The Sopranos

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Television series
German title The Sopranos
Original title The Sopranos
Sopranos logo.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1999-2007
Home Box Office (HBO), The Park Entertainment
length approx. 55 minutes
Episodes 86 in 6 seasons ( list )
genre Drama , mafia
Theme music Alabama 3 - Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One Mix)
idea David Chase
First broadcast Jan 10, 1999 (USA) on HBO
first broadcast
March 12, 2000 on ZDF

Main actor:

James Gandolfini
Anthony "Tony" soprano
Edie Falco
Carmela Soprano
Lorraine Bracco
Dr. Jennifer Melfi
Michael Imperioli
Christopher Moltisanti
Dominic Chianese
Corrado "Uncle Junior" soprano
Vincent Pastore
Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero
Steven Van Zandt
Silvio Manfred Dante ("Sil")
Tony Sirico
Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri
Robert Iler
Anthony "AJ" Soprano Jr.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Meadow Soprano
Drea de Matteo
Adriana La Cerva
David Proval
Richie Aprile
Aida Turturro
Janice "Parvati" soprano
Nancy Marchand
Livia Soprano

Supporting cast:

Federico Castelluccio
Furio Giunta
John Ventimiglia
Arthur "Artie" Bucco
Steve Schirripa
Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri
Joe Pantoliano
Ralph Cifaretto
Robert Funaro
Eugene Pontecorvo
Kathrine Narducci
Charmaine Bucco
Vincent Curatola
John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni
Steve Buscemi
Tony Blundetto
Frank Vincent
Phil Leotardo
Dan Grimaldi
Patsy Parisi
Joseph R. Gannascoli
Vito Spatafore
Toni Kalem
Angie Bonpensiero
Ray Abruzzo
Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr.
Sharon Angela
Rosalie Aprile
Greg Antonacci
Butch DeConcini
Max Casella
Benny Fazio
Carl Capotorto
"Little" Paulie Germani
Arthur J. Nascarella
Carlo Gervasi
Maureen Van Zandt
Gabriella Dante

Sopranos is an American television series that is about the life of an Italian-American mafia family in New Jersey . The series, which ran on HBO from 1999 to 2007 , won 21 Emmys and five Golden Globes , among other awards. The Writers Guild of America voted The Sopranos # 1 on the 101 Best Written TV Series . On the Metacritic website , which summarizes reviews from various editors, the last season has a Metascore of 96 percent.



The writer and director David Chase was approached by producer Brad Gray if he wanted to make "the godfather for television". He was about to decline when it occurred to him to combine the topic with a film idea that he had been planning for a long time - a mafia boss in psychotherapy . The producer accepted the concept and the Fox Broadcasting Company bought the rights. However, the script of the pilot film fell through, as the constellation hardly seemed suitable for free-to-air television in the USA. All other networks also refused, which is why the producers offered the script to the Home Box Office cable channel .

HBO co-president Richard Plepler remembers introducing the series to him and Chris Albrecht , program director:

“They came in here and said, 'Here's the idea: 40-year-old guy, crossroads of his life, turmoil in his marriage, turmoil in his professional career, beginning to raise teenage kids in modern society — all the pressures of every man in his generation. The only difference is he's the Mob boss of northern New Jersey. Oh, by the way, he's seeing a shrink. "

“They came in and said, 'Here's the idea: a 40-year-old man, at a turning point in his life, turmoil in marriage, turmoil in his job, is faced with the task of raising teenagers in modern society - all the pressures of everyone Man of his generation. The only difference is he's the Northern New Jersey Mafia boss. Oh yes, he goes to the shrink. "


Die Sopranos makes references to other classic Mafia films in a variety of ways. On the day of his mother's funeral, for example, you can see Tony sitting in tears in front of the television showing The Public Enemy . An important impulse was the film series The Godfather , from which the characters frequently and deliberately quote; Silvio Dante even knows entire monologues from it by heart. The strongest influence of this line of tradition is Goodfellas - a film that creator and showrunner David Chase referred to as his “Koran” and which is so often echoed in terms of type and frequency that it was perceived by critics as already exaggerated.

Some influences also come from other contextual contexts. The series Detective Rockford - a call is enough , in which David Chase worked as a screenwriter and producer from 1976 to 1980 and which also presented a weekly hybrid format of crime, comedy and drama series, stands out in particular . In some cases, even directly adopted ideas from individual episodes can be identified here.


The references to the mafia film genre are also clearly recognizable in the ensemble; not only were numerous of the actors in the film Goodfellas to be seen, but z. B. also in The Godfather of Manhattan or Mickey Blue Eyes .

The director and producer made an unusually large number of auditions and in some cases decided to cast roles with actors that they had originally intended for other characters. After a long search, the role of Consigliere Silvio Dante was cast by rock musician Steven Van Zandt . The scriptwriters worked closely with the actors, who were able to bring in their personal experiences and linguistic peculiarities.

Music for the series

David Chase , the creator of the series, selected the songs for the series together with the music producer Martin Bruestle and the music editor Kathryn Dayak, sometimes Steven Van Zandt was there to advise him . Stylistically, the music spectrum of the series ranges from mainstream pop to oldies and classic rock to jazz, soul and hip-hop.

Broadcast of the series

United States

It premiered in the US on January 10, 1999 on HBO . Filming for the sixth and final season began in spring 2005. With 21 episodes, this was the most extensive. The first twelve episodes began broadcasting on HBO on March 12, 2006 and ended on June 4, 2006. As of April 8, 2007 at 9:00 p.m., the last nine "bonus episodes" were broadcast in the US on HBO. The series finale, The Sopranos Strike Back , aired in prime time on June 10, 2007 on the series' home network (HBO).

German-speaking countries

From March 12, 2000, the first three seasons were shown on ZDF in Germany , with the broadcasting time being gradually shifted from Saturday evening to Sunday night, until broadcasting was discontinued due to lack of interest on the part of the target group and lack of success. The series was also broadcast on kabel eins from September to December 2005 , but was initially canceled because of poor ratings. Only in January 2007 she continued with the second season and moderate success.

