Californication (TV series)

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Television series
German title Californication
Original title Californication
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2007-2014
Aggressive Mediocrity,
And Then…,
Showtime Networks,
Twilight Time Films
length 27 minutes
Episodes 84 in 7 seasons ( list )
genre Dramedy , drama series
production David Duchovny , Tom Kapinos , Stephen Hopkins
First broadcast August 13, 2007 (USA) on Showtime
first broadcast
May 14, 2008 on AXN

Californication is an American television series by Tom Kapinos , the 2007 to 2014 from the Pay TV transmitter Showtime produced. The main role is played by David Duchovny . The series is a black humor parody of the “ Hollywood shark tank ”, which is intended to bring the “unvarnished side” of Los Angeles closer to the viewer . Issues such as sexuality and promiscuity play just as important a role as the abuse of alcohol and other drugs .

With the seventh season, the series ended in June 2014.


First season

Californication is about the successful but unproductive writer Hank Moody, who has lived in Los Angeles for some time . Before the series began, he became known through the film adaptation of his book "God hates us all". Hank himself does not think much of the movie, since his work to Hollywood - Schmonzette entitled A crazy pastime called love was reinterpreted. In revenge, Hank sleeps with director Todd Carr's wife, who is found in the bedroom by his daughter Becca in the first episode. Although Hank has constantly changing partners, he mourns the failed relationship with Karen, the mother of their 12-year-old daughter Becca. Karen, on the other hand, is apparently no longer interested in a relationship with Hank and is preparing to marry publisher Bill Lewis during the first season. Meanwhile, Hank takes a blogger job at Hell-A Magazine , unaware that Bill is the magazine's publisher. Hank also meets the lascivious 16-year-old Mia in a bookstore and has a one-night stand with her without knowing that she is still a minor and Bill's daughter.

Recurring main themes of the first season are the relationships between the named people as well as Hank's extravagant experiences with changing sexual partners , alcohol and other drugs. Hank's agent Charlie Runkle, his wife Marcy and their relationship with Charlie's secretary Dani, which takes up sadomasochistic elements , are also regularly discussed .

Towards the end of the first season, Hank's father dies, which affects him mentally. Karen sleeps with Hank, apparently to comfort him, but one can guess that she still loves him. However, shortly afterwards he traveled to his hometown New York for some time to attend his father's funeral. After a month he returns to Los Angeles with the good news that he has written a draft for a new book. The work with the working title “ Fucking and Punching ” contains, among other things, the brief relationship between Hank and Mia. Shortly afterwards, Mia steals the draft and tries to pass a slightly modified version off as her own work. Hank has to stand by because Mia blackmailed him into having sex with a minor. A short time later she can actually inspire publishers. However, Bill worries about his reputation and initially forbids his daughter to publish it under her name.

In the last episode, Karen and Bill are married. Although Hank still loves Karen, he does not intervene during the wedding ceremony. Instead, it's drunk Mia who claims Karen doesn't love her father. She does this especially out of frustration that her father does not want to publish "her" revealing work. In the course of her appearance, she also announced that she had slept with Hank, but later took this back as a joke. The father, who had already suspected something, believes her relieved and allows the publication. Mia later describes Hank and her as "quitt" because she has now in a way got rid of the fact that the two had sex and she would now publish his book under her name. When Hank wants to drive home with his daughter after the wedding party, Karen surprisingly jumps into his Porsche 911 convertible in a wedding dress while Bill tries to catch up with her.

Second season

Hank and Karen have moved back together and live with Becca as the "real" family. Hank can be sterilized so that he no longer has to rely on condoms. Shortly thereafter, at a party in a dark room, he accidentally had oral sex with a stranger he believed to be Karen. Karen initially forgives him for this incident. On the way back from the party, Karen and Hank run into a police check. An argument ensues, with Hank being knocked down and arrested by the police officer. In prison, Hank meets Lew Ashby, a music producer and organizer of said party. Lew asks Hank to write his biography and even pays Hank's bail. He agrees and spends the following days in Lew's house. There he meets the prostitute Trixie from the first season (episode 8) again. In the ensuing argument, Trixie tries to force Lew and Hank to bet which of the two is better in bed. She makes herself available as a tester. Meanwhile, Karen appears in front of Lew Ashby's villa. After finding out about the bet, she gets mad at Hank.

