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Logo BARMER 2. Basketball Bundesliga

Full name 2. Basketball Bundesliga ProB
Current season ProB 2019/20
sport basketball
abbreviation ProB
Association DBB , Arge 2. BBL
League foundation 2007
Teams 24
Country countries Germany
Title holder Bayer Leverkusen
Record champions BAWE Oldenburger TB /
Team Ehingen Urspring /
Bayer Leverkusen (two times each)
ProA (II)
Top class Basketball Bundesliga
Second grade ProA
Third grade ProB

The ProB is currently the third highest division in club basketball for men in Germany . Together with the higher-class ProA , it forms the 2nd basketball league , both play groups are operated by the 2nd basketball league GmbH.


From the 2007/2008 season onwards, the ProB replaced the previous two-pronged 2. Basketball Bundesliga , which was divided into north and south. Together with its "big brother" ProA, it formed the 2nd basketball league. The division of the teams into the two hierarchically ordered relays was carried out according to a key that took into account the final placements of the three previous seasons.

Since the 2010/2011 season, the ProB has been divided into the two play groups North and South. The ProB thus corresponds to a two-pronged third-highest national league. Nicolas Grundmann was managing director of the 2nd Bundesliga until 2013 , and Daniel Müller was his successor.

After the basketball academy Weser-Ems / Oldenburger Turnerbund (also abbreviated to BAWE OTB ) as a reserve of the first division club EWE Baskets Oldenburg, after their championship in 2014 , they waived promotion, they were the first team to win a second ProB championship and their title in 2015 defend directly.

In February 2018, the Barmer health insurance company took over the naming rights to the 2nd basketball league. In mid-February 2019, Müller announced that he would be leaving his position as managing director at the end of the 2018/19 season. Christian Krings became his successor on August 1, 2019.

Mode and Orientation


Each playgroup consists of twelve teams. Exceptionally, 13 teams played in the North Season in the 2011/12 season and the 2014/15 season.

First, all teams of the respective game group play against each other in a main round in a first and a second leg. The 16 teams, which are on the table ranks 1 to 8 of the two game groups after the conclusion of the main round, then play together in play-offs for the two promotion places . The eight teams in ranks nine to twelve of the two main round groups play in a relegation round to avoid relegation. The play-offs are played in up to three games (two wins are necessary to advance), while the relegation round ( play-downs ) since the ProB 2012/13 season has been in " everyone against everyone " mode within the respective Main round groups are played in which, with a regular number of participants, the two bottom of the table of the relegation rounds are relegated.

Only one non- EU foreigner is allowed to play during a ProB game . This does not apply to players who fall under the so-called local player rule, i.e. H. received basketball training in the German youth sector for a certain period of time. At any time during a game, at least three players trained in Germany must be on the field at the same time.

Admission requirement

The requirements for participation in the game are regulated in the league's rules of play. Basically, the two last placed ProA relegate to the ProB, in return two teams from the ProB are promoted to the ProA. Four teams are relegated from the ProB to the regional leagues, while four teams from the regional leagues are promoted to the ProB. In addition to this athletic qualification for participation, economic and technical requirements must also be met. The game must be played in a hall that can seat at least 500 spectators. In addition, ProB league players must provide evidence that they are playing a certain number of youth teams and that a team will participate in the youth basketball league from the 2019/20 season .

Teams of the ProB 2020/21

Teams of the ProB 2020/21 . Red pog.svgNorth Green pog.svggroup South group

North season

team Home venue
SSV locomotive Bernau Bernau near Berlin
VfL SparkassenStars Bochum Bochum
SG ART Giants Düsseldorf Dusseldorf
Eimsbüttel TV Hamburg
Iserlohn Kangaroos Iserlohn
Itzehoe Eagles Itzehoe
RheinStars Cologne Cologne
WWU Baskets Münster Muenster
EN Baskets Schwelm Schwelm
BSW Sixers Sandersdorf-Brehna
RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf Kleinmachnow
SC Rist Wedel frond

Season south

team Home venue
BBC Coburg Coburg
Dresden Titans Dresden
Basketball Löwen Erfurt Erfurt
Skyliners Frankfurt II Frankfurt am Main
Pouring 46ers Rackelos to water
White Wings Hanau Hanau
Arvato College Wizards Karlsruhe
SG Lützel-Post Koblenz Koblenz
FC Bayern Munich II Munich
TSV Oberhaching-Deisenhofen Oberhaching
baskets speyer Speyer
OrangeAcademy Ulm

Master of the ProB

season 1st place 2nd place
2007/08 ETB Wohnbau Baskets Essen Kirchheim Knights
2008/09 proveo Merlins Crailsheim Dukes Wolfenbüttel
2009/10 SOBA Dragons Rhöndorf Herten lion
2010/11 Erdgas Ehingen / Urspring School BG Leitershofen / Stadtbergen
2011/12 Oettinger Rockets Gotha SC Rasta Vechta
2012/13 Bayer Giants Leverkusen Schwelmer Baskets 2
2013/14 BAWE Oldenburg TB 2 Bike-Café Messingschlager Baunach
2014/15 BAWE Oldenburg TB 2 SC Rist Wedel
2015/16 Team Ehingen Urspring Fraport Skyliners Juniors 2
2016/17 Weißenhorn young stars PS Karlsruhe Lions
2017/18 ScanPlus Baskets 2 Rostock Seawolves
2018/19 Bayer Giants Leverkusen UBC Münster 2
2019/20 1 Itzehoe Eagles 2 Baskets Elchingen 2
1)Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the season was canceled after the main round. Master and runner-up were not played. The right of promotion went to the first-placed teams in the main round.
2) Club did not use the right of promotion.

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