In Austria the series started in 2002 on ORF 1. The Sopranos were also broadcast in Switzerland from time to time, most recently on SF 1 , the last season was broadcast in two-channel sound from November 21, 2010 on SF two after several postponements .

Beginning in September 2004, the pay TV broadcaster Premiere broadcast Die Sopranos , where the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons were broadcast for the first time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Premiere had broadcast the first part (twelve episodes) of the sixth and final season of the Sopranos from September 20, 2006 on the Premiere series , the remaining 9 bonus episodes were shown there from December 5, 2007. In the meantime, all episodes have been broadcast and repeated on Sky and Fox series . When it started broadcasting on May 23, 2012, Sky Atlantic HD showed all episodes on German television for the first time in HD quality.

Other countries

The first broadcast of the sixth season in Europe was carried out by the Irish broadcaster RTE .


Opening sequence

Tony Soprano drives his car out of the Lincoln Tunnel and onto the New Jersey Turnpike . You can see locations in Newark and Elizabeth . Tony smokes a cigar, he finally drives into the driveway of his house and gets out. The opening credits of the first three seasons show the World Trade Center . After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 , the scene was replaced by new recordings without the twin towers.

season 1

James Gandolfini plays Anthony "Tony" Soprano, the boss of the most powerful criminal organization in New Jersey

Tony Soprano has problems with his own family and mafia colleagues. Plagued by memory lapses and panic attacks, he turns to psychotherapist Dr. Jennifer Melfi. He tries to keep this a secret from his mafia colleagues as it could be seen as a sign of weakness. At the same time, he holds the position of acting boss of the Soprano mafia family after the old boss Jackie Aprile, Sr. has died of cancer . Tony's uncle Junior, an old-school gangster, is secretly let go by the family's capos for their own protection in the belief that they are in charge. At the same time, however, he dares to venture into Tony's territory with some men.

Tony's nephew Chris commits the murder of a young Czech gangster whose gang competes with the Mafiosi. There is a dispute over market shares in waste management, which the gangsters actually use as a cover for numerous other businesses. Tony Soprano confronts Chris. Uncle Junior wants to murder the gangster Little Pussy Malanga in his local pub. The restaurant is run by Tony's friend Artie Bucco, whose existence would have been ruined by a murder on his premises. Tony Soprano decides to set fire to his friend's restaurant. The planned assassination attempt of his uncle Junior is prevented and Artie Bucco's reputation as a landlord is not damaged. However, Tony feels guilty about the arson attack. His wife, Carmela, is hosting a major fundraiser at their home.

The quick-tempered Chris and his friend Brendan Filone try to make money by robbing trucks. However, the trucks belong to a man named Comley who falls into Uncle Junior's division. Junior demands his share of the deal.

When they meet, the entire mafia gang, including Tony, is filmed by the FBI. Junior is on a short break in Boca Raton . There he meets again with his secret love Roberta.

Tony visits some colleges in Maine with his daughter Meadow. Carmela remains at home with the flu and comes closer to Pastor Phil. Anthony Jr. gets into trouble at school: he stole the altar wine and showed up for PE class drunk. The school psychologist sends Anthony Jr. to psychiatric treatment. Tony also makes him pay regular visits to Grandma Livia's home for the elderly. On the advice of his doctor, Tony looks for new friends. But they are only interested in the most spectacular stories possible about the mob and behave in a dismissive manner towards Tony. Meanwhile, Chris and his girlfriend Adriana are looking for happiness in the music business, but come across an unsuccessful band.

There are indictments brought by the federal authorities. Tony and his men then remove all evidence from their homes. Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero is suspected of carrying a bug. Tony has Pussy shadowed and finds out that Vin Makazian owes Pussy $ 30,000. Before Tony can confront him, Makazian commits suicide. However, pussy has disappeared. However, over time it turns out that Jimmy Altieri appears to be the traitor, after which he is killed.

Tony's mother Livia, who is still bitter that her son Tony has deported her to a retirement home, tells gang boss Junior that Tony regularly confides in a psychiatrist. Tony had previously shared something about Junior's secret love life. The two set up a murder attempt by two assassins on Tony, which Tony survives. His psychiatrist Melfi has to temporarily leave town for her own safety. Junior's officers are killed and he himself arrested by the FBI. Meanwhile, Livia suffers a stroke . Tony now confesses to his men that he is in psychiatric treatment, which is for the most part accepted.

season 2

“Big Pussy” Bonpensiero, who was thought missing, suddenly appears again. This seems to maintain a relationship with the FBI and provide information to the agent Skip Lipari.

Uncle Junior breaks his hip in a fall in the bathtub and receives clinical treatment. Because the treatment rooms in the clinic cannot be bugged by the FBI, Junior uses these rooms for business discussions with Tony. Uncle Junior Soprano can later be released from pretrial detention for health reasons, but he has to stay in his house. Attorney Melvoin gives Junior no hope of a positive outcome of the legal proceedings, but also points out that he can expect costs of $ 400,000. Uncle Junior is horrified and sends Richie to Albert Barese to win him over against Tony Soprano. Albert Barese does not play this game, the planned plot against Tony fails. Uncle Junior pulls his head out of the noose.

Since Tony no longer wants to take care of his mother, his sister Janice appears, who takes on this task. Richie Aprile, who is released from prison after ten years, causes some problems. He contacts Tony's sister Janice and begins a relationship with her again. Eventually they move into Tony's mother's house. Richie Aprile brutally drives the pizzeria owner Beansie Gaeta after he has not paid protection money, which leaves him paralyzed. Tony asks Richie to remodel Gaeta's house for the disabled before Gaeta is released from rehab. Tony also firmly forbids Richie to continue dealing drugs on the garbage tours. Richie's nephew Jackie Aprile Junior supports his uncle's demands.

Dr. Melfi often refuses to continue therapeutic treatment for Tony. But because she feels sorry for Tony and has a guilty conscience, she lets her colleague Dr. Treat Kupferberg. In order to be able to continue the business of Uncle Junior, Tony and his mafia colleagues make a trip to Naples, where they do car deals with Capo Zi Vittorio Furio. Furio, a member of the Italian Mafia family, travels to the States to support the crew.

