72:65. This was the fourth time they became German champions and achieved the second double in a row. The MVP of the final series was Kyle Hines , who came from the second Italian league Legadue, who was only called "Karl-Heinz" among fans in Franconia and who had also attracted top European clubs as a discovery of the season.

While Hines moved to Olympiacos in Greece, the continuity in the Brose Baskets squad was largely continued for the 2011/12 season and the core team around Jacobsen, Gavel, Goldsberry, Suput, Tadda and Pleiß was retained. The departures were more than offset by strong commitments. For example, the former league MVP Julius Jenkins, center Marcus Slaughter, and PJ Tucker, for whom the season in Bamberg should prove to be a stepping stone into the NBA, were signed. At the end of the main round Bamberg was in first place in the table with 30 wins and four defeats. During the season, the team was able to win the cup competition again. In the battle for the championship, Brose Baskets beat Telekom Baskets Bonn 3-1 in the playoff quarter-finals , while Bamberg surprisingly lost their first home game. That defeat was the first home defeat in 49 games. In the semi-final series, the team defeated the Artland Dragons in three out of five possible games (best-of-five). In the final, Bamberg finally prevailed against Ratiopharm Ulm 3-0. Bamberg won the double for the third time in a row. Due to these successes, among other things, several players signed higher-value contracts with other clubs after the season, so that the continuity in the squad could not be fully continued in the following season. The two center players Tibor Pleiß and Marcus Slaughter moved to Spain, combo guard Brian Roberts and the new finals MVP PJ Tucker made it into the NBA. Predrag Šuput moved to KK Cedevita in Croatia after five years .

Nevertheless, the core of the team with defensive ace Gavel, captain Jacobsen, Goldsberry as well as national player and "home grown " Karsten Tadda could be held together for the 2012/13 season . Among the newcomers, the Slovenian national player and former NBA professional Boštjan Nachbar stood out in particular . However, injury-related absences led to a lot of restructuring in the squad during the season. In the ULEB Euroleague 2012/13 they reached the intermediate round of the 16 best teams for the first time in seven years by winning the last group game against Partizan Belgrade, but in 14 games, including two against the other German representative ALBA Berlin, remained victorious. Also in the Beko BBL-Pokal 2013 cup competition, the defending champions lost in the quarter-finals in their own hall with 69:77 against FC Bayern Basketball . In the national championship, on the other hand, the Brose Baskets team finished the main round of the Bundesliga with 26 wins in first place in the table. In the play-off quarter-finals, Brose Baskets beat Phoenix Hagen 3-1. In the semifinals they met the team of FC Bayern Munich, which they defeated 3-2 after five games, which meant they were in the final of the German basketball championship for the fourth time in a row. Here EWE Baskets Oldenburg waited for the champions of the last three years. With a smooth 3-0 series, Bamberg secured their fourth title in a row. The meanwhile naturalized Anton Gavel has now been named MVP of the final series after being awarded twice as the best defender in the league.

In October 2013, the operating company Franken 1st Basketball Holding GmbH, which had existed since 2007 , was taken over in its entirety by the Brose Group, its namesake and main sponsor . Michael Stoschek , the chairman of the Brose shareholders' meeting, took over the chairmanship of the supervisory board of Bamberger Basketball GmbH, Rolf Beyer , commercial director of the Hallstadt Brose plant , was deputy . In addition, the committee drew, inter alia, Carl Steiner , former patron and namesake of the Bundesliga Steiner Bayreuth , one. The 2013/2014 season was less successful than the years before. After leaving the Euroleague prematurely, they even failed in the intermediate round of the 2013/14 Eurocup . In the final tournament of the BBL Cup 2014 , they lost relatively clearly in the semifinals against defending champion ALBA Berlin. The Brose Baskets were able to finish the regular season in the national championship with 28 wins and 6 defeats in second place in the table, but in the quarter-finals of the play-offs, the Baskets were eliminated early after two home defeats and only one away win against the Artland Dragons. This resulted in Chris Fleming being relieved of his job as head coach. Manager Wolfgang Heyder , whose area of ​​responsibility in January 2014, after the appointment of the commercial director Marko Beens, was already concentrating only on the sporting side, was only to take care of the Bundesliga team on a temporary basis until a successor was found. Heyder stayed with the club in the youth sector for the time being, but was removed from his youth work position in November 2014. Shortly after the end of the playoffs it became known that the cooperation with the relatively new managing director Marko Beens had been terminated. In July 2014, the previous deputy chairman of the supervisory board, Rolf Beyer, took over the position of managing director, while the Italian Daniele Baiesi was hired as the new sports director at the end of December 2014 .

Trinchieri era (2014 to 2018)

Chris Fleming was followed by Andrea Trinchieri in the 2014/2015 season , who signed a three-year contract with an exit option after two seasons. The Italian came from the Russian top club Unics Kazan , with whom he reached the Eurocup final the previous season and was voted "Eurocup Trainer of the Year". He was followed by numerous new players, including Brad Wanamaker . The American became the leading player of the newly formed team and was named the most valuable player in the league in the 2015/16 season.