After the reconciliation that morning, Hank proposes marriage to Karen. Later that day the family invited some guests to dinner. Sonja, a former affair with Hank, is among the guests. The dinner party turns into a fiasco when Mia expresses the suspicion that Hank could be the father of Sonja's unborn child, which this confirms. Charlie, Marcy, Lew and his lover Destiny (who Hank had oral sex with at the beginning of the season) are coking up in Becca's room. When Hank takes the cocaine away from them and tries to throw it in the toilet, he is also caught by Karen. As a result, Karen rejects Hanks' application. Then Hank falls back into his usual way of life. He temporarily moves into Lew's villa, starts smoking again and eventually sleeps with a celebrity TV cook who is visiting Lew. Charlie becomes an investor in a porn film called "Vaginatown," in which his newest client Daisy stars. Meanwhile, Charlie's house is being used for a scene from the porn movie. However, the male lead is out because he consumed cocaine together with Marcy, which is why Charlie steps in as a “stunt penis”. After a school event, Hank and a teacher Beccas have sexual intercourse. As it turns out, she is Damien's mother, Becca's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Charlie learns that Marcy has spent the shared nest egg on cocaine and forces her to drive to her mother's place to get away from the drugs. Mia and Lew have sex together repeatedly, even though Hank tries to persuade Lew to be good. When Karen hears about this, she confronts Lew, but their meeting goes differently than planned. Lew tries to persuade Karen to go on a date, which he finally manages.

Hank repeatedly visits Lew's former lover, Janie Jones, to interview her for his book. However, on both dates it remains a kiss. Afterwards, Hank and Karen meet and get back together.

Meanwhile, “Mia's” book is published and in the evening it will be celebrated in Lew Ashby's villa. When Charlie declares that he wants to separate from Marcy in order to live with Daisy, a scandal breaks out. The subsequent brawl is ended by Hank with a warning shot with Lew's pump gun . Eventually, Janie unexpectedly appears outside Lew Ashby's villa and agrees to see Lew again. However, he lacks courage at first, sniffing heroin lying around, which he mistakenly takes for cocaine. When he then decides to follow Hank to Janie, he collapses and dies of an overdose.

Hank then finishes Lew's biography. Karen reveals to him shortly after that she has been offered a job in New York, but does not include Hank in her planning. Meanwhile, Charlie begins to doubt whether his decision to part ways with Marcy was the right one. Sonja's child is born and Hank is clearly not the father (the child is black). Karen goes to New York and leaves Rebecca with Hank.

Third season

Dean Koons and his wife take Hank out for dinner with friends. There Hank meets the writer Richard Bates. Because Bates becomes addicted to alcohol at dinner, which Hank is not innocent of, Hank is employed in his place as a visiting professor at the college by the Koons.

Charlie Runkle works in the agency of the nymphomaniac Sue Collini. Because Charlie was unsuccessful with Hank's new literary work and Marcy spent the last bit of money on cocaine, he went broke. Although his wife still wants a divorce, Charlie sees no other option but to move in with her. While Marcy intends to sell her home, Runkle tries to save Marcy's marriage. Charlie tries to hire Rick Springfield for Sue Collini's agency, who has been something of a crush for Marcy. After Rick Springfield asks Runkle for cocaine to even begin filming, and he has an affair with Marcy at the same time, the collaboration between Rick and the agency is ended.

While Becca travels to New York to visit her mother, Hank receives an entertaining visit from Zloz, his best friend from his youth.

After the recent separation from Karen, Hank falls back into his usual way of life. As soon as he arrives at college, he begins an affair almost simultaneously with his assistant Jill, the student Jackie and even with his supervisor Felicia Koons. However, Hank's attempts to end the affairs early fail. Karen, who comes to visit and learns of the affairs, forgives him again for the missteps. The two decide to go back to New York together.

Marcy and Charlie find a potential buyer for their house and receive the divorce papers. Sue Collini closes her agency and hires Runkle as an agent for her memoir.

In the last episode of the season, Mia comes back from her promotional tour. Her agent and new boyfriend Paul tells Hank that he knows the real story behind "fucking and beating". Since Mia is unable to write her own novel, he demands that the matter be made public in order to be able to profit from the marketing. In return, Hank got "his" book back. Hank does not respond and hits him several times in the face. He drives to Karen and tells her the story. Karen is hysterical, and when Hank tries to calm her down, a police patrol arrests him.

