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Jan Böhmermann (born February 23, 1981 in Bremen ) is a German satirist , television, radio and podcast presenter , author , film producer , musician and journalist .

Both the Böhmermann affair and Yanis Varoufakis' stinky fingers achieved international fame in Neo Magazin Royale .

life and career

Jan Böhmermann was born the son of a police officer in the Bremen district of Gröpelingen and grew up in the Vegesack district . His mother's family, who belonged to the German minority in Poland , emigrated to Germany in the early 1970s. The father died of leukemia when Böhmermann was 17 years old. Jan Böhmermann keeps a low profile about his private life. He is the father of several children and was a lay judge at the Cologne District Court .

He gained his first journalistic experience in 1997 with Die Norddeutsche , a local edition of the Bremen daily newspaper . In 1999 he started as a presenter and reporter at Radio Bremen . He applied to three drama schools, all of which rejected him, and a fourth time with success at the drama school in Hanover , where he did not start. He also broke off his studies in history , sociology and theater, film and television studies at the University of Cologne .

In 2004 he switched to 1 Live on WDR as a presenter and comedian . There he invented the column "Lukas' diary", a parody of the Cologne professional footballer Lukas Podolski . Podolski, on the other hand, sued unsuccessfully and rejected requests for interviews from ARD at the 2006 World Cup . For the European Football Championship in 2008 , Böhmermann started the podcast “Pod-Olski - Lukas's EM podcast”, which made it to the top of the iTunes podcast charts. In the follow-up series "Lukas' WG", Böhmermann relocated his main character to a shared apartment with the mascot of 1. FC Cologne, the billy goat Hennes .

In 2007 WDR television broadcast Böhmermann's six-part comedy show "Echt Böhmermann". In January 2009, Böhmermann founded the “First Turkish Carnival Association in Germany (1. TKVD)” as part of a satirical campaign for the RTL program TV-Helden . This action inspired a group of Turkish carnivalists from Dortmund to found a real first Turkish carnival club. The program "TV-Helden" was awarded the German Television Prize 2009 in the category "Best Comedy Show" . In the same year Böhmermann's first book was published with the title “Alles, alles über Deutschland - Halbwissen Kompakt”. From 2009 Böhmermann was a member of the ensemble of Harald Schmidt's broadcast in the first ARD program. The satire and entertainment program “The very big Jan Böhmermann Radioschau” ran monthly on the 1 Live radio station until 2011.

Jan Böhmermann at the Youth Media Days 2011 in Stuttgart

In 2010, Böhmermann joined Lateline and wrote the column “God asks, Böhmermann answers” for the youth edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung . Until April 2011 he presented “Beeck & Böhmermann” on 1 Live together with Simon Beeck .

From January 2011, Böhmermann was on tour with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf for a few weeks with the satirical improvisation cabaret show Two old hands tell of earlier times in Germany. With Heufer-Umlauf, Böhmermann presented a bi-weekly program on Radio Eins from November 2011 to September 2012 under the same title. Since Heufer-Umlauf's departure, he has hosted the show with songwriter Olli Schulz . First under the new title Joko and Klaas with Olli and Jan , then under the title Gentle & Careful . From March 2013 Schulz and Böhmermann went on the air weekly. Since May 2014, Soft & Careful has been broadcast on Sundays in addition to Radio Eins from five other radio stations ( Bremen Vier , Dasding , N-Joy , Puls and You FM ). In April 2016, Böhmermann announced that the show would not be continued. He rejected a connection with the Böhmermann-Erdogan affair .

From September 2011 until the show was canceled, Böhmermann was part of the Harald Schmidt Show team on Sat1. In 2019, Harald Schmidt said of Böhmermann: “I knew early on that Böhmermann would never make it as a moderator. But I also knew that it would go very far as a riot box. "

The talk show Roche & Böhmermann (together with Charlotte Roche ) was first broadcast on March 4, 2012 on ZDFkultur . After two seasons, the last edition was shown in October 2012. In January 2013, ZDF announced that there would be no continuation of the program due to disagreements between the parties involved.

