Detective Rockford - just give us a call

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Television series
German title Detective Rockford - just give us a call
Original title The Rockford Files
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1974 - 1980
length 48 minutes
Episodes 123 in 6 seasons ( list )
genre Crime series
idea Roy Huggins ,
Stephen J. Cannell
music Mike Post ,
Pete Carpenter
First broadcast September 13, 1974 (USA) on NBC
first broadcast
March 11, 1976 on Das Erste

Detective Rockford - a call is enough (Original title: The Rockford Files ) is an American crime series from the 1970s. The main character is the detective Jim Rockford , played by James Garner .


James Scott Rockford, usually Jim for short, spent five years innocent in San Quentin Jail . After his rehabilitation , he settles down as a private detective. He lives on Malibu Beach , 29 Paradise Cove Road, in a trailer that doubles as his office.

His father Rocky , his girlfriend and lawyer Beth and his former inmate Angel often help him solve his cases . His friend, the policeman Dennis Becker, gives him access to police files, who - although always overworked, annoyed and worried about his job - always carries out appropriate "services" for Jim Rockford. Rockford's fee is $ 200 a day plus expenses that his clients often owe him.

As a detective, Jim Rockford is known for his ingenuity, empathy and speech. With the help of a small, mobile printer press, he can quickly put on a business card and thus a suitable camouflage for his activities and thus usually receives the information he needs. He seldom carries his weapon for which he has no license anyway. Rockford keeps this in a coffee can in his kitchen, because coffee protects - as he sometimes jokingly says - the weapon is good against the salty sea air.



The series was officially discontinued due to Garner's health problems while filming the sixth season.

Guest stars

  • Lindsay Wagner pilot film: The Black Widow (Backlash Of The Hunter), first season: The Senator's Accident (Aura Lee, Farewell)
  • James Woods first season: The Parricide (The Kirkoff Case)
  • Linda Evans First Season: Love Drug Death (Claire)
  • Hector Elizondo first season: Riddles about Jennifer (Say Goodbye To Jennifer) S01E19, fifth season: The Murder Order (A Good Clean Bust With Sequel Rights) S05E06
  • Robert Webber Season One: The Senator's Accident (Aura Lee, Farewell)
  • Isaac Hayes second season: The Hammer Of C Block, third season: Erbe sucht (Just Another Polish Wedding)
  • Stefanie Powers second season: A Beautiful Couple (The Real Easy Red Dog)
  • John Saxon Second Season: Good Old Dave (A Portrait Of Elizabeth)
  • Louis Gossett junior second season: Foul in the first play (Foul On The First Play), third season: Heir wanted (Just Another Polish Wedding)
  • Ron Silver Season Two: Three False Birds (The Italian Bird Fiasco)
  • Sharon Gless third season: The Fourth Man
  • Burt Young Season Three: Where's Daddy? (The Family Hour)
  • Conchata Ferrell third season: Under suspicion of murder (Crack Back)
  • Robert Loggia third season: Temporary Millionaire (Drought At Indianhead River)
  • Ned Beatty third season: Des Pudels Kern (Return to the Thirty-Eighth Parallel)
  • Roger E. Mosley third season: Unexpected often comes (Dirty Money, Black Light)
  • Larry Hagman fourth season: The Fig Leaf (Forced Retirement)
  • Tom Selleck fifth season: The White Knight (White On White And Nearly Perfect), sixth season: Too many cooks (Nice Guys Finish Dead)
  • Ed Harris fifth season: The Pitfalls of Career (Kill the Messenger) S05E05
  • Kathryn Harrold fifth season: (Black Mirror: Part 1 + Part 2), sixth season: (Love Is the Word)
  • Barbara Mandrell sixth season: Dream of Happiness (Love Is The Word)
  • Lauren Bacall Season Six: Big Animals, Small Fish (Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs)


The ARD showed from March 11, 1976 24 episodes in random order; from May 1978 a further 33 episodes followed, and from May 1980 another 8 episodes followed. By September 1980, 65 of the 123 episodes had been broadcast. All episodes had been cut from 48 to around 43 minutes.

From March 1995, RTL broadcast 12 full episodes for the first time. Some of them had already been shown shortened by ARD and had received a new dubbed version from RTL. In 1996, another 10 uncut episodes followed, some of which were also already abridged on ARD and have now been re-dubbed. A total of 19 of the 65 ARD episodes (all episodes from the first and second US season) were dubbed twice. The ARD versions of these episodes have not been used since then.