Christopher Moltisanti survived an assassination attempt by Sean and Matthew Bevelaqua, who tried to impress Richie Aprile. Then Matthew Bevelaqua is shot by Tony and Pussy, but the police learn about it. The only witness retracted his testimony when he learned that it was a revenge murder in Mafia circles. Tony's activities in the Mafia cause his marriage to suffer. Eventually his wife Carmela developed feelings for the upholsterer Vic. But the latter is afraid to get involved in such a dangerous relationship.

Because Pussy finally turns out to be a traitor, he is murdered by his mafia colleagues during a boat trip. Richie Aprile is shot dead by Janice in a violent argument - Janice then flees New Jersey. Meadow, Tony's daughter, is about to graduate from high school. She wants to attend the University of Berkeley, but is later accepted at the elite Columbia University.

season 3

Original location: The Soprano House in New Jersey

At the beginning of the season the House of Sopranos is the FBI bugged . However, the lamp on which the bug is located is later taken away by Tony's daughter Meadow and is therefore useless for the FBI.

Patsy Parisi, the twin brother of Philly Parisi, who was murdered on Tony's orders, seems to have found out something about the background of the murder. Tony's mother Livia Soprano dies of a stroke. Because Livia bequeathed the valuable record collection to the Russian nurse Svetlana, Janice Soprano steals her artificial leg in order to get the record collection in exchange. Then she is beaten up by her Russian friends.

Because Jennifer Melfi is still treating Tony therapeutically, she has problems with her divorced husband, Doctor Richard La Penna, and her analyst Elliot Kupferberg, among others . Melfi is later raped in an underground car park. The rapist, who is arrested a little later, is released due to a procedural error in the police investigation. She briefly considers informing Tony, but decides against it.

Mustang Sally injures the henchman Bryan with a golf club dangerously. Bobby Bacala Sr., who is seriously ill, is ordered to kill Mustang Sally. After the revenge murder, Bacala dies immediately afterwards in a severe coughing fit at the wheel of his car. Uncle Junior Soprano does not want to attend Bacala's funeral because he has cancer and needs chemotherapy . Meanwhile, Tony tries to get medical help for Uncle Junior, including Dr. Kennedy. He is in the dark about which treatment method is best for Uncle Junior.

Tracee, a dancer in Silvio Dante's “Bada Bing” strip club, is expecting a second child and turns to Tony for help. One day, dancer Tracee is fatally injured by her boyfriend Ralph in an argument, which creates a bad mood between Tony and Ralph. After Ralph apologized to Tony and the previous Capo Gigi suddenly died, Ralph was eventually promoted to Capo by Tony .

Meadow Soprano meets the Afro-American Noah Tannenbaum, which the father does not like. Noah later ended the relationship. Jackie Aprile Junior, drug dealer and son of the late Mafia boss, is now working hard on Meadow. After dropping out of his studies, he seems to be interested in men's fashion.

Tony's nephew Christopher Moltisanti is accepted as a full member of the Mafia and takes over the sports betting area and later, together with his girlfriend Adriana, a run-down club. Paulie Gualtieri takes Chris Moltisanti with him to collect money from the Russian gangster Valery. This leads to a physical argument in which Valery is apparently fatally injured. When they try to bury him in the woods of South Jersey, Valery is able to flee into the woods. Paulie and Chris get lost in the forest looking for him and find themselves in a life-threatening situation. Shortly before Christmas, Tony Soprano goes to the coast with Paulie to get his boat ready for winter.

Tony Soprano and his wife Carmela attend some therapy sessions as a couple. Later, Carmela Soprano turns to psychiatrist Doctor Krakauer, who advises her to leave Tony Soprano and his criminal milieu. In another therapy session, Tony meets the attractive car dealer Gloria Trillo and gets closer to her. In the course of the affair, however, it turns out that Gloria is a borderline patient. Her freaks eventually lead Tony to break up with her. Since she continues to put him under pressure, he has Patsy Parisi formulate a death threat for her if she ever tries to contact Tony again.

Janice invites the family to duck. Meanwhile, she tries to find expression in Christianity and wants to publish religious pop music .

Jackie Aprile Junior and his friends Carlo and Dino masks a game of Mafia poker. The situation spiraled out of control, with one of the players being shot and Tony's right hand, Furio, seriously injured from a leg shot. Carlo and Dino are killed - while Jackie can escape, but is still exposed. Tony pressures Ralphie Cifaretto to solve the problem with Jackie Junior. Ralphie hires the killer Vito, who then murders Jackie Junior in Boonton .

Because Anthony Soprano Jr. already attracted negative attention in high school due to vandalism and forged an examination paper, he is expelled from high school and is supposed to go to a military school . On the day he started school, however, he suffered a panic attack and was not admitted.

Season 4

Michael Imperioli plays Christopher Moltisanti

In revenge, Christopher kills the detective who is said to have killed his father. Daughter Meadow initially wants to travel to Europe and work on a dogma film there, but later works as a volunteer at the South Bronx Law Center. The annual parade in honor of Christopher Columbus is disrupted during a demonstration .

After Ralph Cifaretto made an inappropriate joke about the wife of the New York mafioso Johnny Sack, the latter appeared very upset. Tony refuses Johnny's request to kill Ralph. Ralph barely escapes an assassination attempt. Tony Soprano enters into a relationship with Valentina La Paz who is connected to Ralph. Ralph's twelve-year-old son Justin had an accident while playing with a bow and is now seriously injured in hospital.

Ralph's racehorse Pie-O-My is so badly injured in a fire that it has to be put down. Tony suspects Ralph of starting the fire to collect the insurance. The two get into a fight in which Ralph is killed. Together with Christopher, Tony secretly clears up Ralph's body.

After Bobby Baccalieri's wife dies in a car accident, Janice begins a relationship with Bobby.

Hostess Elodi's brother wants to borrow money from Artie Bucco for a business venture abroad. Artie gets the money from Tony, but the deal seems to have fallen through. Artie wants to take her own life but can be saved.