In November and December 2012 he went on tour with the Lateline through the cities of Bremen , Frankfurt , Baden-Baden , Magdeburg and Hanover . The programs were broadcast live in EinsPlus . From April 2013 a second season with seven programs ran live from the Weserhaus in Bremen. A third season with five other programs was broadcast from November 2013.

Together with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf , Böhmermann recorded the radio play Förderschulklassenfahrt , which was continued in 2014 with the title Förderschulklassenfahrt 2 - Fünf Feinde und der Proletenhund .

In October 2013, Das Erste broadcast the program 16 × Germany , in which every German state was given 15-minute contributions. The focus was left to the authors. Böhmermann dedicated himself to his hometown Bremen . With his documentary satire "audience and contributors were swept away", as the media service "kressreport" criticized. A museum expert interviewed by Böhmermann was deceived about the satirical intentions, and the film team put a cannonade of abuse in the mouth of a town hall porter without prior consultation. Böhmermann had completely invented two police officers who allegedly hindered the shooting and an alleged professor, without this being apparent to the audience. The responsible broadcaster, Radio Bremen, defended Böhmermann's film as a mockumentary that “mercilessly uses and oversubscribes the means of documentation”.

From October 2013 to December 2019 he moderated the political-satirical late-night show Neo Magazin on ZDFneo . Like Roche & Böhmermann , it was produced by the bildundtonfabrik . The ZDF shows since February 2015 Friday night to repeat the mission that since the additional name Royale bears.

Jan Böhmermann with his program "Worse than Jan Böhmermann" in Rostock 2014

From March 2014 Böhmermann went on tour in Germany with his stage program Schlimmer als Jan Böhmermann , in which he preserved jokes and clips from his previous broadcasts and publications.

In February 2014, the TV station RTL announced that it would soon be testing a new comedy program with Böhmermann. To the team of the show under the title What if? belong next to Böhmermann Palina Rojinski , Katrin Bauerfeind and Jan Köppen . The pilot film was made in 2012, the first four episodes were recorded in March 2014 in the nobeo studios in Hürth . The first episode was broadcast on August 28, 2014 on RTL . The series was nominated for the German Television Award 2014 in the Comedy category.

Böhmermann was the author of the program The unlikely events in the life of ... , which, like his own program, was produced by the bildundtonfabrik . In the program, a prominent guest will be presented with skits and live performances. On July 20, 2014, the first episode ran on WDR with guest Frank Elstner .

In August 2015, Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz announced in Neo Magazin Royale that they would be producing a new edition of Roche & Böhmermann called Schulz & Böhmermann from 2016 . The programs were broadcast on ZDFneo from January 10, 2016. The texts for introducing the invited guests were written and spoken by Sibylle Berg . Ten more episodes followed in 2017, but Schulz & Böhmermann was discontinued at the end of the year due to insufficient audience numbers.

Since May 15, 2016, Schulz and Böhmermann have been moderating the Fest & Flauschig podcast as a follow-up to their former program Sanft & Sorgvollig on Radio Eins . It is produced for Spotify and was published weekly until early 2020. After the podcast was expanded to twice a week in 2020, Böhmermann and Schulz announced on March 18, 2020 that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, daily for an indefinite period, i.e. H. from Tuesday to Friday and in addition to their regular Sunday podcast, publish a shorter Fest und Fluschig: At Home Podcast. These specials ran from March 26th to April 24th in weekly format. In 2018 it was the world's most-streamed Spotify podcast.

On April 24, 2017, Böhmermann was the first German comedian to appear on the US talk show Late Night .

Böhmermann campaigned for the welfare of refugees in a number of programs and repeatedly criticized European refugee policy. He particularly detests the bans, attempts at criminalization and the threat of criminal prosecution by private sea rescue services. In the case of the arrest of the German captain Claus-Peter Reisch and the seizure of the rescue ship Lifeline in Malta in July 2018 , Böhmermann started a donation campaign and collected around 200,000 euros for a legal aid fund. On the occasion of the arrest of the German sea rescue captain Carola Rackete in Italy at the end of June 2019, Böhmermann and the moderator Klaas Heufer-Umlauf called for donations for her and the Sea-Watch association . Almost a million euros was raised within a few days.