Fourth season

A film production company from Hollywood wants to film the novel "Ficken und Schläge". After Hank became known in public as the true author of the novel, he was offered the opportunity to write the screenplay for the film. Hank is released from prison after a brief detention. Karen and Becca deny him access to the apartment because of his actions, so that he is now practically homeless. Hank meets the actress Sasha Bingham, who is supposed to play the character of Mia in the movie "Fucking and Beatings". He sleeps with her and moves into the same hotel for a short time. After that, he temporarily stays with Marcy and Charlie.

Hank is charged with seducing minors because of his one-night stand with Mia, who was still a minor at the time (without Hank's knowledge) . Attractive attorney Abby Rhodes takes on his defense, but is overwhelmed with Hank's behavior.

Hank makes an unsuccessful attempt to reconcile with Becca. The same evening he visits Sasha Bingham in her hotel suite, where he finds her sleeping pills in the toilet and takes them. Hank took some of these pills with alcohol and then wrote a letter to Becca expressing his feelings. The letter ends with "It's getting dark ... Too dark to see something ...", then Hank collapses due to an overdose.

Hank wakes up in a hospital where Karen visits him. Karen believes that Hank attempted suicide . She reconciles with Hank and lets him move in with her. Hank confesses to Becca that he didn't want to commit suicide, but that it was an accident. After Karen finds out about this, she throws him out again. This situation finally leads Hank to write the script for "Fuck and Beat".

A billionaire named Zig Semetauer ( Fisher Stevens ) plans to fund the film. Hank and agents visit him in his villa to clarify the details of the contract. There Hank plays a scene from the script with two hostesses. The billionaire likes the scene so much that he gets his first erection in ten years, which he doesn't want to waste, and goes to the bathroom. There he is found dead a little later - he suffered an autoerotic accident when he choked himself with a belt while masturbating. Financial support for the film therefore seems impossible.

Karen meets Ben, the father of another member of the band (Pearl), at a rehearsal for Becca's band. Out of jealousy, Hank attacks his new rival Ben.

Hank is photographed at a party in an unfavorable situation with Sasha Bingham and Mia: while he is tired in bed, the two women grab his pants for fun. When the photo appears publicly on the Internet, the lawyer Abby ends the collaboration with Hank. Only Karen can convince her to give Hank another chance. After the lawyer takes up the mandate again, an affair develops between her and Hank.

Stu Beggs, the new producer of the film "Ficken und Schläge", is now meeting Marcy. Marcy finds out that she is pregnant. However, she is initially unclear who the father could be, as Charlie is initially eliminated due to his vasectomy . After Charlie accidentally injures himself with an intimate shave, he takes Marcy to a hospital. During the outpatient treatment, Marcy learns that the doctor who performed Charlie's vasectomy is very likely to have botched it, so that Charlie is now considered the father of the child. Charlie does not notice this because he passed out during the examination. Marcy still lets Stu believe that the child is his. After the failed sale of Charlie and Marcy's house, Charlie begins an affair with realtor Peggy.

Hank gets into trouble with Sasha Bingham after sleeping with her mother. After Hank can't pay the bills for his hotel room, he moves back in with Karen and Becca. While Karen goes out with Ben, Hank takes care of Becca and Pearl. While Hank is sleeping in the evening, the two children steal his Porsche and are involved in a total write-off accident. Hank then uses the fee for the film script to buy a new Porsche, which he first smashes in a headlight to give it the look of his old car.

At Hank's trial, it emerges that he had already seen Mia before the night they had sex together. However, Hank was so drunk that he neither saw Mia properly nor could he remember this meeting.

It also turns out that out of revenge, Hank had sex with the director's wife, who filmed his book against his ideas. Therefore, the impression arises that Hank's affair with Mia was also only determined by the motive for revenge to wipe out her father Bill. Mia confirms once again that Hank did not know her because he was too drunk when they first met to remember her. Still, Hank is found guilty by the court.

Before the final sentence is announced on the final day of the trial, Karen, Charlie, Marcy and Becca host a surprise party for Hank where they reminisce and Hank and Karen sleep "one last time" because they expect Hank to go will be sentenced to several years in prison. Hank is ultimately sentenced to only three years probation, social work and a fine of $ 25,000 by the court for not believing that Hank had sex with Mia out of malice.

