Ring 2 (film)

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German title Ring 2
Original title The Ring Two
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2005
length 110 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 16
Director Hideo Nakata
script Honor Kruger
production Laurie MacDonald ,
Walter F. Parkes
music Hans Zimmer ,
Henning Lohner ,
Martin Tillman
camera Gabriel Beristain
cut Michael N. Knue

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Ring 2 ("The Ring 2 - The horror returns", German TV title) is a 2004 American remake of the Japanese horror film Ringu 2 . The first part, Ring , also a remake, was made in 2002.


The second part takes place six months after the events of the first part: the journalist Rachel Keller has moved with her son Aidan to the small provincial town of Astoria and works there for a local newspaper. But the nightmare returns: The mysterious, deadly videotape appears in Astoria and costs a teenager his life. Aidan suddenly begins to change. He has terrible visions of Samara and inexplicably becomes very sick. Rachel and her son seek help from Max, a colleague of Rachel's work. While getting these clothes from her house, Samara tries to attack Aidan in the bathtub, which Rachel and Max are able to prevent at the last moment.

Max takes Aidan to the hospital, where the doctors around Dr. Emma Temple blame Rachel for Aidan's injuries from fighting Samara. To find a way to save the still sick Aidan, Rachel desperately takes up the fight with Samara and tries to find out more about her origins. She visits Samara's birth mother, Evelyn, who has lived in an asylum since she tried to drown Samara in a well as a baby. Rachel explains that she only listened to her daughter's voice, which urged her to attempt the murder. Evelyn points out to Rachel that she too must try to kill her child if it tells her to. This is the only way out to destroy “the dead she let in”. Meanwhile, Aidan wakes up in the hospital and is met by the psychiatrist Dr. Interviewed Emma, ​​who continues to blame Rachel for the injuries. However, through seemingly supernatural powers, Aidan gets her to kill himself with a syringe, whereupon he leaves the clinic. He goes to Max's apartment to wait for his mother there. Max comes back first - what happens afterwards can only be guessed at.

Rachel, still shaken and confused by Evelyn's advice, returns to Max's apartment, where she finds the calm but visibly changed Aidan. When she discovers Max's body, she realizes that Samara's ghost has finally taken possession of Aidan. She experiences a dream in which her Aidan explains that she must try to kill him. Only if she tries to drown him will Samara disappear. Plagued by feelings of guilt, Rachel resolutely does as she is told and tries to drown him in the bathtub. Samara disappears and Aidan survives - now completely the same again.

But a few minutes later the television set in the living room begins to rustle and the video appears on the screen. Rachel faces Samara with the words "You can't have my son, so take me" and she pulls her into the TV. In the next scene, Rachel swims meters deep in the well into which Samara was once thrown by her mother. She realizes that “the only way out is always open” and - pursued by Samara - manages to climb out of the well and seal it forever with a heavy stone slab. Rachel follows the voice of her son and a short time later wakes up lying in front of the TV with Aidan at her side.


Lawrence Toppman described the film as disappointing in The Charlotte Observer on March 18, 2005. He wrote that he would rather spend two hours in his bathroom than see another sequel to the Ring films. He described the portrayal of Naomi Watts in the role of Rachel Keller as a waste.


The film received three Teen Choice Award nominations in 2005 , including a nomination for Naomi Watts. Film music composer Henning Lohner received the BMI Award in 2006.


As a bonus, the DVD to the film contains the 15-minute prehistory to the beginning of the film: After the events of the first part, groups (so-called "rings") have formed on the Internet, whose members take turns sending copies of the video in the manner of a chain letter , record their experiences on video in the following days and publish them on a website. A teenager desperately wants to get a school friend to watch his copy of the Ring video or his deadline will expire. The girl covers her eyes, whereupon Samara kills the young man.


Hideo Nakata , who had previously directed the Japanese originals Ringu 1 and Ringu 2 , also directed the US remake.

In one scene, Rachel and Aidan's VW Jetta is attacked by deer . Since such animals are difficult to train, computer-generated imagery was used.

In the final sequence, in which Samara climbs up the wall of the well, a contortionist was used.

The make-up for Samara was much more demanding than in the first part, as she had some scenes in the water. So three people worked five hours to make up the actress. The actress' wig was made from real hair to make it look realistic.

Some recurring elements appear as symbols in the film. The deer, which (like many animals) perceive dangers earlier than we humans, are supposed to show that something bad is in the city. The core element of water represents both life and death. The oval mirror is supposed to represent a portal into another world and is a reference to Lewis Carrolls ( Alice behind the mirrors ), a favorite book of producer Laurie MacDonald .


Paramount Pictures announced a third film, The Ring 3D , directed by Javier Gutiérrez . Akiva Goldsman was interviewed by Paramount as a screenwriter in August 2014 . In November Gutiérrez posted a photo on Instagram showing the project's current title, Rings . The film opened in theaters in February 2017.

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