SC Rasta Vechta

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SC Rasta Vechta
Rasta Vechta logo
Founded June 26, 1979
Hall Rasta Dome
(3140 seats)
Chairman Stefan Niemeyer
Trainer unoccupied
league Basketball Bundesliga 1st men
Colours Orange-white
Jersey colors
Kit shorts.svg
Jersey colors
Kit shorts.svg

The SC Rasta Vechta ( own spelling sometimes also in capital letters as RASTA Vechta ) is a German basketball club from Vechta in Lower Saxony , whose first men's team plays in the basketball Bundesliga in the 2019/20 season .


The club was founded on June 26, 1979 and emerged from a basketball club of the Antonianum high school . Former students and participants in the group wanted to continue to have the opportunity to play basketball after their school days.
After inquiries from several clubs in the region whether it would be possible to set up a basketball department there, but this was rejected by these clubs, it was decided to found a basketball club themselves. This was done with the help of Bernie Leemhuis from the Gulfhaus youth center.
The unusual name "Rasta" is to be understood as an homage to reggae music, especially the song Rastaman Vibration by Bob Marley , which was on the radio when the name was found.

After the club had developed steadily in terms of sport and membership, he rose in the 2004/2005 season as champion of the 2nd Regionalliga North / West in the Regionalliga Nord (RLN). In the following season, the team rose again.
In 2007, the NBV Cup victory was the biggest success in the club's history and in the following season they achieved immediate promotion back to the 1st regional league with the renewed championship.
This time, however, the team trained by Malte Scheper was able to assert itself and made it to third place in the 2008/2009 season.

ProB playing times and ProA promotion

Due to the fact that the Cologne 99ers did not use their basketball Bundesliga starting place, Eisbären Bremerhaven and USC Freiburg were able to move up one league to the ProA and basketball Bundesliga respectively. The SC RASTA from Vechta was then able to take advantage of the vacated space in the ProB .
In the following season of the ProB 2009/10 you could prevent the direct relegation with 11:19 wins in 14th place after head coach Malte Scheper had relinquished his position to Patrick Elzie at the beginning of the season .
After the ProB was divided into north and south seasons for the 2010/2011 season, they were able to secure third place behind the Hertener Löwen and thus playoff participation with 16: 6 wins .
In the first best-of-three series, they were able to prevail 2-1 against the Weißenhorn young stars , before failing in the quarter-finals against the later promoted BG Leitershofen / Stadtbergen .
They strengthened themselves with Dirk Mädrich and Flavio Stückemann for the ProB 2011/12 and were able to secure third place with 17: 7 wins behind the Hertener Löwen.
After they first prevailed against White Wings Hanau 2-0 and then the Giants Nördlingen left the playoffs with 2-1 wins , they met in the semifinals at UBC Hannover with point guard Richie Williams and had to go to a third semifinal game travel to Hanover when the series is 1: 1.
Head coach Elzie was canceled due to illness, so assistant coach Thomas Fischer had to take over the team management. Jacob Doerksen put the UBC in the lead with 57:54 a few seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, so that the Hanoverians looked like the sure winner before Andrew Rudowitz equalized the game with a three-point in the last second and thus forced an extension, which Vechta won 12: 3 and thus acquired the right to participate in the ProA. The entry into the final, in which Vechta was inferior to the Gotha Rockets, meant the athletic promotion to the ProA, in which the SC Rasta played in the following season.

First ProA season and promotion to the BBL

The 2012/2013 season started with a budget of around 500,000 euros. In order to participate, the rapid construction of the new home ground, the Rasta-Dome , was necessary, which was opened in October 2012 with the first home game against BG Karlsruhe . The promotion team from the ProB remained largely together, newcomers came mainly from the ProB (especially the duo of the ProB semi-final opponent UBC Hanover Richard Williams and Jacob Doerksen).

After three lost games at the start of the season, things steadily improved. Among other things, they achieved a series of ten wins, so that Rasta was surprisingly at the top of the table at the end of the regular season.

In the first round of the playoff they were able to prevail against the main round eight Ehingen with 3-0 victories and met in the next round against BG Karlsruhe.
Neither Karlsruhe nor Vechta were able to win one of the first four games of the best-of-five series at home, so there was a decisive fifth game in Vechta. This was won by SC Rasta with 86:74, whereby the athletic promotion to the basketball league for the 2013/2014 season was achieved.
In the final against Düsseldorf, which was rather insignificant from a sporting point of view, they won the ProA championship with 2-0 wins.

