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On-line 1995 (currently active) (formerly Stern online , now also Stern digital ) is a German-language news portal that was launched in 1995 as an offshoot of the weekly Stern magazine . The offer is operated by GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the publishing house Gruner + Jahr , which in turn belongs to Bertelsmann. is divided into twelve sections, the content of which is created by an independent editorial team .


In 1995 Gruner + Jahr started a number of websites for its traditional media brands, including "Stern online" under the domain This was one of the first professional news portals on the German-speaking World Wide Web .

In the early years was the division assigned to Electronic Media Service (EMS) of Gruner + Jahr. In order to promote the content-related and organizational cooperation between and the Stern, GmbH was finally established in 2000. Bernd Buchholz , later CEO of Gruner + Jahr, took over the management of the company . In 2002, was extensively relaunched , which implemented the uniform external presentation of the Stern brand family.

Under the leadership of editor-in-chief Frank Thomsen , repeatedly relied on grassroots journalism in addition to content for which it was responsible . An example of this is the start of an “eyewitness” platform for the publication of amateur photos and videos in 2006. This was supplemented a year later by “Tausendreporter”, an offer to collect news from a collaborative community .

At the end of the 2000s, tried to achieve a greater reach, for example through virtual advice in the field of health. This course was successfully continued under the leadership of the editor-in-chief Philipp Jessen . In the meantime, the content of Neon , a former sister magazine of the star, has been transferred from to

operator is an offer from GmbH based in Hamburg . The company is a limited liability company established by the articles of association dated June 22, 2000. The purpose of the company includes the "commercial use of electronic media, interactive online media for editorial and advertising purposes, including services for electronic media, as well as all activities associated therewith".

The registered capital of GmbH was 100% of the GmbH Gruner + Jahr acquired. There is a domination and profit transfer agreement between the two. Gruner + Jahr GmbH, in turn, is a subsidiary of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA . Therefore, the annual financial statements of GmbH are also consolidated in the consolidated financial statements of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA.

The management of GmbH have Carina Laudage, Frank assumed Thomsen and Arne Wolter. The management team of the entire brand family around the "Stern" consists of Florian Gless, Anna-Beeke Gretemeier, Carina Laudage and Frank Thomsen. Anna-Beeke Gretemeier and Florian Gless act as editors-in-chief of Stern Magazin and Deputy editors-in-chief of are Laura-Lena Förster, Cordula Schmitz and Isa von Heyl.

description is a “digital reporter magazine” that sees itself as a powerfully visual news site that makes content from all areas of life understandable and understandable. is divided into the sections Panorama, Politics, Culture, Lifestyle, Digital, Economy, Sport, Health, Enjoyment, Travel, Family and Vouchers. Editors , photojournalists , infographics, community experts and project managers take care of the reporting . There is also a large number of freelance authors, for example for columns and comments . covers the news situation primarily with its own content and also with material from agencies . Selected articles from the weekly Stern magazine will also appear on with a delay. For some time now there has been a digital paid subscription called Stern Plus with exclusive content that is new every day.

For some time also offers apps for smartphones and tablets with the operating systems from Apple and Google . In 2009, the application was temporarily blocked by Apple due to erotic content, which sparked a debate about the testing procedures of US companies. occasionally launched additional apps on a special topic, for example for the 2010 World Cup .


With over 90 million visitors per month, is one of the leading news portals in German-speaking countries with a wide range of topics. The mobile website is responsible for two thirds of the visits and thus the determining type of use. The apps are used by around 10% of readers. is marketed by G + J e | MS, which as a partner of the Ad Alliance reaches over 99% of the German population.

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