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Ingrid van Bergen (2010)

Ingrid van Bergen (born June 15, 1931 in Danzig - Langfuhr , Free City of Danzig ) is a German actress and voice actress .


Childhood and youth

Van Bergen spent her early childhood in Frankenau in Masuria ( East Prussia ), where her father worked as a teacher. But she often visited her grandparents in Danzig. Her mother was awarded the mother's cross for having four children . Her father's death as a soldier on the Eastern Front  - it fell on June 22, 1941, the first day of Operation Barbarossa  - made her an orphan . The family then moved to live with their grandparents in Sopot , a suburb of Gdańsk. She decided to get involved in a game group as part of the Hitler Youth and, for example, to play fairy tales or sing folk songs for soldiers on leave from the front. Van Bergen's mother fled with her four children after the Soviet air raids on Gdansk towards the end of the Second World War : first through Oliva and Langfuhr, then with a small ship across the Vistula to the Gdansk Bay and finally with the Moltkefels , which she and 2000 other people took should bring over the Baltic Sea to Rostock , Lübeck or Hamburg . An attack by Soviet bombers off the Hela peninsula damaged and ultimately sank the ship, killing around 500 people. The family was rescued to the peninsula in a dinghy. There she was raped by a Russian soldier when she was 13 years old, a situation she never told her mother about. The mother decided to try to escape by ship again, this time with the destination Copenhagen , because the German ports were blocked because of wrecked ships. Van Bergen describes this situation: “I think we weren't afraid at all anymore. We were completely fatalistic ... "

She experienced the end of the war on May 8, 1945 in a reception camp in Skagen , which was taken over by the Danes that day. There the family received food and medical care until they returned to Germany in 1948. Van Bergen attended school there with her brother. A pin that was blindly inserted into a map of the French occupation zone decided on the future residence of the refugees, Reutlingen . In 1950 she graduated from high school there.


After graduating from high school, she trained as an actress and later also as a singer at the State University of Music Hamburg , thus realizing her long-cherished dream. In 1953 she was a co-founder of the political cabaret The Little Fish , after which she became involved with the legendary Berlin porcupines . The following year she was discovered for the film by Helmut Käutner . But she also appeared at the theater, especially in Berlin.

In the 1950s and 1960s van Bergen was one of the best-known German-speaking film actresses and was known for her “smoky” voice. Her role subjects were barmaids, prostitutes and unfaithful housewives. For example, she played with OW Fischer and Heinz Rühmann . This was followed by around 200 film and television productions, also in the international arena - including films with Kirk Douglas , Robert Mitchum , William Holden and Giulietta Masina . Her career now developed continuously. In addition to her film work, the theater has remained an important aspect in her life to this day. She played on major stages in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. She was also successful as a singer and released several records.

After her conviction and jail sentence for manslaughter and her release from prison in 1982, she initially failed to build on her old acting career. She had one of her first TV engagements in the television series Losberg , in which she played the parvenue Margot until 1988 . She returned to the theater stage on January 12, 1985 in the Berlin Renaissance Theater as Sinida in Leonid Nikolajewitsch Andrejew's Fools in Love . Despite a temporary move to Spain, she appeared in various television productions in Germany. In the 1990s she embodied a. a. the sympathetic secretary Liebscher in the successful family series Our Teacher Doctor Specht and later also worked in the series Mobbing Girls and Moving Men . The professional offers for her gradually increased and also prompted her to publish her autobiography in 1994.

In 2005 she conquered a star role with the one-person play "Die Klatschmohnfrau" based on a novel by Noëlle Châtelet and has since been successfully on tour through the theater. At Meininger Theater she was in 2007 for four months in production Love And War to see. In an episode of the VOX cooking show The Perfect Celebrity Dinner broadcast in May 2008 , van Bergen took part as the host.

In the summer months from 2005 to 2008 van Bergen was a member of the Störtebeker Festival in Ralswiek on the island of Rügen . After a break in 2009, she was back in 2010 as “Signora de Rocca” in the play The Curse of the Moors . In January 2009 she took part as a candidate on the RTL - reality show Ich bin ein Star - Get me out of here! part in which she was voted "Jungle Queen Ingrid I" by the audience. From 2009 van Bergen played the role of Mechthild von Buhren in the Doctor's Diary series , who suffered serial death in early 2011 .

In 2010 she was again successful on stage as "Klatschmohnfrau" and was on tour with the play The Needle of Cleopatra by Philipp Moog and Frank Röth . Van Bergen was presented by Lisa Ortgies in 2011 in the WDR television series Bed & Breakfast . In 2014, Guido Maria Kretschmer was named the winner in the styling documentary Shopping Queen with the motto “Femme Fatale, wrap your man around your finger” on Vox. In 2011 she was a decoy on ProSieben in Old Ass Bastards . In the series with a hidden camera, sprightly pensioners involve young people in precarious situations in busy public places.

Van Bergen has also been active in the radio play area for several years. Her roles there included the "Lady Ducayne" wanted in companion! , the wicked "West Witch" in The Wizard of Oz , the "Lappin" in The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen and "Elvira, the thickest woman in the world" in Sherlock Holmes - The Ape Woman .


Ingrid van Bergen was married four times, including the cabaret artist Erich Sehnke, the father of her daughter Andrea, and the actor Michael Hinz , the father of her daughter Carolin , who died in 1990 at the age of 26.

On the night of February 2 to 3, 1977, she shot her 33-year-old lover, financial broker Klaus Knaths, with a revolver in a villa on Lake Starnberg . Knaths was hit by two bullets in the chest and abdomen and shortly thereafter succumbed to his injuries. Van Bergen's daughters were twelve and 19 years old at the time. The process that followed caused a lot of media attention. She was represented by Rolf Bossi . Van Bergen was sentenced to seven years in prison on July 27, 1977 for manslaughter. After serving two thirds of her prison term in Aichach women's prison in Bavaria , she was released early on October 2, 1981 for good conduct.

In 1994 van Bergen moved to Mallorca , where she devoted herself to animal welfare and housed over 100 animals on her finca. After seven years she turned her back on Mallorca and moved with the animals back to Germany in 2001 in the Lüneburg Heath .

In an interview with Stern magazine in 2009, she said she was an avowed Buddhist . In a further interview with Stern in 2013, van Bergen stated that she would soon be leaving the Lüneburg Heath and moving to Hamburg, otherwise she is a vegetarian and writes short stories from the perspective of animals.

In 2013 van Bergen joined the Human Environment Animal Welfare party .

Filmography, series, television appearances (selection)


As a voice actress she lent her voice to Honor Blackman (El Capitano) , Annie Girardot (The Novices) , Lee Grant ( Hotel Whispers ) and Kathleen Turner (Californication), among others .

Radio plays


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