Adriana befriends a woman named Danielle, who is secretly an FBI agent. After Adriana ends their friendship, instead of being charged with drug trafficking, she involuntarily becomes an FBI informant. She believes that if she marries, the law does not allow her to testify against her husband, but this does not necessarily prove correct. Christopher's drug addiction worsens, whereupon his friends persuade him to take withdrawal therapy before the wedding with Adriana.

Junior comes before a court ( RICO trial), where he faces a life sentence. Leaving the courthouse, Junior falls down the stairs after being hit on the head by a microphone. He is immediately taken to a hospital. Junior's lawyer develops a strategy to declare Junior insane, which the judge seems to see through. After one of the jurors is pressured, the trial ends with no result and Junior is released.

Paulie was imprisoned for four months. After his release ceremony, Brian Cammarata gives Tony and Ralph some tips on an investment idea that can help them make a profit with government- subsidized housing . Tony is recruiting the help of MP Ron Zellman, among others. Tony later hits the MP when he learns he's hooked up with his former lover, Irina.

Initially, there were disagreements between Tony, Johnny Sack and New York boss Carmine Lupertazzi in the profits from the Newark Riverfront Esplanade construction site. Tony is asked by Johnny Sack to kill Carmine, but Tony refuses. Tony visits Carmine's son in Miami. Only later can mutually acceptable conditions be agreed.

Paulie tries to integrate his mother Nucci into the retirement home and the social world of Green Grove . He later seems to seek contact with Carmine, but Paulie doesn't even recognize Paulie.

Tony refuses to invest in a stock deal with Carmela's cousin. He later also refuses to put his signature on any papers that could compensate Carmela if he dies. Because of these financial disagreements and Tony's affairs, tensions arise between Carmela and Tony, whereupon Carmela falls in love with Furio. Gloria Trillo, the attractive car saleswoman from season 3, has taken her own life. Furio, who also has strong feelings for Carmela, returns to Italy unannounced because he fears the consequences of a relationship with Carmela and does not dare to murder Tony. Tony wants to buy a house on the beach for the family. After Tony's former lover Irina called Carmela drunk and shared details about their relationship, the marriage appears to have been destroyed. Tony wants the weekly sessions with Dr. Quit Melfi, but seems to want to restart therapy at the end of the season.

Season 5

Bobby Bacala Jr. marries Tony's sister Janice. Senior Angelo Garepe, Phil Leotardo, Feech La Manna and Tony's cousin Tony Blundetto are released from custody. Carmine suffers a stroke. Jack Massarone is bugged and is supposed to find out details about ongoing business from Tony Soprano in a restaurant. The released feech La Manna causes some problems and becomes enemies with Paulie. Lorraine Calluzzo and her right-hand man Jason Evanima are later murdered.

Christopher Moltisanti, who is currently doing his twelve-step program , gets into trouble with the TV writer JT, an acquaintance from the withdrawal program. He amassed almost $ 60,000 in debt through a round of poker, which Christopher advances him. JT later started using heroin again. Tony and Adriana are getting closer and closer, which is why Tony also got advice from Dr. Melfi is looking. While Christopher temporarily leaves the city on a business mission, Tony and Adriana have an accident on a deserted country road. It is rumored that Adriana gave Tony oral sex. Christopher finds out about this and shows up drunk and armed at Bada Bing.

The released from prison Tony Blundetto strives for an honest life and takes a job in a dry cleaner. He is taking an exam as a therapeutic masseur . His Asian employer wants to get in as the main investor, whereupon Blundetto beats him. Later, Blundetto finds a bag full of money on the street. Blundetto is freelanced by Angelo Garepe to kill Joseph Peparelli, which makes him many enemies. The business relationships between Tony and Johnny Sack are also affected. With a heavy heart, Tony later kills his cousin Blundetto.

Adriana, Christopher's friend, admits that she provided the FBI with information about the criminal activities of Tony Soprano's crew. She tries to convince Christopher to take part in the witness protection program. In consultation with Tony and Christopher, Silvio "Sil" shoots her and removes her body.

Tony and Carmela live separately at the beginning of the season. Anthony Junior's school performance has fallen alarmingly. Despite the express disapproval of her pastor, Carmela begins an affair with AJ's teacher. To celebrate his 75th birthday, Hugh, Carmela's father, insists that Tony be invited as well. After playing Marco Polo , Tony and Carmela get closer again in the swimming pool, but Carmela still wants to divorce the next day. However, no lawyer can be found to represent them, as Tony has already prevented this. Tony's daughter Meadow gets a marriage proposal from her boyfriend Finn. Janice gets violent during a soccer game of her stepdaughter. Bobby later forces her to attend an anger seminar. At the end of the season, Carmela and Tony make up again.

The season ends with the FBI arresting Johnny Sack. Tony, who is present in Sack's garden, escapes and walks home through deep snow.

Season 6

At the beginning of the season, Tony Soprano is shot and critically injured by the mentally confused Uncle Junior. The New York mafia boss Johnny "Sack" Sacramoni is in jail. In coma Tony dreams of a business as a representative. At this time, Silvio is his deputy. Christopher Moltisanti has a new girlfriend who is pregnant. He tries to get back into the film business. Jason Barone has a decision to make about the future of Barone Sanitation after his father dies, but he doesn't know how business works and doesn't understand why Tony is second on the payroll.
Johnny Sack is on leave for his daughter's wedding. Tony hires a new bodyguard. Johnny Sacks' imprisonment tests relationships between the New York and New Jersey families even more.
After Vito Spatafores became aware of homosexuality within the Mafia, he fled. Meanwhile, Tony is supposed to take care of Rusty and get support from Italy. Artie's local gets competition and unpleasant visits. Chris meets with
Ben Kingsley in Los Angeles to win him over for his film. However, Chris also commits some crimes in LA.

Vito meets the "Johnny Cakes" baker Jim, with whom he moves in. Meanwhile, the New York court ruled on Johnny Sack. Carmela travels to Paris with Rosalie. Vito asks Tony for permission to settle in Atlantic City, but is murdered by Phil Leotardo a little later. The relationship between Chris and Pauli is becoming more and more tense and Chris falls for drugs and alcohol again. Tony and Chris are also interested in the same woman, Julianna. After a conversation in New York, Chris and Tony have a serious car accident. Since Chris is behind the wheel, he asks Tony to pull him out of the car because he wouldn't get through the drug test and lose his driver's license. Tony limps to the driver's side with a nasty knee injury. There he breaks in the side window and tries to help the injured Chris. As he is about to dial the emergency number, he changes his mind and holds Chris's nose so that he suffocates on his own blood. A later autopsy confirmed that Chris had cocaine in his blood and that was probably why he got off the street.

