MTV Wolfenbüttel

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MTV Wolfenbüttel
MTV Wolfenbüttel.svg
Surname MTV Wolfenbüttel eV from 1848
Founded 1848
Association headquarters Halberstädter Strasse 1b
38300 Wolfenbüttel
Members 5,630 (May 2018)
Chairman Heinz Dieter Essmann

The MTV Wolfenbüttel is a sports club from Wolfenbüttel with a range of popular sports . It was founded in 1848 and has (as of May 2018) 5,630 members, making it one of the largest associations in Lower Saxony .


The men's gymnastics club was founded in 1848 with 70 members. At the beginning the athletes could only do gymnastics on a gymnasium, from 1872 they were allowed to use a hall.

A women's department was founded in 1895, but disbanded four years later due to insufficient participation. It was re-established in 1913. Eight years later, in 1921, the club got its first own sports field at An der Meesche . After the end of World War II, all sports clubs were banned by the occupying powers. In August 1945, approval for a large club in Wolfenbüttel was granted, but it was not allowed to have a traditional name. This is how the Wolfenbüttler sports club was founded . It was not until 1948 that the previous clubs, including MTV, were allowed to re-establish themselves in line with the centenary. After the construction of a new swimming pool in 1952, a national swimming competition between Germany and Italy and in 1953 the German high diving and swimming championships were held in Wolfenbüttel. In 1975, MTV also got a completely new sports facility. The financially troubled Wolfenbüttler sports club went into MTV in 2002.

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In 1952 the first basketball team was formed at MTV, which played six years later at the highest level of the German Basketball Federation ( DBB ), the Oberliga Nord. The MTV was represented in the 1966/67 season, as a founding member , under manager and coach Klaus Nürnberger , in the newly founded basketball league and always played with clubs such as VfL Osnabrück , ATV Düsseldorf, SSV Hagen , Oldenburger TB and from the 1969/70 season also with the TuS 04 Leverkusen a leading role in the northern group of the league. Thanks to good table placements, Wolfenbüttel also played internationally in FIBA European Cup competitions, and in 1972 and 1982 it was DBB Cup winner . Due to the MTV's playing style, which was sometimes felt by the opponents to be too tough, the team was nicknamed “Bone Buttons” and “Wolfen Butted”. MTV played its Bundesliga home game partly on Sunday morning. In 1984 the team was relegated to the 2nd Bundesliga. A promotion to the Bundesliga in 1989 was followed by immediate relegation. After a further descent into the 3rd division, the basketball division merged with the BG '73 to form the BG Baskets and later the Wolfenbüttel Dukes . One of the best-known MTV players is the 1972 Olympian Jürgen Wohlers , who after retiring for MTV is still active as a maxi basketball player in the DBB 's national best basketball games and with his MTV age group team always good placements in the top ranks of the cup tournaments has reached. Other well-known players are the multiple Romanian national player and player in the European selection Mihai Albu , the Czech national player Josef Martinek and the German national players Ingo Froese , Vladimír Kadlec , Erhard Apeltauer , Mike Jackel , Kai Nürnberger , Wolfgang Fengler , Jürgen Loibl , Ulrich Sledz , Manfred Ammon and Roland Wiese .


MTV soccer
Surname MTV soccer
Venue Meesche Stadium
Places 5,000
Head coach Oliver Dotzauer
league Oberliga Lower Saxony
2019/20 17th place

From 1911 there was a football department , but it was not rebuilt after 1948. This did not happen again until 1988. However, the MTV was only able to record greater success in football after the merger with the Wolfenbüttler sports club , as this had a second-class women's team. In 2004 the team qualified for the 2nd Bundesliga . After two years of membership, the team was relegated to the Regionalliga Nord and was passed through to the district league. In 2008 he was promoted back to the regional league. Two years later, no more teams were reported. Since 2018 there is a team in the district league again.

The men played in the 1st district class before Wolfenbütteler SV joined. From 2004 the MTV took over the place of the WSV in the Lower Saxony League East . In 2008 the team had to relegate to the sixth class Braunschweig regional league. Two years later the Wolfenbüttelers were runner-up there behind Dostluk Spor Osterode . Since Osterode waived the relegation to the single-track Oberliga Niedersachsen , the MTV took part in the round, but was bottom of the group. In 2018 he was promoted to the Lower Saxony Oberliga as champions .

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