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Alexander Nikolaus "Sascha" Draeger (born April 26, 1967 in West Berlin ) is a German voice actor , radio play speaker and actor .


In 1967 Sascha Draeger was born as the son of the actor Wolfgang Draeger . In 1980 he moved to Hamburg with his family . Through his father, who is also a voice actor, the young Sascha came into contact with the medium of film at an early age.

In 1980 he got his first dubbing role as Matt on the series Matt and Jenny . In 1981 he had his first television appearance as Helmut in the ZDF three-part series Das Dorf and in the same year he had his first appearances as a radio play speaker for the Europa label . Among other things, he got the role of Tim (formerly Tarzan ) in the series TKKG , which he still speaks today. In the “competing” radio play series The Three Question Marks , Sascha Draeger spoke in the episodes The Double (28) , The Automarder (40) and The Stolen Price (44) . He also spoke the role of Benny Buff from the radio play series Scotland Yard .

In the 1980s, he had several minor television appearances, but focused increasingly on the area as synchronous and radio speaker after 1986 initially be High School made and then his community service ableistete.

From 1988 he lent the role of Ted Capwell from the California Clan (US title: Santa Barbara) in a soap his German voice.

You could hear him more and more often in television series in the 1990s. He was the German voice of Superman Dean Cain in the series Superman - The Adventures of Lois & Clark , David Chokachi in Baywatch , Ricky Schroder in NYPD Blue or Seth Peterson in Providence . He also lent his voice to Genzo Wakabayashi from the series The Great Soccer Stars and Dipsy from the Teletubbies . In Winnetoons he spoke the role of Winnetou , in Brock's modern life that of Brock and the role of Captain Planet in the cartoon series of the same name and Jake in the cartoon series and the radio plays of the Ghostbusters .

Sascha Draeger can also be heard in computer games, for example in Sherlock Holmes : The Secret of the Silver Earring , Need for Speed: Underground or Runaway: A Road Adventure . In Neverwinter Nights 2 (2006) several people, including Daeghun, are spoken of by him. He also synchronized the male characters created by the player in the mission video sequences in all parts of the online role-playing game Guild Wars , as well as one of the main characters, Logan, in the sequel to Guild Wars 2 .

In the Sat.1 series Best of Talk he spoke the cynical comments between the broadcast excerpts, in the doctor series Dr. House various supporting roles as well as in the sitcom Hinterm Sofa at the front . In addition, Draeger was the voice of the 1 & 1 TV commercials.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1981: the village
  • 1983: The woman is herself
  • 1985: Limitless sky blue
  • 1991: Großstadtrevier (TV series, episode The Black Sheep )
  • 2007: A house by the lake
  • 2008: the thing

Speaking roles (excerpt)


Radio plays

  • 1981: HG Francis Neon horror series, episode 13: "The monster on the bloody trail" as Martin
  • since 1981: TKKG as Peter Timotheus "Tim" / "Tarzan" Carsten
  • 1981: Five friends (episode 11: Five friends get into trouble ), as Hardy / Martin Sichel
  • 1981: Die Funk-Füchse Episode 3: The hashish gang is exposed (as Heino Kugler ) and Episode 11: Fight with the red lightning (as red lightning )
  • 1982: Enid Blyton: Secret on the Elderberry Trail as Dietrich "Dicki" Ingbert Carl Kronstein
  • 1982: Edgar Wallace (Maritime) as Nick
  • 1983–1987: Tom & Locke as Engelbert "Tom" Conradi
  • 1984: It was written by Edgar Wallace - 4 episodes as William "Billy the Kid" Hickstead
  • 1986–1989: Scotland Yard as Benny Buff
  • 1988: The three ??? (Episode 28: ... and the doppelganger, episode 40: ... and the car marten , episode 44: ... and the stolen price )
  • 1988: The clique from the riding stables as Markus
  • 1990: LEGO Piraten ( published again in 2004 under the name Piraten der Meere ) as Boatswain Willy
  • 2007: The holiday gang and the unbearable smugglers as Bernd's father .
  • 2009: The Satchmo Trilogy (Part 1 & 2), as Sed
  • 2019: The horror series episode 1: "Hen party - night of horror" as Anton
  • 2020: The yoga teacher of Olli Schulz and Jan Böhmermann as Richard 'Richy' Wehlers

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