BBL season 2013/14

In order to obtain the license, it was necessary to expand the Rasta Dome, which was one year old at the time, from 2000 to 3140 seats. Since it was also mandatory for every Bundesliga club to have one team each in the JBBL and NBBL , the Basket Academy Rasta Vechta was founded on April 2, 2013. The youth players came from various clubs in the region. The team budget in the first year of the Bundesliga was 1.4 million euros and was thus in some cases significantly below that of the competition.

The first victory in the club's history in the first division came on the first day of the 2013/2014 season on October 3, 2013 with a 87:84 over TBB Trier .
Dirk Mädrich was the first player in the history of Rasta Vechta to be invited to the All-Star during the season. For the selection of the local players he was nominated by coach Thorsten Leibenath for the Allstar game 2013/2014.

However, the rest of the season was disappointing in terms of sport. You could only win six of a total of 34 games and then rose after a year from the first division. The second half of the season in particular was disappointing, with only one win in 17 games. Two game days before the end of the main round, relegation was certain after a home defeat against the Skyliners Frankfurt . The Rasta supporters had nevertheless made an impression in the Bundesliga, for example through an away trip to Berlin, where 1200 Vechta spectators loudly supported their team in the game against Alba Berlin. All of Rasta's 17 home games were sold out in the 2013/14 Bundesliga season, and the newcomer was seen as a splash of color and a popular figure in the league.

At the end of the 2013/2014 season, coach Patrick Elzie announced his retirement from the post of head coach and thus assumed responsibility for the sporting descent. His successor was the former German international Stephen Arigbabu . This initially received a contract until 2015. Elzie was, however, still involved in the club in order to further expand the existing structures in the junior division.

Reconstruction in the 2nd Bundesliga ProA from 2014

Stephen Arigbabu , as the new head coach, now pursued the goal of setting up the team more defensively, and turned the squad inside out completely. Only three of the previous year's players remained under contract ( Max Weber , Axel Jarchow and Oliver Mackeldanz ), while supporters such as Richard "Richie" Williams ( Skyliners Frankfurt ), Brandon Bowman ( Medi Bayreuth ) and Dirk Mädrich ( Telekom Baskets Bonn ) pushed the club towards basketball -Bundesliga left. However, under Arigbabu , the team remained below expectations and could not play for the top positions in the ProA . After a 72:85 defeat against the Kirchheim Knights , SC Rasta Vechta slipped out of the play-off places. As a result, Arigbabu was released from his duties on January 26, 2015. He was succeeded by Arigbabu's predecessor, Pat Elzie . A few days before Arigbabu's release, the return of Point Guard Richard "Richie" Williams was announced, who was returning to Vechta after a few unsuccessful months in Frankfurt.
The euphoria after the return of Elzie and Williams could not be used, however, so that the season ended in tenth place.

For the 2015/2016 season, Andreas Wagner (head coach), an experienced coach, was hired, while the Spaniard Pedro Calles came from Quakenbrück to Vechta and became Wagner's assistant. Wagner and Calles put together the new team by mid-August and thus in good time for the start of the season preparation, whereby two BBL players, Christian Standhardinger ( Central German BC ) and Derrick Allen ( Basketball Löwen Braunschweig ), were signed, from Würzburg Jeremy Dunbar and Carlos Medlock to Vechta second division club. After a record-breaking season with a winning streak of 25 games, he was promoted back to the BBL as ProA runner-up .

Bundesliga season 2016/17

Head coach Wagner was on leave on February 7, 2017. Previously, there had been 14 defeats in a row, the Lower Saxony were at the time of the separation with one win and 19 defeats in the penultimate place in the Bundesliga (Phoenix Hagen was placed in last place because of the license withdrawal). Douglas Spradley was signed as the new coach . With a 57:10 home defeat against FC Bayern Munich on Easter Sunday 2017, Rasta's relegation from the Bundesliga was certain.

Again in the 2. Bundesliga ProA and direct promotion

Rasta finished the points round of the 2017/18 season with 27 wins and three defeats as the table leader in the 2nd Bundesliga ProA. At the end of April 2018, Vechta moved into the ProA final and thus secured the right to promotion to the Bundesliga. Rasta secured the ProA title in the final against Crailsheim. As early as mid-April 2018, the club had announced that an agreement had not been reached with coach Spradley and that the separation would take place at the end of the 2017/18 season. "But in the conversations it became clear that there are different ideas about the future work and it would simply no longer fit," Spradley was quoted as saying by the club. The successor was found in their own ranks: Rasta promoted the then 34-year-old assistant coach, the Spaniard Pedro Calles , to head coach.