In his job, AJ meets a woman with whom he gets together. Carmela believes more and more that Adriana is not missing, but dead. The relationship between AJ and Blanca Selgado doesn't last very long and after the breakup, AJ tries to kill himself, but fails. He is rescued by Tony and placed in an institution. Dr. Melfi breaks off the treatment of Tony because studies show that he cannot be cured, but can only be further encouraged to commit crimes.

Johnny Sack is diagnosed with lung cancer. A short time later he dies of it and Phil Leotardo takes over the New York family. He starts a war between the families, to which Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri falls victim. Silvio Dante is seriously injured in an exchange of fire. An assassination attempt on Phil Leotardo fails. Phil hides and only gives instructions over the phone. Tony and the family go into hiding. Little Carmine, Tony and the rest of the New York family meet and make peace, but Phil has to be removed. Phil is eventually discovered and shot.

The series ends with a surprising ending: The last scene takes place in a restaurant where Tony is having dinner with his family, while the song Don't Stop Believin ' by Journey can be heard in the background . After his wife and then his son arrive, it is shown how his daughter has problems driving into a parking space. Several unknown men gradually enter the bar. Finally, Meadow heads for the door of the restaurant. When you hear the doorbell, Tony Soprano looks up and should see Meadow. However, you can no longer see or hear anything. The picture stays black and the music stops abruptly. After a while, the credits begin. This supposedly open ending is still controversially discussed by fans of the series to this day. (See also The Sopranos Strike Back - Interpretation of the Final Scene .)


A patchwork of perspectives is reflected in the figures of the Sopranos, to which the audience can dock. Carmela Soprano, for example, represents “the audience's question about love” or Christopher that of power, respect and hierarchy. Both figures embody traditional viewer perspectives; It is different with the figure of Dr. Jennifer Melfi. Just like the “educated” viewer, she approaches the narrative in a rational and distant manner and does not identify with the characters. From the second season onwards, however, their attitude clearly gets out of step when interest in the stories told by Tony Soprano goes beyond professional interest. Her character is suddenly charged with the same contradiction that the educated viewer is subject to, who see the series en bloc as a season and get caught in the conflict between ironic distance and the addiction to the next episode.

main characters

Anthony "Tony" soprano

is at the beginning of the series of powerful capo regime of the criminal organization in New Jersey, the DiMeo family. After Jackie Aprile's death from cancer, he initially leaves the family to his uncle. Shortly after he came to power, he was placed under house arrest and Tony became the new boss. He is married to Carmela Soprano (née DeAngelis), with whom he has two children - Meadow and Anthony Jr., called AJ. His "professional" as well as private problems are reflected in panic attacks, because of which he has the help of the therapist Dr. Jennifer Melfi avails itself.

Carmela Soprano (née DeAngelis)

Edie Falco plays the role of Carmela Soprano
is Tony's longtime wife, housewife and mother. She knows what her husband is doing, but is never specifically informed. She is a devout Catholic , rather traditional and thoroughly romantic. Even so, she knows about Tony's extramarital love affairs and tolerates them. Her character changes in the course of the series to a self-determined personality, at times she separates from Tony.

Meadow Soprano

is the daughter of Tony and Carmela. The relationship with her parents is split: on the one hand, she loves and respects them, on the other hand, she cannot cope with the traditional lifestyle. She knows what her father is doing and first of all judges him for it. Meadow himself wanted to make a career and began studying in New York City. At the time, she was briefly dating Jackie Aprile Jr., who was later shot dead. Later she volunteered to give legal advice to the needy, but still vacillates between a doctor and a lawyer when it comes to her career choice. Towards the end of the series, she starts a relationship with Patrick, Patsy Parisi's son. There are signs that she has accepted the Mafia and that she no longer blames her parents morally.

Anthony Soprano Jr. ("AJ")

is the only son of Tony and Carmela. Anthony is not a good student, cannot be motivated, is listless and lazy. Leaving college early, not doing any professional training and instead enjoying New York partying with friends. Tony believes his son is out of the mafia career, but tries to raise him to be a man anyway. He later enters into a relationship with the older Latina Blanca Selgado, but after she has separated from him, he falls into a deep psychological hole and becomes depressed. This crisis culminates in a suicide attempt . Tony rescues him.

Janice Soprano, later Baccalieri ("Parvati")

is Tony's older sister, who left home early after arguments with her parents. At the beginning of the series, she returns to New Jersey and has esoteric tendencies ( "Parvati" ). Janice often turns out to be greedy, scheming and calculating, with a penchant for theatrics. She has several relationships with Mafiosi: A short engagement period with Richie Aprile ends unhappily when she shoots him after an argument. Tony gets rid of the body. She also has a brief love affair with Ralph Cifaretto. She later marries the widowed Bobby Baccalieri, becomes the stepmother of his children and has a daughter with him, Nica. Through her relationship to Tony, she hopes for professional opportunities for her husband and urges him to be more ambitious. At the end of the series, Bobby is shot by the Leotardo crew and Janice remains a widow.

Livia Soprano

is Tony's mother and always a reason for Tony's panic attacks . At first she steadfastly refuses to go to an old people's home, but is finally persuaded by Tony. She has a good relationship with Corrado Soprano and always manages to convince him of Tony's alleged weakness. They and their behavior are a regular feature of Tony's sessions with the psychiatrist . Even after her death, it is a constant topic. The background to the early departure from the series was the death of the actress in 2000.