At a party in Stu's House Hank, Abby, Karen, Ben, Charlie and his new girlfriend Peggy, Stu, Marcy, Eddie Nero (celebrate Rob Lowe ), Sasha Bingham and the director of the start of filming of "Sex and beatings". Hank appears with Abby, but again reacts with jealousy after seeing Karen with Ben. During the course of the evening, Charlie confessed in front of everyone that he still loved Marcy. Peggy reacts angrily and rams a knife into Charlie's hand, which is attacked by Marcy. In addition, Marcy now reveals that Charlie is most likely the father of her child, which Stu is very shocked. Shortly afterwards, Karen reveals to Hank that she and Ben want to go on a road trip for several months with the children. After the whole argument has subsided, Hank wanders drunk on the edge of Stu's swimming pool. He falls, hits his head and passes out in the water. Ben pulls him out of the water and saves his life. Hank and Ben make up afterwards. The next day, Becca says goodbye to her father before starting the road trip.

At the end of the season, Hank visits the film set, which is based on the apartment he shared with Karen. He then sleeps with the actress who is supposed to portray Karen.

Fifth season

Almost three years after the events of season four, a lot has changed. Hank went back to New York and wrote Californication, a successful book about his life in LA. When his girlfriend Carrie wants a long-term, serious relationship, he accepts an offer from Charlie and flees to LA. Hank learns that his apartment is in New York was set on fire by Carrie.

Karen married her former professor Richard Bates, an older, more mature version of Hank. Hank's daughter Becca has a new boyfriend named Tyler, a younger version of Hank. Bates and Hank hate him from the start. Marcy is married to Stu, and she has a son named Stuart, Charlie, who is two and a half but does not speak yet. Charlie manages to sleep with his hundredth wife, but craves a real relationship again and begins an affair with the new nanny, Lizzie. This leads to disputes with Marcy several times. The relationship is later strained by Lizzie having oral sex with Stu for a role in Samurai Apocalypse's film.

Hank had met Kali on the plane and had been disturbed while kissing her. During a new encounter it turns out that Kali is the girlfriend of Samurai Apocalypse, for whom Hank is supposed to write a script. Samurai woos him and has Tyler beaten up after Hank catches Tyler kissing someone else. Since Samurai neglects Kali, she sleeps twice with Hank.

Carrie manages to find Hank in LA, but leaves when she realizes he still loves Karen.

Hank can initially cover up that he was behind the attack on Tyler. Their mutual love for Becca finally brings the two men closer together. Richard Bates is the victim of this new friendship: After Becca tells about Bates' drinking addiction, Tyler secretly gives him alcohol. Bates walks around town naked and ends his abstinence. When he can't find his wedding ring after a drinking spree, Hank tries to cover it up and pretends to be a prostitute Bates slept with as his own girlfriend. Even so, Bates is thrown out of the house by Karen and begins a new rehab while Hank lives in his house.

When it comes out who beat up Tyler, Hank's relationship with his family is strained. Hank reads a script by Tyler for Becca and discovers its literary qualities. Despite his protests, Charlie signs Tyler. A blow job from the leading actress in the current film production leads to Hank being fired by Stu and replaced by Tyler, which is why Hank fires Charlie in turn. After Bates returns from rehab and throws Hank out of the house, Hank decides to return to New York.

A surprise party for Hank in Charlie's house sets the conflict going. Lizzie blows Stu again and Hank catches Bates having oral sex with his AA sponsor. Tyler disappears in the bathroom with Kali, Hank catches the two and hits Tyler.

The next day, Bates dissolves his marriage to Karen to be free again, while she and Hank find each other again. Tyler proposes marriage to Becca, which she accepts. On the set, Hank prevents Samurai from shooting Tyler for Kali. After Hank confesses his relationship with Kali, Samurai shoots him, Charlie throws himself into the trajectory and gets a graze shot. This re-establishes friendship with Hank, while Marcy leaves Stu when she learns about the two blowjobs. Marcys and Charlie's son utters his first word: "Blowjob".

On the way home to Karen, Hank stops at Charlie's apartment. There he meets Carrie, who poisons himself and him with pills.

Sixth season

Hank survives the overdose, but Carrie dies from it. Unable to deal with his guilt for being responsible for Carrie's death, Hank spends a month unwashed in a bar, drowning his pain in alcohol. The rock star Atticus Fetch wants to turn Hank's novel “God Hates Us All” into a Broadway musical, with Atticus being responsible for the music and Hank for the text, which Hank is not enthusiastic about. As Hank gradually gets closer to his family, he decides to go to a rehab clinic. Hank befriends his roommate Faith, who as a groupie and muse takes a break in the clinic after the death of a musician friend, and accompanies her to his funeral, where he meets Atticus again. Meanwhile, Karen is commissioned by Atticus' wife Natalie to redesign her house as an interior designer.