2018/19: A newcomer causes a stir

Under Calles, Lower Saxony caused a sensation as promoted players in the 2018/19 Bundesliga season and took third place in the table in mid-January 2019. The team that had been classified as a relegation candidate was called "Pike in the carp pond". Calles, who followed the motto “character beats talent” when putting the team together and was considered the father of Rasta's success, was named the best coach of the Bundesliga season in May 2019. During the season, Philipp Herkenhoff , a player from Vechtas, was appointed to the German national team in November 2018 and made his debut in the DBB selection at the beginning of December 2018. Vechta moved into the Bundesliga championship round as fourth. Bamberg was eliminated there, and in the semi-finals against FC Bayern Munich the Rasta squad were lost and eliminated with 3-0 wins. In the election for the best player of the 2018/19 season, Vechtas TJ Bray landed in second place.

2019/20: First participation in the European Cup

For the first time in the club's history, SC Rasta entered a European club competition, the first opponent in the Basketball Champions League was Polish representative Anwil Włocławek in October 2019 . The game was won 89:76. When the 2019/20 season was interrupted due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus , Rasta was sixth in the Bundesliga with twelve wins and nine defeats. In the Champions League, the team had a record of six wins and eight losses. At the end of the season to determine the German champions, they did not win in the group stage, while Crailsheim was defeated in the game for ninth place. Shortly afterwards, coach Calles used a contractual clause to switch to Bundesliga rivals Hamburg Towers  .

Seasonal balance sheets

season league Main round Play-offs
2009/2010 ProB 14th place -
2010/2011 ProB North 3rd place Quarter finals
2011/2012 ProB North 3rd place Final (runner-up)
2012/2013 ProA 1st place Final (master)
2013/2014 BBL 18th place -
2014/2015 ProA 10th place -
2015/2016 ProA 1st place Final (runner-up)
2016/2017 BBL 17th place -
2017/2018 ProA 1st place master
2018/2019 BBL 4th Place Semifinals
2019/2020 BBL 9th place

Successes (selection)


Term of office Trainer
2000-2001 GermanyGermany Matthias Weber
2001-2003 GermanyGermany Thorsten Döding
2003-04 / 2004 GermanyGermany Michael Canisius
04/2004–11/2005 GermanyGermany Kai Deitermann
11/2005–11/2009 GermanyGermany Malte Scheper
11 / 2009-2014 United StatesUnited StatesGermanyGermany Pat Elzie
2014–01 / 2015 GermanyGermany Stephen Arigbabu
01 / 2015–05 / 2015 United StatesUnited StatesGermanyGermany Pat Elzie
05 / 2015-02 / 2017 GermanyGermany Andreas Wagner
02 / 2017–2018 United StatesUnited StatesGermanyGermany Douglas Spradley
2018-2020 SpainSpain Pedro Calles

Squad season 2019/2020

Squad of SC Rasta Vechta in the 2019/2020 season
Attention: The squad information is out of date!
(current season: 2020/2021)
No. Nat. Surname birth size info Last club
Guards ( PG , SG )
1 United StatesUnited States Jordan Davis 06/06/1997 1.86 m SpainSpain Bàsquet Manresa
3 GermanyGermany Max DiLeo 03/12/1993 1.81 m RheinStars Cologne
8th United StatesUnited States Josh Young 04/26/1988 1.83 m Nuremberg Falcons BC
10 SpainSpain Sergi García 02/17/1997 1.94 m SpainSpain Bàsquet Manresa
15th United StatesUnited States Trevis Simpson 09/05/1991 1.95 m ItalyItaly GSA Udine
32 United StatesUnited States Steve Vasturia 02/10/1995 1.99 m SpainSpain Chocolates Trapa Palencia
Forwards ( SF , PF )
9 GermanyGermany Tim Insinger 03/19/1997 2.09 m
11 GermanyGermany Luc van Slooten 04/17/2002 2.02 m
14th GermanyGermany Philipp Herkenhoff 06/29/1999 2.06 m Artland Dragons
21st United StatesUnited States Kamari Murphy 12/14/1993 2.06 m United StatesUnited States Long Island Nets
22nd United StatesUnited States Ryan Quaid 07/14/1997 2.02 m United StatesUnited States West Texas A&M University
24 United StatesUnited States Ishmail Wainright 09/12/1994 1.96 m Nuremberg Falcons BC
30th GermanyGermany Jarelle Reischel 05/17/1992 2.00 m Telekom Baskets Bonn
33 GermanyGermany Robin Christians 04/19/1991 2.00 m RheinStars Cologne
Center ( C )
6th GermanyGermany Michael Kessens 02/16/1991 2.05 m Polar bears Bremerhaven
Nat. Surname position
SpainSpain Pedro Calles Head coach
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As of September 20, 2019