On August 29, 2019, Böhmermann announced in a satirical broadcast that he wanted to become SPD party leader . He joined the party a month later.

In the last broadcast of Neo Magazin Royale on December 14, 2019, Böhmermann announced that he would appear in a broadcast on the ZDF main program from October 2020.

On June 26, 2020 it was announced that Böhmermann and the ZDF subsidiary Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion have founded their own production company called Unterhaltungsfernsehen Ehrenfeld (UFE), which is to produce the new show in autumn.


In August 2014 , Böhmermann tweeted a well-known picture taken by the photographer Martin Langer of the riots in Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1992 without his approval and was therefore warned by the photographer . The picture shows the unemployed Harald Ewert , dressed in the jersey of the German national soccer team with black, red and gold applications and apparently urine-stained sweatpants , who raises his right hand in a Hitler salute. Böhmermann later apologized for having published the photographer's name.

In March 2015, Böhmermann sparked a public, partly political controversy through a satirical contribution when he claimed that a video presented as real by Günther Jauch , on which the then Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis showed the finger , had been manipulated by Böhmermann. For this satirical contribution, Böhmermann was awarded the Grimme Prize in the category entertainment / special - innovation in 2016.

On March 31, 2016, Böhmermann addressed the limits of satire in his satirical late-night show "Neo Magazin Royale" and read a poem about Turkish President Erdoğan , which he titled "Vile criticism". The poem contains various sexually connotated invective and other assertions. Böhmermann explicitly distanced himself several times from the presented text and pointed out that it was only intended to illustrate when ridicule crossed the border of satirical freedom in Germany and could be punishable by law. The poem was the cause of both criminal and civil court proceedings, in particular an investigation by the Mainz public prosecutor against Böhmermann on the basis of suspicion of insulting organs and representatives of foreign countries according to Section 103 of the Criminal Code , which received a lot of media coverage. The prerequisite for the preliminary investigation was authorization from the federal government. Both this authorization and the law itself, which was judged to be out of date, were discussed in the media, which ultimately led to Section 103 being abolished at the beginning of 2018. In May 2018, Böhmermann sued the Federal Republic because Chancellor Angela Merkel and her spokesman had said in 2016 that his poem was “deliberately hurtful”. In April 2019, the Berlin Administrative Court dismissed the lawsuit. The Chancellor's statement is not illegal and does not need to be removed from the Federal Government's website.

On 25 October 2018, media controversy over an anonymous person started in the book against Jew-hatred of Oliver Polak . Polak wrote of a "television presenter" who, together with others, expressed anti-Semitic stereotypes such as disgust at physical contact with Jewish people during a comedic stage appearance . This meant Böhmermann. Like Serdar Somuncu , he stated that the bookkeeping had alluded to a roast that both of them had worked out and rehearsed eight years earlier with Polak; it was about a humorous answer to Thilo Sarrazin's book Germany creates himself off .

In the ORF program Kulturmontag , broadcast on May 6, 2019 , Böhmermann answered the question of how he felt about Thomas Bernhard's statement that the Austrians, as "6.5 million debilitants and madmen", called for a leader figure that the number (accordingly today's population) to "8 million debiles". In addition, he provoked by the statement that an "insurance agent Federal Chancellor" was only 32 years old in Austria. Finally, he called for European unity and solidarity with the news journalist Armin Wolf, who was recently heavily criticized by the then ruling party, the FPÖ . The ORF editorial staff immediately distanced themselves from Böhmermann's provocative statements, which prominent Austrian authors criticized in a joint statement as journalistic “self-censorship”.