Corrado Soprano Jr. ("Uncle Junior", "Junior")

is the older brother of Tony's father, Johnny Boy. He's an old-school Mafioso who complains about modern times. After the death of his brother, he took care of his nephew and helped him to his career in the DiMeo family. After Jackie Aprile's death from cancer, he takes over the management of the family and becomes the new boss. Tony lets him go first, especially since he himself has the business under control and in charge behind the scenes. When Junior is indicted and placed under house arrest in a lengthy process, Tony takes over his duties entirely and also becomes nominally the boss of the family. As the series progresses, Junior becomes mentally decrepit and due to his condition is admitted to a psychiatric ward.

Dr. Jennifer Melfi

is Tony Soprano's psychiatrist. From the second season onwards, a normal transmission develops into an increasingly difficult relationship between her and her patient.

Christopher Moltisanti

is Tony Soprano's second cousin and rises from simple soldier to capo in the course of the series. His father, Dickie Moltisanti, was a kind of mentor for Tony during his lifetime, which is why Tony took on the young Christopher after Dickie's death and a father-son relationship developed between the two. At the beginning of the series, Christopher complains that despite his loyalty and efforts, he is not being "promoted". But then he quickly rises up in the family hierarchy to capo, which he owes in no small part to Tony's generosity. Tony puts his full trust in Chris and builds him up to his successor, but Chris repeatedly makes mistakes that cause problems for his boss. In particular, his heroin addiction , which he combats with varying degrees of success, creates increasing tension with Tony and his fiancée Adriana. He reveals this when she confesses to working for the FBI and marries Kelli Lombardo after her murder, although his heart is still attached to Adriana. He later made the mafia film "Cleaver" and hopes for a big breakthrough as a screenwriter. When Christopher caused a car accident with Tony as a result of his drug addiction, Tony had enough and suffocated him.

Salvatore Bonpensiero ("Big Pussy")

is a close friend of Tony and a well-respected member of the DiMeo family. Big Pussy owns an auto repair shop and does most of its business there. Because he is arrested in a drug deal, he faces 30 years in prison. He then works as an informant for the FBI.
After Tony has a dream that Pussy is a traitor, he secretly searches his house. When he finds bugs , he confronts Pussy on a "spontaneous" excursion on a yacht. Pussy admits. Tony, Paulie and Silvio shoot him and his body is sunk in the sea. Occasionally he reappears in Tony's dreams.

Silvio Manfred Dante ("Sil")

is Tony's consigliere and right-hand man. The two have known each other for a long time and were once taken into the family together. Silvio is the owner of the “Bada-Bing” strip club, a popular meeting place for the crew, whose back rooms he and Tony also use as an office. During the whole series there is hardly any potential for conflict with Tony, Sil is always a loyal and reliable advisor to his boss. When Tony is in a coma , he temporarily takes over the management of the business, but cannot cope with the pressure. He is married to Gabriella Dante and has a daughter Heather with her. In the penultimate episode of the series, Sil is shot by the Leotardo crew and falls into a coma, his fate remains unclear.

Peter Paul Gualtieri ("Paulie Walnuts")

is a long-standing and widely respected member of the DiMeo family. The die-hard bachelor was once the bodyguard of Tony's father and becomes a capo himself as the series progresses. He has known Tony since he was a child. Paulie's temperament often leads him to rash actions, which can sometimes lead to big problems for the family. He admires and adores Tony as a boss, but puts his patience to the test with his sometimes quirky manner. Paulie intrigues against Ralph Cifaretto and, after a disappointment with Johnny Sack, once announced that he could well imagine taking over the family (which includes Tony's removal). The tense relationship with Christopher Moltisanti runs through the series and towards the end this dispute escalates, but comes to an end when Tony murders Christopher for other reasons.

Richie Aprile

is Jackie Aprile's brother and is released from prison at the beginning of season two. Richie is a gangster of the old sort and stuck to the omertà , which meant he had to serve several years in prison. After his release, he wants to get back into business immediately and asks the family to give him his "piece of the pie". However, this has already distributed all the benefices and is rather hostile to him. Richie cannot develop a good relationship with Tony, which does not improve after his engagement to Janice Soprano. There are also friction points with Christopher Moltisanti, although he is in a relationship with his niece Adriana La Cerva. Soon Richie is even thinking about eliminating Tony. After a violent argument with Janice, in the course of which he beats her, he is shot by her. Tony removes his body and tells the family that Richie has gone into hiding in the witness protection program.

Bobby Baccalieri ("Bacala")

is a member of Junior Soprano's crew and his adjutant. The overweight Bacala is at first rather shy and reserved, a rather atypical Mafioso. During Tony's power struggle with his uncle, Tony sees him as an opponent. After Junior Soprano has gradually lost his power, the relationship with Tony improves. Bacala is a family man who loves his wife and both children. After his wife Karen died in an accident, he married Janice Soprano and became Tony's brother-in-law. Janice hopes the marriage will give her husband a professional advancement, who will later become the DiMeos capo and later reigning underboss. He is shot dead as a result of the war with the Leotardo crew. Butch later assures Tony that he will pay compensation for Bobby's shooting.

Adriana La Cerva

is the longtime friend and later fiancé of Christopher Moltisanti. She is Richie Apriles niece. Adriana is the dream of every mafioso: She looks very good, doesn't ask any questions and can be kept happy with luxury gifts, she loves her fiancé idolatrously and even stands by him despite his violent outbursts and drug addiction. In the course of the series, she opens a club in which the crew increasingly meets. The FBI smuggled an undercover agent into Adriana's vicinity and forced her to gather information against Tony Soprano. When she confesses to Christopher that she works for the FBI, he betrays her to Tony. Adriana is murdered by Silvio Dante and her body disappears.