Charlie meets the actor Robbie Mac in Hank's rehab clinic and pretends to be homosexual in order to win him over as a new client. Hank is hired for a remake of the 1970s film "Cruising". When Charlie admits that he lied to him about his alleged homosexuality, Robbie fires him; the film project is canceled. He is also fired from his company as an agent. Charlie and Hank turn back to the project with Atticus Fetch. Charlie becomes Atticus' manager; an affair develops between Hank and Faith.

Meanwhile, Becca discovers her urge to become a writer herself, which causes great problems for Hank. She drops out of college and wants to gain her own experience, including drugs and sex. She finishes her first novel, lets her father read the first draft and receives poor feedback from him. Hank received even worse criticism from Atticus for his draft of the Broadway musical. The revision, however, is well received, and Eddie Nero should also be part of the project. When Atticus ends up in rehab, is about to get divorced and wants to cancel the musical project, he is persuaded by Hank to continue.

Marcy wants to renounce the world of men with the help of the writer and man hater Ophelia Robbins. Her marriage to Stu fails despite his tenacious efforts, and she and Charlie grow closer again. Ophelia, who has taken a liking to Marcy, is so disappointed with Marcy's behavior that she overpowers Marcy with a stun gun and keeps her at home. Charlie, who wants to help Marcy, is also overwhelmed by Ophelia. Before they can free themselves from captivity, Marcy and Charlie confess that they still love each other and decide to get married for the second time.

Becca decides to go on a trip abroad with her new friend Ross to inspire her writing. After Becca's departure, Hank receives the offer to accompany Atticus on his concert tour, with Faith also being part of the crew. Charlie and Marcy get married at the first concert on Atticus' tour, with Atticus acting as an officer. Hank misses the opportunity to propose to Karen and takes the tour instead. After a short time, he realizes that he has to leave Faith and cancel the tour in order to return to Karen in LA.

Seventh season

Hank tries to make up with Karen again. At the same time he signed up as a writer for the television series "Santa Monica Cop" by producer Rick Rath. Both are made more difficult by the fact that he is visited by Levon, who contacts Hank on the pretext of a school interview. He reveals himself to be Hanks' son from an affair with Julia, before his time with Karen. Hank also gets Levon a job on the film set for Santa Monica Cop. Julia works in a dentist's office, but always had the desire to be an actress. As a result, Rath develops an interest in Levon's mother Julia, while Levon tries to land with Rath's assistant. At the same time, Julia and Hank get closer to each other again and Hank seems to enjoy life with his "new" family.

When Karen learns of Hank's second family, she makes it clear to Hank that this is the end of any relationship between the two of them. That changes when Karen is in a car accident. When Hank learns of the accident, he makes his way to the hospital. While Marcy, Charlie and Hank wait for news of Karen's health, the glimpse into Hank's thoughts suggests that the relationship with Karen has always been one of ups and downs, but that she is his true love. This insight is reinforced by a conversation with the pastor of the hospital chapel. When the ward doctor brings information about Karen's health status, Hank, who describes himself as a husband, is allowed to see her. However, Karen tells him that this won't change anything between them. After Karen recovers, Hank invites her to dinner at Charlie's apartment. There romance arises between the two, which ends abruptly with the arrival of Julia and others. When Becca returns from her trip and Hank wants to bring the news of her upcoming wedding in New York, she learns about Hank's second family. Then she is disappointed in Hank again. Not only did he keep his second family from her, but also that his reaction to their wedding was very negative.

Charlie is troubled by erectile dysfunction . He and Marcy have financial problems, so Stu offers them a million dollars to sleep with Marcy again. The offer causes strife in their marriage, but Marcy and Charlie decide to accept it. In return, Charlie is allowed to sleep with another woman. It should be noted that both of them are uncomfortable with the situation.