The new season was initially declared a year of transition, so expectations were much lower than in previous years. But with coach Andrea Trinchieri's new style of play, Bamberg played a successful Bundesliga season and, surprisingly for many, secured first place after the main round. Previously, the final in the BBL-Pokal 2015 , where they met host EWE Baskets Oldenburg and just lost with 70:72. In the playoffs they won against the MHP Giants Ludwigsburg and ratiopharm ulm undefeated . In a thrilling final series against Bayern Munich, last year's champions were knocked off the throne in the decisive fifth game. In the Eurocup 2014/15 they lost twice in the round of 16 against the locomotive Kuban Krasnodar , who had previously been undefeated in this competition, and were eliminated.

In the following season 2015/16 Trinchieri announced his early contract extension for another year, so that he now had an exit option for the 2017/18 season. Bamberg again moved into the playoffs as first in the main round and managed the sweep through the entire playoffs and the renewed championship against the final opponent ratiopharm ulm . In the BBL Cup 2016 Bamberg won against Ludwigsburg, but was beaten in the semi-final against hosts Munich. As last year's champions, Brose Baskets qualified for the EuroLeague 2015/16 and reached the intermediate round of the 16 best teams. After Bamberg had reached this competition round for the third time in its history, the first success at this level finally succeeded after 21 previously unsuccessful games with a home win over Žalgiris Kaunas . This was very clear with 96:63 in the final result, but in the end they narrowly missed participation in the playoffs by just one victory, which no German team had achieved before.

At the beginning of the 2016/17 season , the club changed its name to Brose Bamberg. After Wanamaker's departure, Fabien Causeur was signed for two seasons with an exit option. In his third season in Bamberg, Trinchieri first led the team to victory in the cup in Berlin and then as second in the main round behind ratiopharm ulm again in the playoffs. With the exception of the opening defeat in the quarter-finals against Telekom Baskets Bonn, the team managed to sweep through the entire playoffs for the third German championship in a row and the fourth double in the club's history. Thanks to the previous year's championship, Bamberg was again qualified for the EuroLeague 2016/17 , which was played in a new mode for the first time this season. After 30 home and away games in the main round, Bamberg finished the season in 13th place and thus missed eighth place in the table, which qualified for the playoffs. Although Bamberg could only win 10 games, the elimination after the main round was perceived by many fans as very close, since of 20 defeats 12 with six or fewer points were only lost very narrowly and several times only with the final second.

After three championships in a row, Trinchieri extended his contract in Bamberg again until 2019 with a release clause for the 2018/19 season. After the successful last season, numerous top performers left the club. Darius Miller and Daniel Theis moved to the NBA , Nicolò Melli , Jānis Strēlnieks and Finals MVP 2017 Fabien Causeur joined top clubs in the EuroLeague. Sports director Daniele Baiesi, who had a significant share in the Bamberg's successful commitments in previous years, was released from his contract early and signed with direct competitor Munich, which was controversial. Trinchieri therefore had to put the team together for the next 2017/18 season himself. After discussions about the performance and readiness of the supposed king transfer Quincy Miller at the beginning of the season, which resulted in his dismissal, it became apparent early on that the team did not harmonize. Bamberg lost exceptionally often in the BBL, also due to long-term injuries to Luka Mitrović , Bryce Taylor , Elias Harris and Patrick Heckmann . In addition, Trinchieri also had to undergo shoulder surgery, so that he was represented by assistant coach Ilias Kantzouris for several weeks in January . Under these circumstances, they were eliminated in the qualifying game for the final tournament of the BBL Cup 2018 away against Munich after extra time with 101: 97. After only three wins from the previous 15 games, Trinchieri was released on February 19 shortly after his return to the sidelines. Until further notice, Kantzouris took over the management.

Luca Banchi takes over

At the beginning of March 2018, Luca Banchi signed a contract as the new coach until the end of the season with the option of another season from the club. The Italian had previously parted ways with Auxilium Torino , which he had led into the Top16 of the EuroCup , in mid-January . Managing director Rolf Beyer and sports director Ginas Rutkauskas were delighted about the engagement of their preferred candidate. Banchi had already worked as an assistant coach in Siena with Bamberg's captain Nikos Zisis from 2009 to 2012 . At that time, the team also included athletic trainer Sandro Bencardino, with whom he worked from 2006 to 2010. During Banchi's first year as head coach at Montepaschi Siena in the 2012/13 season, Daniel Hackett joined the team and achieved the double from the Italian championship and cup victory. Both moved to Olimpia Milano for the next season , were champions at the same time and then worked together for another year.