Minor characters

Furio Giunta
is an Italian gangster who works for Tony Soprano. He is valued by Tony for his toughness. When Furio and Carmela fall in love, Furio flees the USA in order not to endanger his and Carmela's life. He is played in 32 episodes (2000-2004) by Federico Castelluccio .
Artie Bucco
is the owner of a restaurant and childhood friend of Tony Soprano. He's not involved in mafia business. His stupidity often brings him into life-threatening situations, from which Tony helps him out again and again. He is played in 39 episodes (1999-2007) by John Ventimiglia .
Ralph Cifaretto
is a clever and excellent earner in the DiMeo family, but is also prone to sudden outbreaks of violence, mostly for no reason and at the most inopportune times. He is briefly in a relationship with Rosalie Aprile, but leaves her because of Janice. This relationship also ends suddenly. He is murdered by Tony following an argument over Ralph's horse Pie-O-My and eliminated by Tony and Christopher. He is played in 25 episodes (2000-2004) by Joe Pantoliano .
Eugene Pontecorvo
His assignments include running a poker game, a sports betting office and a "no work" job at the Esplanade construction site. Together with Christopher, he is made a member of the Mafia. He plays a rather subordinate role in the series. When he inherits a lot of money and wants to get out of Mafia life, Tony forbids him to do so. He hangs himself out of desperation. He is played in 26 episodes (2001-2006) by Robert Funaro .
Charmaine Bucco
is the wife of Artie Bucco and a childhood friend of Carmela and Tony Soprano. She used to have an affair with Tony. She has an unhappy marriage to Artie. She is played in 20 episodes (1999–2007) by Kathrine Narducci .
John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni
was the long-time underboss and later head of the powerful Lupertazzi family from Brooklyn. The relationship with Tony is ambivalent: on the one hand, they both like and respect each other, on the other hand, business often stands in their way, which both try ruthlessly to achieve. Meanwhile, Tony and Carmine debate the murder of John, but call it off at the last minute. Shortly after his appointment as Don, he dies of lung cancer in the prison hospital, which leaves a power vacuum in the family. He is played in 24 episodes (1999-2007) by Vincent Curatola .
Tony Blundetto
is the cousin of Tony Soprano, who is released from prison at the beginning of the fifth season of the series. Tony Blundetto initially appears as a calm soul who no longer wants to have anything to do with crime and wants to build a normal life. When these plans are unsuccessful, Tony enables Soprano, who loves him like a brother, to get back into the lucrative underworld business. Christopher sees him as a competitor and hates him. After Blundetto murders Phil Leotardo's brother and Tony Soprano is pressured by Leotardo, Soprano shoots him with a shotgun. Blundetto later reappears in Tony's dreams. He is played in 16 episodes (2002-2006) by Steve Buscemi .
Phil Leotardo
was originally a captain in the Lupertazzi family, and was serving a long prison term. After the death of the original boss, Carmine Lupertazzi Senior, the imprisonment and death of his successor, Johnny Sacramoni, and a brief power struggle with would-be boss Faustino "Doc" Santoro, Phil became the boss of the family. After murdering Phil Leotardo's brother, Blundetto feels hatred and contempt for the Soprano family. Phil does not accept Tony as an equal Don and starts a war against his gang towards the end of the series. With the help of an FBI agent, Tony learns Phil's whereabouts and has him killed. He is played in 31 episodes (2004-2007) by Frank Vincent .
Patsy Parisi
is the accountant of the soprano crew. He is played in 47 episodes (2000-2007) by Dan Grimaldi . Tony had his twin brother murdered. Until the end of the series, it doesn't become clear whether Patsy knows the truth about this murder. At the end of the series, Meadow begins a relationship with his son.
Vito Spatafore
is a married mafia member who hides his homosexuality . In the later episodes warring mafia members become aware of homosexuality and Vito Spatafore is ostracized by the family and killed by Leotardo. His son then falls into a deep depression. He is played in 41 episodes (1999-2006) by Joseph R. Gannascoli .
Angie Bonpensiero
is the last wife of Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero. After murdering her husband, Tony takes care of her financially. It is played in 12 episodes (2000-2006) by Toni Kalem .
Carmine Lupertazzi
is the boss of the Lupertazzi Family, one of the Five New York Families. His businesses are closely linked to those of the DiMeo family. He is a level-headed Don of the old school: diplomatic and mediating, but also dogged, and always striving to expand power. In the meantime he is considering having both Tony and his own subordinate Johnny "Sack" eliminated. After his death, he leaves a power vacuum. He is played by Tony Lip between the third season (from episode 3) and the fifth season (up to episode 11) .
Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr.
is a capo and the son of Carmine Lupertazzi. His weak leadership after the death of his father leads to a bloody power struggle within the family. He is played in 17 episodes (2002-2007) by Ray Abruzzo .
Rosalie Aprile
is the widow of Jackie Aprile, Sr. and the mother of Jackie Jr. and Kelli. She is good friends with Carmela Soprano and Gabriella Dante. She was briefly with Ralph Cifaretto. She is played in 38 episodes (1999-2007) by Sharon Angela .
Butch DeConcini
is a senior member of the Lupertazzi family. He first appears as a capo and is later promoted to underboss. To end the war against the Soprano family towards the end of the series, he betrays Leotardo to the Sopranos. There are some indications that he will become the new boss of the family. He is played in 9 episodes (2006-2007) by Greg Antonacci .
Benny Fazio
is an ally of Christopher Moltisanti. First he worked with Christopher under Paulie Gualtieri for the soprano family. When Christopher is promoted, Benny works for him again. He is played in 29 episodes (2001-2007) by Max Casella .
"Little" Paulie Germani
he is initially believed to be the nephew and right-hand man of Paulie Gualtieri. It later emerges that he is actually a first cousin. He is played in 25 episodes (2001-2007) by Carl Capotorto .
Carlo Gervasi
is a former capo of the soprano family. At the end of the series it turns out that he will become an FBI informant because the FBI is preparing an indictment against his son. He is played in 29 episodes (2002-2007) by Arthur J. Nascarella .
Gabriella Dante
is the wife of the long-time soprano family member Consigliere Silvio "Sil" Manfred Dante. It is played in 28 episodes (2000-2007) by Maureen Van Zandt .

