Military Equestrian Institute

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The Military Riding Institute was an institute for the theoretical and practical training of officers and non-commissioned officers of the cavalry and of officers of the field artillery as riding instructors for the troops.

After the wars of liberation from 1813 to 1815, a teaching cadron was set up in Berlin , which was run by a military riding school in Schwedt a. O. was replaced. This was moved to Hanover in 1867 . The Royal Prussian Military Riding Institute in Hanover consisted of an officer riding school and a cavalry non-commissioned school.

The Royal Bavarian Equitation Institute in Munich and the Royal Saxon Military Equitation Institute in Dresden also served the same purposes in the imperial army .

Its successor was the Reichswehr Cavalry School in 1920 , which in turn was followed by the Army Riding School in 1935 .

Austria-Hungary had the Military Riding Instructor Institute in Vienna , the Military Riding and Driving Instructor Institute at Schloss Hof in Engelhartstetten in Lower Austria and the Landwehr Central Cavalry School in Budapest .

In Italy there was the cavalry school in Pinerolo , in France the cavalry school in Saumur ( Cadre Noir ) and in Russia the officer cavalry school in St. Petersburg.


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