The series ends with Hank trying to sort things out. He gives his son Levon advice to help him maintain a normal relationship. He also lures Rick and Julia on a date under a pretext. He gets Charlie to bring Marcy back from Stu's house. Both keep the million and move into Hank's former apartment. Hank writes a letter to Karen, in which he reveals his feelings to her, as this makes things easier for him. He wants to give this letter to Karen on the flight to New York. Before Hank takes the flight, he leaves his Porsche, which doesn't seem to start anymore, near the airport. On the plane he hands his letter to Karen, who does not want to read it. For this reason, Hank reads it out loud in front of all of the travelers. In the outro, Karen and Hank kiss.


main characters

Henry "Hank" James Moody
is the main character of the series. He is in his late 30s and lives alone in his Los Angeles apartment. Hank would like to live with his family again, whereas Karen seeks refuge with Bill and a seemingly solid relationship. She consistently rejects his attempts to win her back, and Hank compensates for his frustration and his lack of productivity as a writer with countless affairs and one-night stands.
Karen Van Der Beek
is Hank's former girlfriend who left him because he rarely looked after his family. She is an architect. She also got to know her fiancé Bill through her work: Bill hired her to plan a new house. While working on the building, Bill fell in love with Karen.
Rebecca "Becca" Moody
is Hank's daughter. She enjoys listening to rock music and is a band leader in a group herself. In the course of the plot, she goes through puberty and growing up .
Mia Lewis (aka Mia Cross)
is Bill's daughter. In the first episode, she sleeps with Hank, whom she later tries to blackmail with the fact that she has slept with a minor. She later steals a short story and manuscript from Hank, her avowed favorite author, in order to succeed in school and as a writer. She develops a tender friendship with Becca and appears to have suffered greatly from her mother's early death.
Charles "Charlie" Wolfgang Runkle
is Hanks best friend and his agent at the same time . Hank fires him every 90 days because they argue about the next unwritten book. He himself has big private problems with his wife Marcy, who describes him as too sexually indolent. During the first season, Charlie begins an affair with his secretary Dani. Since Marcy is still sexually unsatisfied, she suggests a " threesome " with Dani of all people in order to rekindle the relationship. Eventually Marcy leaves Charlie and begins a relationship with Dani, but eventually returns to Charlie. In the second season, Charlie is fired from Dani by an intrigue. He's independent and takes the porn starlet Daisy against their will under his wing. He finances one of her films to save her career and even happens to be an actor.
Marcy Ellen Runkle
is Charlie's wife. She is the owner of a beauty salon and developed a cocaine addiction from the second season onwards, which put a heavy strain on her marriage to Charlie. Daisy is one of her customers. In the third season, the marriage with Charlie is divorced, and both live from now on in an open relationship. In the fourth season, Marcy becomes pregnant by Charlie, divorces him and enters into a marriage to the film producer Stu Beggs. This fails, however, so that Marcy and Charlie remarry at the end of the sixth season.

Minor characters (selection)

William "Bill" Lewis
is Karen's fiancé during the first season. He is the owner of a large publishing house that also owns Hell-A Magazine, for which Hank writes a blog . In contrast to Hank, he leads a secure and orderly life and is also more of a level-headed type in character. He lost the mother of his daughter Mia to an illness and was unable to develop a deep bond with his daughter due to his overly calm demeanor. Nevertheless, he is there for her and also genuinely loves Karen. In the fourth season, he testifies as a witness in the course of the trial against Hank.
Lew Ashby
is a music producer Hank met at a party early in season two. They meet again in prison, and Ashby suggests that Hank write a biography about him. They become friends and Hank moves in with him after an argument with Karen. Eventually Ashby dies of an overdose .
Abby Rhodes
is Hank's attorney for season four, defending him in court against allegations of seducing minors. Later on, Hank begins an affair with her.


Main cast

Role name actor Main role
Guest role
German voice actors
Hank Moody David Duchovny 1-7 Benjamin Völz
Karen van der Beek Natascha McElhone 1-7 Claudia Lehmann
Rebecca "Becca" Moody Madeleine Martin 1-6 7th Jodie Blank
Mia Lewis Madeline Zima 1-2 3-4 Luise Helm
Charlie Runkle Evan Handler 1-7 Oliver Mink
Marcy Runkle Pamela Adlon 1-7 Vera Teltz