Banchi relied on tactical simplifications and called for a return to the basic systems of basketball, which gave the team security and self-confidence, which made the team a little more consistent overall. Nevertheless, the team was unable to stabilize in the long term and, like the whole season, showed highly fluctuating performance within a game and from game to game. Under Banchi Bamberg got ten wins from the last 13 BBL games and they ended the regular season in fourth place with home rights in the quarter-finals of the playoffs against Bonn. Many observers expected a close series of five games after the bad season for Bamberg, but for the first time in the season the Franconians were constant over several games and won three games with a convincing performance. The main round first Munich had a hard time against the Skyliners Frankfurt and only moved into the semi-finals with home rights against Bamberg after five games. After this exhausting series and the coaching change of the Munich team a few weeks before the start of the playoffs and in view of the recently more sovereign Bamberg appearances, who had time to regenerate after the early semi-finals, one suspected a duel at eye level again. Bamberg, however, let itself be rolled over in the first game without any defense, was in the meantime behind with 34 points and lost 95:72. The Franks lacked any willingness to perform and the will to win, only Daniel Hackett kept them in the game. After the reigning German champions had again revealed their enormous weakness away from home that had run through the season, they showed a strong performance in front of their home crowd and, after a temporary deficit of 13 points, won the second quarter with 78:65. In the third game of the semi-final series, Munich again triumphed against disappointing Bamberg, who did not lead at any point in the game. After the 48:28 at halftime, the guests did not improve at all and so the 76:38 followed after the third quarter and the biggest deficit of the game of 42 points. With a final score of 99:67 they conceded the highest playoff defeat since the digital recording of the statistics (1998). In the fourth game Bamberg showed a strong first half with 52:38 and was able to maintain the lead until the beginning of the fourth quarter. In the end, however, Munich won with the momentum on their side 79:83. After seven championship titles in the previous eight years, Bamberg had to admit defeat and thus ended the extremely difficult season after the departure of the top performers in recent years. In the EuroLeague 2017/18 they had achieved one more than in the previous year with 11 wins as twelfth, but the lack of team chemistry as a result of the upheaval in Bamberg and the lack of motivation as well as the unfounded uncertainty of some players disappointed them in particular in the BBL Fans.

Bamberg announced the first new signing for the 2018/19 season during the previous playoffs . Maurice Stuckey came from s.Oliver Würzburg and signed a two-year contract. Bryce Taylor, for whom the previous season ended prematurely due to an injury, received German citizenship like Leon Radosevic in 2017 and is therefore no longer one of the six foreigners who are allowed to play per game.

Realignment of the club and financial difficulties

At the beginning of June 2018, Michael Stoschek , chairman of the supervisory board of Bamberger Basketball GmbH and main shareholder of the namesake Brose , admitted not only a sporty but also economically disappointing course of the 2017/18 season and announced financial cuts. He gave the guideline to send a team filled with young, hungry players into the race with a smaller budget. As a role model, Stoschek named Alba Berlin , who, compared to Bamberg , had an extremely successful season last season with a newly formed team of young, lesser-known players under the direction of Aíto García Reneses , one of the most experienced coaches in Europe, despite significantly smaller budgets crowned the final in the BBL. The complete realignment will take two or three years due to Bamberg's contractual obligations, he added.

The reorientation plan was given more concrete form at a press conference with Managing Director Rolf Beyer in mid-June. The club will try to promote young players, especially from their own offspring, under the leadership of experienced players, in order to be successful nationally in the BBL and beyond that in Europe. Bamberg wants to continue to be the strongest competitor of FC Bayern Munich basketball and Alba Berlin, but not, as Stoschek mentioned earlier in the last season, fall into a financial arms race with Munich, as this fight with the FC department, which is supported by numerous financially strong major sponsors Bayern Munich and the global brand associated with it cannot be won.

In order to set a new course in Europe, the club decided to leave the EuroLeague and EuroCup competitions held under the ULEB , despite qualifying for the latter, and to compete in the Basketball Champions League organized under the world basketball association FIBA . This agreement applies to the next five years, provided that the athlete is qualified. In Germany, the first five teams in a main round automatically get the right to start, otherwise a qualifying round has to be won. From the point of view of the club management, participation in the Champions League is still realistic, even as a club with young players and with a smaller budget, and achieving the top four or at least placing in the top eight of this competition is a goal for the future. The decision against the ULEB competitions, which have so far been much better marketed, is also related to the dispute between the associations FIBA ​​and ULEB regarding the national team time window, in which the EuroLeague does not want to pause, which means that many players cannot join their national teams. With this decision, Bamberg expressly committed to the national teams, Beyer said. In addition, the club sees the Champions League as a promising competition, which will also gain in importance for the next season in the wake of the participation of other major European clubs announced by Rolf Beyer. The upcoming expansion of the 2019/20 EuroLeague to 18 teams and an even greater burden on the teams speak against such a commitment, while the Champions League including the final four comprises a maximum of 20 games and possibly six qualifying games in advance. A major disadvantage, however, is the greater travel stress, as you no longer have to travel only to the major European capitals as part of the EuroLeague, but to much smaller and more distant places. Since the team described travel as the main reason for fatigue, unlike the games, in previous years, this will mean a considerable additional burden. The previously low sporting reputation of the Champions League in the hierarchy of European club competitions and the lack of size and awareness of the participating clubs will also make it more difficult to attract sponsors.

