2. Basketball Bundesliga

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2. Basketball Bundesliga
Logo BARMER 2. Basketball Bundesliga

sport basketball
League foundation 1975
Teams 16 teams ( ProA )
24 teams ( ProB )
Country countries GermanyGermany Germany
Website 2basketballbundesliga.de
1st League Basketball Bundesliga
2nd league ProA
3rd league ProB

The 2nd basketball league is the second highest division in Germany after the basketball league (BBL). The ProA finalists acquire the right to promotion to the BBL. From 1975/1976 to 2006/2007 there were two regional seasons North and South , and since the 2007/2008 season the hierarchical seasons ProA and ProB .

History of the former 2nd BBL

On May 3, 1974, the DBB Bundestag in Cologne decided, with only three votes against, the introduction of the single-track basketball Bundesliga and the two-part 2. Bundesliga from the 1975/1976 season . Since then the league has been the second highest division in German basketball (under the BBL, which has existed since 1966). It was divided into two squadrons (north and south) with 16 teams each. In the 2007/08 season, the 2nd BBL was restructured into a Germany-wide league and divided into two independent leagues ( ProA and ProB ). It was restructured in order to professionalize the clubs, increase the level of play and facilitate promotion to the basketball league.

Champion of the 2nd BBL

Up until the 2006/2007 season there was a North and a South champion.

season North south
1975/76 SSC Göttingen Post Bayreuth
1976/77 FC Schalke 04 TuS Aschaffenburg
1977/78 USC Medico Munster TV Eppelheim
1978/79 Hamburg TB Eintracht Frankfurt
1979/80 BG Hagen SpVgg 07 Ludwigsburg
1980/81 DTV Charlottenburg USC Heidelberg
1981/82 FC Schalke 04 TuS Aschaffenburg
1982/83 BC Giants Osnabrück USC Heidelberg
1983/84 FC Schalke 04 1. FC Bamberg
1984/85 TSV 1860 Hagen TV Langen
1985/86 OSC Bremerhaven SpVgg 07 Ludwigsburg
1986/87 Oldenburg TB FC Bayern Munich
1987/88 TSV 1860 Hagen SSV / SB Ulm
1988/89 MTV Wolfenbüttel TV Langen
1989/90 TuS Bramsche TV Germania Trier
1990/91 SG Braunschweig TV Langen
1991/92 SVD 49 Dortmund Tuebinger SV
1992/93 TK Hanover Steiner Bayreuth
1993/94 Paderborn Baskets 91 SV Oberelchingen
1994/95 Rhöndorfer TV TG Landshut
1995/96 SV Telekom Bonn TSV Speyer
1996/97 BCJ Hamburg USC Freiburg
1997/98 BC Oldenburg / Westerstede DJK S.Oliver Würzburg
1998/99 BCJ Hamburg TV 1860 Lich
1999/2000 Oldenburg TB Consors Falke Nuremberg
2000/01 SER Rhöndorf WiredMinds Tübingen
2001/02 BCJ Hamburg BG NWS Ludwigsburg
2002/03 TSV Quakenbrück BG Karlsruhe
2003/04 Schwelmer Baskets SV 03 Tübingen
2004/05 Polar bears Bremerhaven RCE Falke Nuremberg
2005/06 Schröno Paderborn Baskets Ratiopharm Ulm
2006/07 BG 74 Göttingen POM baskets Jena

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