Supporting roles

Role name actor Guest role
German voice actors
Bill Lewis Damian Young 1, 4 Torsten Michaelis
Meredith Amy Price-Francis 1 Melanie Hinze
Sandy Carr Camille Langfield 1, 4 Irina von Bentheim
Sonja Paula Marshall 1-2 Schaukje Könning
Dani Rachel Miner 1-2 Anja Stadlober
Trixie Judy Greer 1-2, 4-5 Tanja Geke
Todd Carr Chris Williams 1, 4
Nikki Almond Kathy Christopherson 1
Jonathan Mandel Robert Merrill 1
Julian Angus MacFadyen 2 Peter Reinhardt
Lew Ashby Callum Keith Rennie 2, 5-6 Lutz Schnell
Daisy Carla Gallo 2-3 Sonja Spuhl
Janie Jones Girl amick 2 Christin Marquitan
Damian Ezra Miller 2
Felicia Koons Embeth Davidtz 3 Arianne Borbach
Dean Stacy Koons Peter Gallagher 3 Hans-Jürgen Dittberner
Chelsea Koons Ellen Woglom 3 Kaya Marie Möller
Jill Robinson Diane Farr 3 Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
Jackie Eva Amurri 3 Luisa Wietzorek
Sue Collini Kathleen Turner 3 Ingrid van Bergen
Rick Springfield Rick Springfield 3 Thomas Petruo
Richard Bates Jason Beghe 3, 5-6 Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Peter Fonda Peter Fonda 3 Frank Glaubrecht
Abby Rhodes Carla Gugino 4th Judith Brandt
Stu Beggs Stephen Tobolowsky 4-7 Stefan Staudinger
Sasha Bingham Addison Timlin 4th Anne Helm
Eddie Nero Rob Lowe 4-7 Martin Kautz
Ben Michael Ealy 4th Jan-David Rönfeldt
Pearl Zoë Kravitz 4th
Tens of hours Fisher Stevens 4th Florian Krüger-Shantin
Lloyd Alan Philips Jr. Alan Dale 4th Kaspar Eichel
Tommy Lee Tommy Lee 4th
Peggy Melissa Stephens 4th Tanya Kahana
Mother of Sasha Bingham Callie Thorne 4th
Samurai Apocalypse RZA 5 Tommy Morgenstern
Potash Meagan Good 5 Julia Kaufmann
Tyler Scott Michael Foster 5 Leonhard Mahlich
Carrie Natalie Zea 5-6 Ulrike Stürzbecher
Lizzie Camilla Luddington 5 Nicole Hannak
Gabriel Patrick Fischler 5-6 Rainer Fritzsche
Faith Maggie Grace 6th Magdalena Turba
Atticus Fetch Tim Minchin 6th Julien Haggége
Ophelia Maggie Wheeler 6th Katrin Zimmermann
Levon Oliver Cooper 7th Patrick Baehr
Rick Rath Michael Imperioli 7th Axel Malzacher
Julia Heather Graham 7th Katrin Fröhlich
Goldie Mary Lynn Rajskub 7th Susanne Geier
Melanie Tara Holt 7th Maria Hönig


United States

The series was the first time on 13 August 2007 on the cable network Showtime aired. After the broadcast of the first episodes, Showtime announced the production of a second season with again twelve episodes in early September 2007, which was broadcast from September 28 to December 14, 2008. In December 2008, Showtime announced that the series would have a third season. The third season aired in the United States from September 27 to December 13, 2009. Shortly after the start of the third season in September 2009, Showtime commissioned a fourth season. For the fourth season, 12 episodes were again ordered. The fourth season ran from January 9 to March 27, 2011 in the United States. Showtime extended the series, after only one aired episode, on January 14, 2011 for a fifth season, which aired between January 8 and April 1, 2012.

In early February 2012, Showtime announced the production of a sixth season. It ran from January 13, 2013 to April 8, 2013 on Showtime. In late January 2013, Showtime announced the extension to a seventh season, with which the series should end. The seventh season aired on April 13, 2014 and ended on June 29, 2014.


In Germany, the series started on 14 May 2008 on the Sony - Pay TV transmitter AXN . From August 1, 2009, the second season was broadcast on AXN. The third season was to be seen from August 19, 2010 on AXN as a German premiere. The fourth season showed AXN from October 13, 2011 and the fifth from January 24, 2013 as a German premiere. AXN aired the sixth season from February 13, 2014 in double episodes on Thursdays. AXN showed the final seventh season from October 14, 2014 on Tuesdays in double episodes.

In the German free-TV broadcast RTL II , the first season between September 29 and December 16, 2008 in the Monday- primetime . The second season was shown on Fridays from July 30, 2010 onwards in blocks of four episodes each. In the course of the broadcast, the episodes were moved further and further into the night in order to achieve higher ratings. The third season was broadcast on RTL 2 in the late evening of May 17 and on the night of May 18, 2012. It only achieved an average of 4.0 percent in the advertising-relevant target group . The entire fourth season was shown on the night of February 7th to 8th, 2013 on the free TV channel RTL 2. Over a year later, the entire fifth season was broadcast on RTL 2 on two days on the nights of August 13 and 14, 2014. A little later, the sixth season followed from October 2nd to 3rd, 2014 on the same broadcaster. On the night of June 18-19, 2015, the last season was shown on RTL 2.