The deficit of the past season mentioned by Michael Stoschek as a result of the high financial burden from closed and now often to be terminated contracts can be estimated at five to eight percent of a budget. In addition, the total budget will be cut by six to ten million, depending on outstanding sponsor acquisitions, which was also a reason for participating in the Champions League, which was much weaker than the ULEB competitions.

Overall, the announced realignment of Bamberg was in drastic contrast to the goal of becoming one of the top ten teams in Europe, which was confirmed in June after the 2016/17 season. Stoschek commented several times on a new hall he wanted with a capacity of around 10,000 seats and the possible expansion of the financial budget with the help of further sponsors, so that one could oppose the strengthening Munich residents and their new hall. An A license for the EuroLeague as a permanent member would then also be possible. In particular, due to the gradual expansion of the field of participants to 18 or 20 teams combined with the strengthening of basketball in Germany and the increasing importance of the German market in Europe, good chances were calculated in this regard. In order to win the competition against the metropolis of Munich with the world-famous football brand behind them, Stoschek planned to expand the club's catchment area to the entire Franconia region with the highly advertising-relevant university cities of Nuremberg and Erlangen, and demanded public support for the hall construction Hand, which however did not want to make a decisive contribution. In view of the great regional added value through Bamberg basketball, which a study put at 14.3 million euros, and the considerable increase in attractiveness of the region in the course of Bamberg's rise to the top teams in Europe, this often met with incomprehension on the part of the club. After the announced turnaround in Bamberg as a result of an unsatisfactory season, the expansion project now seemed to be finally over. Already at an event of the club with the fans regarding the release of Andrea Trinchieri at the end of February 2018, Stoschek was no longer as aggressive towards the Munich as eight months earlier. He said that this Bamberg financial arms race would not vote and warned: "Even though we may have already seen the most success, we have to realize that basketball is also fun if you're not at the top." .

At the end of June, Ainars Bagatskis signed a two-year contract as the new head coach. Previously, the Latvian Maccabi Tel Aviv and the Latvian national team trained. As a result, the option of the club to extend the contract with Luca Banchi for another year was not drawn. Assistant coach Ilias Kantzouris, who left Bamberg after four years, has been replaced by Marcelo Nicola . The Argentine was previously the coordinator of Saski Baskonia's youth department and signed a two-year contract. Under Bagatskis and Nicola, the cooperation with the Baunach Young Pikes will now be further intensified in order to develop young players and lead them into the A-team.

The following day, the club announced the separation of Dorell Wright and Dejan Musli , who joined the team during the season and their contracts were expiring. Aleksej Nikolić and young talent Tibor Taraš made use of exit options in order to take on a bigger role in other clubs. Even Leon Radosevic used his agreed clause and left the club for a transfer fee of 150,000 euros to Munich. He justified his decision with the bad mood in the team due to Stoschek's dissatisfaction with the course of the previous season and Bamberg's voluntary relegation to the Champions League.

With assistant coach Vlado Šćepanović they agreed to terminate the contract. Last season's crowd favorite and leading player Daniel Hackett also used his option in case he missed the EuroLeague and left the club to join CSKA Moscow .

The first signings followed a few days later. The Serbian power forward Stevan Jelovac came from BK Nizhny Novgorod and signed a two-year contract with a mutual release clause for the second year. Leon Kratzer , on loan to s.Oliver Würzburg for the past season , returned and was also signed for two years. With Maodo Lô , another Bamberg player took advantage of his exit option to also move to Munich, although a central role in the team was planned for him in the future. In addition to Lô, Lucca Staiger, the next German national player, left the club after three years because his contract had expired. Furthermore, the contract of the long-term injured Luka Mitrović, which ran until 2020, was terminated .

Arnoldas Kulboka , who was loaned to the Italian first division club Capo d'Orlando in the preseason , was able to develop enormously in Italy and was selected by the Charlotte Hornets in the 2018 NBA draft in 55th place. An agreement was reached with the Hornets to let Kulboka play in Europe for another year. From then on, the Lithuanian winger was no longer in the Baunach Young Pikes squad, but became an integral part of the A-team. At the beginning of August, the US power forward Cliff Alexander was hired from the French first division club ASVEL Basket from Lyon and given him a two-year contract. A few days later, the last commitment for the new season followed. After weeks of rumors about the signing of Léo Westermann from CSKA Moscow, Tyrese Rice finally signed a one-year contract. The US-American with Montenegrin citizenship has already won the " Triple Crown " with Maccabi Tel Aviv and completed the Bamberg squad in the 2018/19 season.

In September 2018, the operating company Bamberger Basketball GmbH announced that it had hired Arne Dirks as managing director from January 1, 2019. The previous managing director of Deutsche Volleyball Sport GmbH and former commercial director of Eisbären Bremerhaven will replace Rolf Beyer, who is leaving office after four years. At the end of November 2018, managing director Rolf Beyer was dismissed from his office with immediate effect due to “financial irregularities”. The operating company Bamberger Basketball GmbH can only be saved from bankruptcy with additional money from the Brose Group and the chairman of the supervisory board, Michael Stoschek, said on the occasion of Beyer's dismissal. Stoschek held against Beyer "serious management errors". Niklas Beyes was appointed temporary managing director.