Recurring characters

The series also features the following recurring characters:

Role name actor Voice actor Season
Herman "Hesh" Rabkin Jerry Adler Lothar Grützner 1-6
Dick Barone Joe Lisi 1
Father Phil Intintola Paul Schulze Robin Brosch 1, 3-6
Detective Vin Makazian John Heard Andreas von der Meden 1, 5
Agent Dwight Harris Matt Servitto Erik Schäffler 1-6
Hugh DeAngelis Tom Aldredge Wolf Rahtjen 1-6
Mary DeAngelis Suzanne Shepherd Ursula Vogel 1-6
Dr. Elliot Kupferberg Peter Bogdanovich Volkert Kraft 2-6
Jackie Aprile, Jr. Jason Cerbone Sascha Draeger 2-3
Gloria Trillo Annabella Sciorra Eva Kryll 3-5
Feech La Manna Robert Loggia 5
Kelli Lombardo Moltisanti Cara Buono 6th


The German dubbing was based on a dialogue book by Jürgen Neu under his dialogue direction on behalf of Studio Hamburg Synchron in Hamburg .

Role name actor Voice actor Main role
Supporting role
Anthony "Tony" soprano James Gandolfini Eberhard Haar 1-6
Carmela Soprano Edie Falco Katja Brugger 1-6
Dr. Jennifer Melfi Lorraine Bracco Cornelia Meinhardt 1-6
Christopher Moltisanti Michael Imperioli Konstantin Graudus 1-6
Corrado "Uncle Junior" soprano Dominic Chianese Hans Sievers 1-6
Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero Vincent Pastore Klaus Dittmann 1-2
Silvio "Sil" Manfred Dante Steven Van Zandt Gerhard Marcel 1-6
Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri Tony Sirico Peter Weis 1-6
Anthony "AJ" Soprano Jr. Robert Iler Philipp Kruger 1-6
Meadow Soprano Jamie-Lynn Sigler Eva Michaelis 1-6
Adriana La Cerva Drea de Matteo Kerstin Draeger 1-5
Richie Aprile David Proval Eberhard Prüter 2, 5
Janice "Parvati" soprano Aida Turturro Marion Breckwoldt 2-6
Livia Soprano Nancy Marchand Marianne Kehlau 1-3
Furio Giunta Federico Castelluccio Emilio Castoldi 2-4
Arthur "Artie" Bucco John Ventimiglia Stephan Benson 1-6
Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri Steve Schirripa Jürgen Holdorf 2-6
Ralph Cifaretto Joe Pantoliano Lutz Mackensy 2-5
Eugene Pontecorvo Robert Funaro 3-6
Charmaine Bucco Kathrine Narducci Sabine Falkenberg 1-6
John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni Vincent Curatola Rüdiger Schulzki 1-6
Tony Blundetto Steve Buscemi Bernd Schramm
Gerhart Hinze
Phil Leotardo Frank Vincent Horst boards 5-6
Patsy Parisi Dan Grimaldi Volker Bogdan 2-6
Vito Spatafore Joseph R. Gannascoli 2-6
Angie Bonpensiero Toni Kalem Micaëla Kreißler 2-6
Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr. Ray Abruzzo Robert Missler 4-6
Rosalie Aprile Sharon Angela Brita Subklew 1-6
Butch DeConcini Greg Antonacci 6th
Benny Fazio Max Casella Nicolas King 3-6
"Little" Paulie Germani Carl Capotorto Martin Klempnowr 3-6
Carlo Gervasi Arthur J. Nascarella 4-6
Gabriella Dante Maureen Van Zandt 2-6


  • The series and its actors have received, among other things, 21 Emmy Awards, five Golden Globes and numerous other prizes. It was also the first cable series to win an Emmy for Best Drama Series. A detailed list can be found under Awards in the IMDb .
  • 2010: Video Champion in the TV International category for the DVD gift box

Episode overview


Seasons 1 and 2 appeared on DVD on April 15, 2005 in Germany , followed by seasons 3 and 4 on September 16, 2005. Season 5 was released on February 24, 2006. The first part of season 6 was released on May 1, 2008, the second part on May 16, 2008. Also on May 16, 2008, The Sopranos - The Ultimate Mafia Box , all seasons of the series and a poster with the picture of the cover of Season 5 includes. In contrast to the single edition (which was published in 4: 3 format), this edition contains a new edition of the first season in 16: 9 format, with English 5.1 sound and extras. On November 20, 2009, a version of the complete edition was also released in a gift box, which contains two bonus DVDs in addition to all seasons. On December 4, 2009, the first season was released on Blu-ray Disc . The complete series was released on Blu-ray Disc on October 23, 2014.


The "real Sopranos"

The fictional DiMeo family from the Sopranos is inspired by some aspects of the Italian-American Cosa Nostra family called DeCavalcante , which is headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey . The Soprano family has some parallels to the DeCavalcantes:

  • John "Johnny Boy" D'Amato z. B., like the fictional DiMeo captain Vito Spatafore, was murdered for homosexual acts.
  • The fictional Giacomo "Jackie" Aprile, Sr. has the same first name and partly the same nickname as Giacomo "Jake" Amari . He is also the acting boss , dies of stomach cancer, and his death leaves a power vacuum between rival factions within the family.
  • Vincent "Vinny Ocean" Palermo has some parallels to Tony Soprano; such a strip club of his own, based on his own property, and he was promoted from captain to acting boss.


In September of 2020 by appear Alan Taylor staged Sopranos - prequel film called The Many Saints of Newark , based on a script by Sopranos -creator David Chase and Lawrence Konner . The film tells a history of the series and is set in the 1960s.


  • The Sopranos find a mention in The Simpsons (season 12, episode 10) when Chief Wiggum asks at the end if the prison inmates are really that into the series.
  • In a Simpsons episode (season 18, episode 14), The Sopranos is parodied with the relationship between Bart and his psychologist.
  • In the opening sequence of a Simpsons episode (season 19, episode 16), the Sopranos episode Kennedy and Heidi (season 6, episode 18) is parodied when Homer kills his father.
  • In a Simpsons episode (season 20, episode 10), The Sopranos is parodied by the fact that the mafiosi drive their cars and the theme music of the series is played.
  • The opening sequence of the Sopranos is ironically parodied in the series Lilyhammer (season 2, episode 8), and the series is also mentioned in a phone call between Frank Tagliano (played by soprano actor Steven Van Zandt ) and a friend.


In April 2020, Sopranos stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa will publish the official Sopranos - Talking Sopranos podcast , which contains various inside information, stories behind the scenes and little-known facts for each episode of the series and interviews with other actors, producers, Includes authors and other guests.



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