In the course of the Ibiza affair in May 2019, which led to the overthrow of the Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache as well as the rupture of the government coalition and the announcement of new elections, speculations arose that Böhmermann could be behind the video recordings, as it was already known before the Videos had publicly alluded to its content. These speculations could not be confirmed; However, a spokesman for Böhmermann and ZDF stated that Böhmermann was aware of the video in advance.

In November 2019, Böhmermann ensured that four confidential reports by Christopher Clark , Wolfram Pyta , Peter Brandt and Stephan Malinowski were published in connection with the Hohenzollern's compensation claims .


Radio moderation


TV presentations


"I have police"

The satirical rap song Ich hab Polizei , which he produced along with a music video on November 26, 2015 as part of Neo Magazin Royale with Score Squad and published under the stage name POL1Z1STENS0HN , met with a wide response in the media and was controversial. The song was in sixth place in GfK Entertainment's download ranking in the first week . In the German single charts it rose to number 10 on December 4th.


Audio books

  • Da Original Shaggä - Biddebaba . Audio CD. G + H Hamburg 2005
  • Jan Böhmermann: Lukas' diary live, the original from the radio - only funnier . Live recording from the Gloria Theater, Cologne, from April 23, 2009. Roof Music, Bochum 2009, ISBN 978-3-941168-15-2 .
  • Jan Böhmermann: Jan Böhmermann reads everything, everything about Germany . Roof Music, Bochum 2009, ISBN 978-3-941168-06-0 (audio book version shortened and read by the author).
  • Jan Böhmermann, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (Ed.): Förderschulklassenfahrt the educationally valuable event radio play . for cool boys & girls! Roof Music, Bochum 2013, ISBN 978-3-86484-029-6 .
  • Jan Böhmermann, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (Ed.): Förderschulklassenfahrt. 2. Five enemies and the proletarian dog . With 20% more jokes! Roof Music, Bochum 2014, ISBN 978-3-86484-075-3 .


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
I have police
  DE 10 04/12/2015 (4 weeks)
  AT 48 12/11/2015 (1 week)
Pale thin boy does his job
  DE 99 02.09.2016 (1 week)
People live dance world
  DE 10 04/07/2017 (3 weeks)
  AT 46 04/21/2017 (1 week)
  • 2015: V for Varoufakis
  • 2015: Who was mom in bed with?
  • 2015: Drunk on Facebook
  • 2015: Baby Got Lye Pastries
  • 2015: I have police (as POL1Z1STENS0HN aka Jan Böhmermann )
  • 2016: Be German!
  • 2016: Pale thinner boy does his job (as POL1Z1STENS0HN aka Jan Böhmermann )
  • 2016: Grab US by the Pussy
  • 2017: Menschen Leben Tanzen Welt (as Jim Pandzko feat. Jan Böhmermann )
  • 2018: Rainer Wendt (you are not a real police officer)
  • 2018: Right comes (KO in KA) (as POL1Z1STENS0HN feat. Justice )
  • 2019: Heart and fist and wink (as POL1Z1STENS0HN aka Jan Böhmermann )
  • 2019: lights on! Light on!


Stage programs

  • 2005: Boombastic Fantastic - a cuddle evening with Da Original Shaggä, Comedy
  • 2007: Lukas' away game, reading
  • 2008: Lukas' away game - 2008/2009 season, reading
  • 2009: Lukas' second leg - 2008/2009 season, reading
  • 2009: Everything, everything about Germany, lecture tour
  • 2009: The big Jan Böhmermann radio show, comedy
  • 2011: Two old hands tell of the past, Comedy (together with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf )
  • 2014: Worse than Jan Böhmermann, cabaret / comedy
  • 2018: TV is so 2017, concert (together with Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld)
  • 2019: Ehrenfeld is everywhere, concert (together with Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld)

executive producer

Guest appearances

  • 2014: Music video Flo Mega - Behind the Burnout
  • 2016: Music Video Beginner - Once Upon a Time
  • 2017: Music video Your friends - but you grew up


Awards and nominations

Böhmermann at the 2018 Romy Awards








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