On January 13, 2019, Bamberg parted with head coach Bagatskis and his assistant Marcelo Nicola after six wins and four defeats in the previous ten Bundesliga games. The supervisory board and management criticized the development of the team. The Italian Federico Perego , until then assistant coach, took over the post of head coach. Another change in the management team was made in February 2019: Sports director Rutkauskas had to leave because of a "different view of the team composition".

At the end of March 2019, Brose Bamberg was fined by the Basketball Bundesliga with a fine of EUR 40,000 because false information was given about commitments entered into and information about the financial situation was not provided. The operating company of the Bamberg team announced that it would take recourse to the former managing director Rolf Beyer.

Under coach Perego, they moved into the championship round in fifth place in the 2018/19 season and met SC Rasta Vechta , who had finished the main round as a promoted team in fourth place. In the four quarter-final duels with Vechta, Bamberg only won one comparison and was eliminated 1: 3.

Belgian influence in Bamberg

After the elimination in the playoffs, the final realignment of Arne Dirks was announced. As early as June 4, 2019, it was announced that the contract with Ricky Hickman would not be renewed and the current contracts of Augustine Rubit, Patrick Heckmann and Arnoldas Kulboka would be terminated. With regard to personnel decisions concerning the team, the Belgian Leo De Rycke should  participate in the realignment as the new sporting director. Pego's tenure as coach ended with the end of the 2018/19 season. The contract with Nikos Zisis was not extended either. With Roel Moors , a compatriot De Ryckes was hired, so that the sporting management of the Bambergs passed completely into Belgian hands. Two days after the announcement of the new coach, the contract with Cliff Alexander has now also been terminated. In the course of the realignment, Alexander did not fit into the squad and could "not help with the desired rebuilding". Compared to the 2018/19 season, Bamberg's 2019/20 team had to make do with a 30 percent lower team budget. After the suspension of gaming operations due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus , Brose Bamberg registered short-time work at the beginning of April 2020, which was accompanied by a 50 percent drop in salaries. Team captain Elias Harris was publicly accused by Michael Stoschek (chairman of the supervisory board) of failing to live up to “his role as a role model”, as he was the only person who rejected the salary cuts. Harris' attorney then announced that the player was willing to "forego part of his salary", but it had to be "fair". In the publication of the allegations by the association Harris' legal counsel saw "a serious violation of his personal rights and the employment contract".

In mid-May 2020, the Brose Group announced that it would withdraw as a shareholder from Bamberger Basketball GmbH on June 30 due to losses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic , but would continue to serve as the most important sponsor of the team. Bamberg's Lord Mayor Andreas Starke took over the management of the transition process to manage the change of shareholders. In the following week, the situation changed again when Michael Stoschek, chairman of the shareholders' meeting of the Brose Group, announced that Brose would remain the majority shareholder of Bamberg Basketball GmbH. In May 2020, the end of the cooperation with FC Baunach (Baunach Young Pikes) was announced, which until then had acted as the Bamberg youth development team. According to the Bamberg management, this step was necessary to “maintain the targeted consolidation course”. At the season-end tournament of the Bundesliga in June 2020, the team was eliminated in the quarter-finals against Oldenburg, at the time of the interruption of the 2019/20 season due to the spread of Covid-19, the team was in seventh place in the table. Shortly after the end of the season, coach Moors was dismissed because, from the club's point of view, under his leadership the hoped-for development of the team had not been set.

New start with Roijakkers

At the beginning of July 2020, the Dutchman Johan Roijakkers was introduced as the new head coach. He previously worked in Göttingen. Roijakkers received a three-year contract. A few days later there was a separation from Managing Director Dirks, which, according to the association, took place for personal reasons. His successor was Philipp Galewski , who headed Medi Bayreuth from 2014 to 2018 and then worked at Brose as a speaker for Michael Stoschek. At the end of July 2020, sports director de Rycke was passed, whose contract was terminated. The position has not been filled. At the beginning of August 2020, Wolfgang Heyder returned to Bamberg and took over the management of the youth department. On his return, Heyder complained about the clearly declining success of Bamberg's youth development program that had been observed in previous years. He said Bamberg had to "become a location again where you want to go and that is just not an issue at the moment".



Brose Bamberg has played its home games since 2001 mainly in the Brose Arena, which has been renamed several times .

Since the renovation of the hall in 2006, it has held 6,800 spectators for basketball games and has, among other things, a large business area and nine business boxes. Only with this renovation is the hall also suitable for hosting EuroLeague games (minimum capacity: 5,000 seats). Previously, international home games had to be outsourced to the Nuremberg Arena .

Before the construction of the Brose Arena (formerly Forum Bamberg, Jako Arena or Stechert Arena), the team played in the John F. Kennedy Hall on the grounds of the US barracks in Bamberg and later in the Graf Stauffenberg Hall .

