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Military schools are educational establishments that aim to provide preliminary training for professional soldiers (pre-schools) and further training for military personnel in their profession (vocational and technical schools). NCOs and officers in particular receive further training .

Examples of modern-type military schools can be found in the article Military Academy .

Military schools used to be divided into three categories:

  1. Preschools: They trained the young (and in some cases also child) schoolchildren to enter a military career.
  2. Vocational schools: They enabled the students who already belonged to the military to enter the lower military career either as NCOs or as officers in the higher military career.
  3. Technical schools: They aimed to train NCOs and officers in certain branches of their profession.

The schools mentioned under 3 were either special schools for certain technical special facilities or for the higher overall education of officers who were in preferred positions, e.g. B. at the General Staff , should serve. That is why these schools were also called General Staff Schools .

However, the boundaries between the schools mentioned were not always sharply drawn.


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