From 1997 the station VOX broadcast 16 new episodes; the remaining 16 episodes were submitted in 1998 to RTL II . With that, all episodes had been broadcast in Germany; 46 episodes only in the shortened ARD version.

Jim Rockford was spoken by Claus Biederstaedt and his father by Manfred Steffen on both ARD and RTL . All other characters received different speakers after the channel change. The ARD episodes were edited in Hamburg; the RTL episodes in Munich.

role actor speaker
Jim Rockford James Garner Claus Biederstaedt
Joseph "Rocky" Rockford Noah Beery Manfred Steffen
Beth Davenport Gretchen Corbett Katrin Miclette (ARD dubbing)
Christina Hoeltel (RTL dubbing)
Evelyn "Angel" Martin Stuart Margolin Gottfried Kramer (ARD dubbing)
Hans-Rainer Müller (RTL dubbing)
Sgt. Dennis Becker Joe Santos Peter Kirchberger (1st – 2nd US season; ARD)
Wolfgang Draeger (from 3rd US season; ARD)
Arnim Andre (RTL dubbing)
Lt. Doug Chapman James Luisi Reiner Brönneke (ARD synchronization)
Reinhard Glemnitz (RTL synchronization)
Lt. Alex Diel Tom Atkins Volker Lechtenbrink (ARD synchronization)
Reinhard Brock (RTL synchronization)


In addition to countless nominations, such as B. for the Golden Globe , the series won a total of four Emmys , including 1977 for Best Actor and 1978 for Best Dramatic Series .

Title music (theme)

The theme music for the series was inspired by the composer Mike Post and Pete Carpenter composed and for several weeks was in the US Top 40 - Charts . Famous was the title sequence of the series, which showed the detective's answering machine in the semi-darkness in close-up , for which his announcement could be heard: “This is Jim Rockford. Please give your name and number, I'll call you back. ”The announcement was followed by the message that the caller had left and which usually contained information that was unpleasant for Rockford. When the series was broadcast in Germany, answering machines were still almost unknown there.

Reunion films (series specials)

Between 1994 and 1999 a total of eight full-length series specials with the original cast were produced. The only thing missing was the seriously ill Noah Beery Jr., who died while the first reunion film was being made.

  • 1994: Detective Rockford - LA - I Love You (The Rockford Files: I Still Love LA)
  • 1995: Detective Rockford - All's well that ends well (The Rockford Files: A Blessing in Disguise)
  • 1996: Detective Rockford - The Rockford Files: If The Frame Fits
  • 1996: Detective Rockford (The Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best)
  • 1996: Detective Rockford (The Rockford Files: Friends and Foul Play)
  • 1996: Detective Rockford - Russian Roulette (The Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime)
  • 1997: Detective Rockford - Detective in the Spotlight (The Rockford Files: Murder and Misdemeanors)
  • 1999: Detective Rockford - Only Blood Sells Well (The Rockford Files: If it Bleeds… It Leads)


  • In the pilot, Robert played Donley Rockford's father. In the German version, however, Manfred Steffen is already speaking.
  • Garner's car in the series was a Pontiac Firebird 400 . The license plate was 853 OKG . That was an idea from Garner's agent. It stood for Oklahoma Garner and August 1953, the beginning of Garner's acting career.
  • Rockford's trailer was parked in a parking lot at Malibu Pier, just off the Pacific Coast Highway, at the beginning of the series. The address given was 2354 Ocean Boulevard, Los Angeles. Later the trailer was parked at Paradise Cove. The address was 29 Paradise Cove Road, Malibu, CA 90265. The Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, which featured frequently on the show, is still there.
  • The 180-degree turn shown in the film over the solid center line of the road with spinning tires is still not missing in almost any cinematic chase today and has entered US usage as the Rockford turn .


In July 2009 it was announced that NBC , Universal Media Studios and Steve Carell's Carousel Television were planning to jointly produce a remake of the series. David Shore , the inventor of Dr. House , was supposed to write the scripts and act as executive producer. The cast announced that Jim Rockford would be played by Dermot Mulroney , his father Joseph "Rocky" Rockford by Beau Bridges and Dennis Becker by Alan Tudyk . In May 2010, NBC decided against the production despite the finished pilot.

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