Other important people in the club environment

  • Norbert Sieben (President)
  • Supervisory board: Michael Stoschek (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Stefan Adam, Sandro Scharlibbe, Carl Steiner , Maximilian Stoschek

Current squad

Brose Bamberg's squad in the 2019/2020 season
Attention: The squad information is out of date!
(current season: 2020/2021)
No. Nat. Surname birth size info Last club
Guards ( PG , SG )
1 United StatesUnited States Paris Lee April 20, 1995 1.83 m BelgiumBelgium Antwerp Giants
44 GermanyGermany Bryce Taylor September 27, 1986 1.95 m GermanyGermany FC Bayern Munich
7th United StatesUnited States Cameron Taylor 5th October 1994 1.98 m HungaryHungary PVSK panthers
2 GermanyGermany Nelson Weidemann March 25, 1999 1.90 m GermanyGermany FC Bayern Munich (basketball)
32 BelgiumBelgium Retin Obasohan July 06, 1993 1.85 m United StatesUnited States Northern Arizona Suns
Forwards ( SF , PF )
20th GermanyGermany Elias Harris July 6, 1989 2.03 m United StatesUnited States Los Angeles Lakers
43 GermanyGermany Christian Sengfelder February 28, 1995 2.06 m GermanyGermany Basketball Löwen Braunschweig
16 GermanyGermany Louis Olinde March 18, 1998 2.05 m GermanyGermany Hamburg Towers
11 United StatesUnited States Tre McLean October 19, 1993 1.96 m RussiaRussia BC Parma Basket Perm
55 United StatesUnited States Darion Atkins 17th September 1992 2.03 m SpainSpain Iberostar Tenerife
Center ( C )
50 EgyptEgypt Assem Marei June 16, 1992 2.06 m A-Nat TurkeyTurkey Karşıyaka SK (basketball)
Nat. Surname position
BelgiumBelgium Roel Moors Trainer
GermanyGermany Dominik Günthner Assistant coach
Abbr. meaning
(C)Captain of the crew Team captain
A-Nat National player (first country)
DL Dual license player
* Second club with double license
Team homepage
League homepage
As of January 21, 2020

Change after the 2018/19 season



Former squad

Season 2017/18

Brose Bamberg's squad in the 2017/2018 season
Attention: The squad information is out of date!
(current season: 2020/2021)
No. Nat. Surname birth size info Last club
Guards ( PG , SG )
6th GreeceGreece Nikolaos Zisis August 16, 1983 1.97 m (C)Captain of the crew TurkeyTurkey Fenerbahçe
0 ItalyItaly/United StatesUnited States Daniel Hackett December 19, 1987 1.99 m A-Nat GreeceGreece Olympiacos Piraeus
2 United StatesUnited States/GeorgiaGeorgia Ricky Hickman September 1, 1985 1.89 m A-Nat ItalyItaly Olimpia Milano
12 GermanyGermany Maodo Lô December 31, 1992 1.91 m A-Nat United StatesUnited States Columbia University
8th GermanyGermany Lucca Staiger June 14, 1988 1.96 m A-Nat GermanyGermany FC Bayern Munich
44 GermanyGermany Bryce Taylor September 27, 1986 1.95 m GermanyGermany FC Bayern Munich
7th SloveniaSlovenia Aleksej Nikolić February 21, 1995 1.91 m A-Nat Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina OKK Spars Sarajevo
Forwards ( SF , PF )
3 United StatesUnited States Dorell Wright 2nd December 1985 2.06 m Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina KK Igokea
9 SerbiaSerbia Luka Mitrovic March 21, 1993 2.05 m SerbiaSerbia KK Red Star Belgrade
33 GermanyGermany Patrick Heckmann February 27, 1992 1.98 m A-Nat United StatesUnited States Boston College
20th GermanyGermany Elias Harris July 6, 1989 2.03 m A-Nat United StatesUnited States Los Angeles Lakers
21st United StatesUnited States Augustine Rubit August 14, 1989 2.00 m GermanyGermany Ratiopharm Ulm
16 GermanyGermany Louis Olinde March 18, 1998 2.05 m DL GermanyGermany Hamburg Towers
Center ( C )
42 SerbiaSerbia Dejan Musli January 3, 1991 2.13 m SpainSpain Unicaja Málaga
43 CroatiaCroatia/GermanyGermany Leon Radosevic February 26, 1990 2.08 m TurkeyTurkey Beşiktaş Istanbul
Nat. Surname position
ItalyItaly Luca Banchi Trainer
GreeceGreece Ilias Kantzouris Assistant coach
Abbr. meaning
(C)Captain of the crew Team captain
A-Nat National player (first country)
DL Dual license player
* Second club with double license
Team homepage
League homepage
As of March 3, 2018