Change to the 2019/2020 season

  • Jordan Davis
  • Sergi García
  • Kamari Murphy
  • Ryan Quaid
  • Jarelle Reischel
  • Trevis Simpson
  • Ishmail Wainright

Season highs

season Games Points Rebounds Assists Blocks Steals
2011/2012 34 Flavio Stückemann 475 AJ Rudowitz 221 AJ Rudowitz 119 Matt Reid 27 AJ Rudowitz 45 Matt Reid
14.4 AJ Rudowitz 10.8 Marcus Smallwood 3.8 Marvin Boadu 0.8 AJ Rudowitz 1.4 Matt Reid
2012/2013 40 Flavio Stückemann 591 Richie Williams 233 Dirk Madrich 256 Richie Williams 34 Dirk Madrich 94 Richie Williams
15.6 Richie Williams 6.5 Dirk Madrich 6.7 Richie Williams 2.0 Christian Fischer 2.5 Richie Williams
2013/2014 33 Richie Williams 477 Richie Williams 157 Richie Williams 142 Richie Williams 20 Isaac Butts 61 Richie Williams
14.4 Richie Williams 6.1 Brandon Bowman 5.4 Will Conroy 0.6 Isaac Butts 1.8 Richie Williams
2014/2015 30 Kevin Smit 442 Chase Griffin 148 Vincent Bailey 91 Derek Wright 18 Donald Lawson 41 Derek Wright
15.2 Chase Griffin 6.4 Ahmad Smith 4.6 Ahmad Smith 0.7 Donald Lawson 1.8 Derek Wright
2015/2016 38 C. Standhardinger 593 C. Standhardinger 301 C. Standhardinger 234 Carlos Medlock 34 Donald Lawson 56 C. Standhardinger
15.6 C. Standhardinger 7.9 C. Standhardinger 6.2 Carlos Medlock 0.9 Donald Lawson 2.1 Devin Gibson


In keeping with the 2012/13 season , the new venue, the Rasta Dome , was opened after a year of construction. Rasta completed the first season in the ProA as the first in the main round and also managed to achieve the championship title in the promotion round. This in turn meant that the less than a year old venue had to be expanded in order to meet the requirements of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL). The new Rasta Dome was completed on time for the BBL 2013/2014 season in October 2013 and offers 3140 spectators. The 17 home games of the 2013/2014 season were attended by a total of 53,380 spectators (3,140 per game / 100% occupancy).

A training hall was built next to the Rasta Dome for 1.2 to 1.4 million euros.

For the 2015/2016 season, the VIP area was expanded and equipped with its own kitchen. The final of the 2015/2016 season was the 71st sold out game in a row.

Economic figures

Rasta Vechta had a budget of around 1.6 million euros in the 2013/2014 season, most of which came from the main sponsor Miavit, an animal feed manufacturer. This meant that Rasta Vechta was in the lower midfield of the league. In the 2015/2016 promotion season, the budget was 2.3 million euros. For the second season in the basketball Bundesliga , the budget was increased to 2.7 million euros.

Mascots and fans

Rasta Vechta has had a mascot named Bob, derived from the reggae singer Bob Marley, since the 2013/2014 season . The cheerleaders of SC Rasta Vechta are accordingly called The Marleys .

The SC Rasta Vechta fan club, especially the 1st men's team, is the Velcro fastener. It was founded in 2004 with the intention of supporting the team in home and away games. The fan shop in the Rasta Dome, the so-called "fan corner", is looked after by the Velcro fastener.

Furthermore, since the 2013/2014 season there have been summaries of the games and other videos about the club on RASTA TV on YouTube.

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