As the first German-speaking free TV broadcaster, SRF Zwei showed the first season from July 10th to September 26th, 2008. SRF Zwei also showed the second season as a free TV premiere between August 6 and October 22, 2009. The third season was broadcast as a free TV premiere and in two-channel sound from November 25, 2010.


The ORF 1 was the first season between September 5 and October 10, 2008 exclusively bilingual (German, English). ORF 1 broadcast the second season from July 13, 2010, and the third season from August 8, 2011. ATV has also been broadcasting the series since 2011 .

Episode list

DVD release

Season United States Great Britain Germany, Austria, Switzerland
season 1 June 17, 2008 June 16, 2008 September 10, 2009
season 2 August 25, 2009 August 10, 2009 October 7, 2010
season 3 November 9, 2010 February 7, 2011 July 7, 2011
Season 4 November 1, 2011 February 13, 2012 April 5, 2012
Season 5 December 18, 2012 16th September 2013 April 4, 2013
Season 6 March 25, 2014 April 14, 2014 May 7, 2014
Season 7 5th August 2014 August 18, 2014 December 18, 2014

All seasons in Germany have been approved for ages 18 and over.


Series title

The title "Californication" is off " California (Engl. For California)", the scene of the action, and the word "fornication" (dt. Fornication ) formed portmanteau . Both the music album Californication by the band Red Hot Chili Peppers and the series title allude to the lifestyle in the west coast state, which is disreputable as broken down. The term also denotes the influx of Californian Americans into the surrounding states.

Controversy with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Californication is also the title of the Red Hot Chili Peppers ' most successful album to date , which caused the band to object to the series title. Frontman Anthony Kiedis views the situation as follows:

“Californication is the band's album in general. We sold 14 million of them and won a Grammy. Just grabbing the title of our album and doing some TV series with it and robbing ourselves of our identities is just not right. "

However, the term Californication was not protected as a trademark by the Red Hot Chili Peppers . The name Californication goes back to an article in Time magazine in 1972. This was also an argument used by Showtime Networks in the related litigation.

Novels of the series character

The titles that Hank Moody's books carry (" South of Heaven ", " Seasons in the Abyss " and " God Hates Us All ") are album titles borrowed from the US thrash metal band Slayer .

On September 15, 2009, Simon Spotlight Entertainment published Moody's novel from Californication God Hates Us All , which is sold with Hank Moody as the author.


The theme music for Californication is a song by Tyler Bates and Tree Adams was composed. The guitar plays a major role in this, as it is also the instrument that is referred to several times in the series. Hank's daughter Becca plays guitar on the street in one episode. In another episode, he buys a guitar for her from a salesman played by Zakk Wylde .



Barbara Gärtner described Californication in the Süddeutsche Zeitung as great, dark, funny and as broken-down as Los Angeles.

Claudius Seidl wrote for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung that Californication relates to the history of Los Angeles film in the same way “as the sopranos relate to godfathers or Goodfellas : you quote from it and conjure up greatness, if only because you have forgotten the Bible and never learned Shakespeare . ”It went on to say,“ the misunderstanding that Californication is just the portrait of an attractive man with a pretty cool form of despair is precisely the reason why the series, in addition to the coolness and sophistication, also has truth and depth ”. .

In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Harald Keller particularly valued Hank Moody's cheeky sayings as "incredibly witty", which - even if you don't have to understand every reference - makes up for the only moderately original basic constellation:

“Because the initial one-dimensionality is the temptation to reveal new facets of the main characters episode after episode, whereby even the bitter bogeyman Hank Moody shows himself insightful. The cultural references are retained throughout. Whether hommes de lettres, headbangers or cinema fanatics - many get their rights. "

Awards and nominations

Golden Globe Awards
  • 2008: Best cinematography in a half-hour series - "A fateful affair"
  • 2008: Nominated for Best Casting in a Comedy Series
  • 2009: Best cinematography in a half-hour series - "Leap into the Unknown"
  • 2009: Nominated for Best Casting in a Comedy Series
Satellite Award
  • 2008: Nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series - David Duchovny
Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • 2008: BAFTA TV Award - Nominated for Best International Series
  • 2008: Eddie Award - Nominated for Best Half-Hour Series


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