Change in the 2017/18 season

Change after the 2016/17 season



Season 2016/17

Brose Bamberg's squad in the 2016/2017 season
Attention: The squad information is out of date!
(current season: 2020/2021)
No. Nat. Surname birth size info Last club
Guards ( PG , SG )
6th GreeceGreece Nikolaos Zisis August 16, 1983 1.97 m TurkeyTurkey Fenerbahçe
7th SloveniaSlovenia Aleksej Nikolić February 21, 1995 1.91 m A-Nat Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina OKK Spars Sarajevo
8th GermanyGermany Lucca Staiger June 14, 1988 1.96 m A-Nat GermanyGermany FC Bayern Munich
1 FranceFrance Fabien Causeur June 16, 1986 1.95 m SpainSpain Laboral Kutxa Vitoria
11 GermanyGermany Malik Müller January 24, 1994 1.90 m United StatesUnited States Virginia Tech University
13 LatviaLatvia Jānis Strēlnieks September 1, 1989 1.91 m A-Nat UkraineUkraine BK Budiwelnyk Kiev
12 GermanyGermany Maodo Lô December 31, 1992 1.91 m A-Nat United StatesUnited States Columbia University
Forwards ( SF , PF )
4th ItalyItaly Nicolò Melli January 26, 1991 2.05 m A-Nat ItalyItaly Olimpia Milano
10 GermanyGermany Daniel Theis April 4, 1992 2.04 m A-Nat GermanyGermany Ratiopharm Ulm
20th GermanyGermany Elias Harris July 6, 1989 2.03 m (C)Captain of the crew A-Nat United StatesUnited States Los Angeles Lakers
21st United StatesUnited States Darius Miller March 21, 1990 2.03 m United StatesUnited States New Orleans Pelicans
33 GermanyGermany Patrick Heckmann February 27, 1992 1.98 m A-Nat United StatesUnited States Boston College
Center ( C )
34 GermanyGermany Yassin Idbihi July 24, 1983 2.08 m GermanyGermany FC Bayern Munich
43 CroatiaCroatia Leon Radosevic February 26, 1990 2.09 m TurkeyTurkey Beşiktaş Istanbul
25th GermanyGermany Leon scratches February 4, 1997 2.12 m B-Nat GermanyGermany Baunach Young Pikes
14th BelarusBelarus Vladimir Veremeenko July 21, 1984 2.08 m ItalyItaly Pallacanestro Reggiana
Nat. Surname position
ItalyItaly Andrea Trinchieri Trainer
GreeceGreece Ilias Kantzouris Assistant coach
Abbr. meaning
(C)Captain of the crew Team captain
A-Nat National player (first country)
DL Dual license player
* Second club with double license
Team homepage
League homepage
As of September 22, 2016

Change after the 2015/16 season



2007/08 season

As the first new addition for the 2007/08 season , the reigning champions presented the German national player Demond Greene , who came from Alba Berlin and signed a two-year contract in Bamberg. In addition, the New Zealander Mark Dickel , the Serb Predrag Šuput and the Australian Luke Schenscher were signed for a year. At the end of August 2007, Ademola Okulaja , another German selection player, joined the squad, who was also given a two-year contract. Thus stood head coach Dirk Bauermann , who at the same time also national coach was a total of five current German national team for the upcoming season. Because in addition to Greene and Okulaja, Steffen Hamann , Robert Garrett and Tim Ohlbrecht stayed with the team.

The following players left Bamberg: Casey Gardner Jacobsen ( Memphis Grizzlies | NBA ), Timothy Begley (destination unknown, possibly end of career), Sebastian Betz ( ratiopharm Ulm | BBL ), K'Zell Wesson ( AEK Athens | A1 Ethniki ), Sean Dockery (Destination unknown) and Vincent Yarbrough (EnBW Ludwigsburg).

At the beginning of November 2007, the Australian Schenscher, who had been signed up before the season, parted ways with Brose Baskets due to a protracted injury. Because a place in the squad on the center position had become free, the Jamaican Kimani Ffriend was signed up about a month later . After a series of defeats, the Brose Baskets reacted in early January 2008 and brought in Mithat Demirel, another German national player, by the end of the season. A week later the Jamaican Ffriend was released for disciplinary reasons and shortly afterwards - after less than a month in the service of the Brose Baskets - released again. Due to Demirel's new commitment, the contract with New Zealander Dickel was terminated on January 28, 2008 at his request. With the American Jared Thomas Reiner , the management was able to tie another center player to the club on February 8, 2008 until the end of the season. Since Greene was out for several weeks due to an injury, the Brose Baskets were once again active on the transfer market on February 21, 2008 and signed the US-American Dwayne Mitchell until the end of the season.

The Brose Baskets thus had the following players available at the end of the season:

Surname position Date of birth nationality
Dirk Bauermann Trainer December 10, 1957 GermanyGermany
Rick Stafford Assistant coach April 19, 1972 GermanyGermany
Volker Stix Assistant coach 4th July 1974 GermanyGermany
Volkmar Zapf Athletics coach 19th August 1970 GermanyGermany
No. Surname position Date of birth size Weight nationality
4th Chris Ensminger center 8th December 1973 2.09 m 118 kg United StatesUnited States
5 Sajmen Hauer Guard March 14, 1988 1.93 m 88 kg GermanyGermany
6th Steffen Hamann Guard June 14, 1981 1.96 m 88 kg GermanyGermany
7th Demond Greene Guard June 15, 1979 1.85 m 86 kg GermanyGermany
8th Predrag Suput Forward June 1, 1977 2.00 m 103 kg SerbiaSerbia
9 Karsten Tadda Guard November 2nd, 1988 1.90 m 85 kg SerbiaSerbia
10 Darren Fenn center 17th February 1980 2.08 m 112 kg United StatesUnited States
11 Ivan Pavic Forward September 30, 1981 2.00 m 99 kg GermanyGermany
12 Robert Garrett Guard March 18, 1977 1.92 m 96 kg GermanyGermany
13 Ademola Okulaja Forward July 10, 1975 2.06 m 100 kg GermanyGermany
14th Tim Ohlbrecht center August 30, 1988 2.10 m 113 kg GermanyGermany
20th Mithat Demirel Guard May 10, 1978 1.80 m 75 kg GermanyGermany
23 Dwayne Mitchell Guard August 24, 1982 1.96 m 95 kg United StatesUnited States
25th Jared Thomas Reiner center April 8, 1982 2.11 m 115 kg United StatesUnited States

2006/07 season

Surname position Date of birth nationality
Dirk Bauermann Trainer December 10, 1957 GermanyGermany
Rick Stafford Assistant coach April 19, 1972 GermanyGermany
Volker Stix Assistant coach 4th July 1974 GermanyGermany
Volkmar Zapf Athletics coach 19th August 1970 GermanyGermany
No. Surname position Date of birth size Weight nationality
4th Chris Ensminger center 8th December 1973 2.09 m 118 kg United StatesUnited States
5 Sajmen Hauer Guard March 14, 1988 1.93 m 88 kg GermanyGermany
6th Steffen Hamann Guard June 14, 1981 1.96 m 88 kg GermanyGermany
8th Sean Dockery Guard 5th January 1983 1.88 m 83 kg United StatesUnited States
10 Darren Fenn center 17th February 1980 2.08 m 112 kg United StatesUnited States
11 Ivan Pavic Forward September 30, 1981 2.00 m 99 kg GermanyGermany
12 Robert Garrett Guard March 18, 1977 1.92 m 96 kg GermanyGermany
14th Tim Ohlbrecht center August 30, 1988 2.10 m 113 kg GermanyGermany
22nd Vincent Yarbrough Guard March 21, 1981 2.01 m 95 kg United StatesUnited States
23 Casey Jacobsen Guard March 19, 1981 1.98 m 98 kg United StatesUnited States
31 Timothy Begley Guard August 8, 1983 1.98 m 92 kg United StatesUnited States
44 K'Zell Wesson Forward June 24, 1977 2.02 m 100 kg United StatesUnited States

Well-known and important former Bamberg players

Head coach

Cooperation partners / takeovers

Brose Bamberg and its cooperation clubs offer young players optimal development conditions. The aim is to offer attractive, high-quality basketball for the public who are interested in sports and for business partners, to broaden the base of basketball and to become even more successful and efficient at the top.

Brose Bamberg and his e. V. therefore maintain junior teams in the U9, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 area and cooperate with the ProA league team Baunach Young Pikes . Since the 2009/10 season, the WNBL team “Team Oberfranken” has also been a female U17 performance team. Since 2012 the women's team DJK Brose Bamberg has been playing in the 1st DBBL with the support of Brose Baskets .

The cooperation teams at a glance:

As well as numerous other clubs in the U12-U9 area as part of the “JUNIOR FRANKEN” project.

With numerous projects in the popular sports sector, Brose Bamberg and its cooperation partners reach around 12,000 children and young people every year in addition to competitive sports. The projects include: AG elementary school, basketball action days, school league, basketball camps, "Kinder + Sport Basketball Academy" etc.

On October 1, 2013, the Friends of Basketball Bamberg e. V. renamed Brose Baskets e. V., since February 26, 2018 it has been called Brose Bamberg e. V. The aim of the club is to support the work of young talent around basketball. The number of members is around 1250 (as of February 2018).


Despite the relatively small population of Bamberg (approx. 78,000), the Brose Baskets' home games were the most popular in Germany in the 2006/07 season with an average of 6,712 spectators per match (2nd place: ALBA Berlin with 6,585 spectators per match). The occupancy rate in the Brose Arena was the second highest with an average of 98.97% per game after the occupancy rate in the Artland Arena (100% with 3000 seats). According to official information, the sale of season tickets for the 2007/08 season had to be stopped again when the sales booth reached almost 5000 in order to be able to offer tickets for individual sales and fans of the visiting teams.

Due to the broad enthusiasm for basketball within the relatively small town, experts like to refer to the town as the Freak City . The club receives organized support from three fan groups: The fan club “Faszination Basketball Bamberg” is one of the largest basketball fan clubs in the Bundesliga with around 800 members . It is the oldest Bamberg fan club and is particularly known for its high participation in away games. Then there is the “FreakCity Frankenpower” fan club, which also provides the drummers at home games. For this purpose, the “South Block Section 2012” was founded by young Bamberg fans. It is best known for its large-scale fan choreographies.

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