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Manfred Ludolf Steffen (born June 28, 1916 in Hamburg , † January 22, 2009 in Halstenbek ) was a German actor , radio play speaker and voice actor .


Urn compartment memorial plaque Manfred and Sigrid Steffen, Columbarium Chapel 8 (center)

After graduating from high school, Manfred Steffen took acting lessons from Willy Maertens in Hamburg . This was followed by engagements in Oberhausen , Aachen and Dresden . After the end of the Second World War, he first worked as a newscaster for Radio Hamburg, the later NWDR . From 1947 Steffen was a permanent member of the ensemble at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg and can be seen in over 250 stage roles. From 1997 onwards he played on television for seven years alongside Heinz Reincke in the home stories of the North German Radio . He also made a name for himself as a radio play and voice actor, including for numerous materials by the Swedish children's book author Astrid Lindgren .

In 1980 Manfred Steffen received the honorary award Silver Mask from the members of the Hamburger Volksbühne . In 1987 the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg honored him with the Biermann-Ratjen Medal for his artistic services to the city. In 1990 the radio play Ein Nebulo bist Du by Jens Sparschuh received the renowned radio play award of the war blind , in which Steffen was honored as Immanuel Kant's servant Martin Lampe for his monologue. In the German radio play production, The Lord of the Rings from 1992, he played the role of the magician Gandalf.

Manfred Steffen died in January 2009 at the age of 92 and was buried in the columbarium of Chapel 8 in the Ohlsdorf cemetery . He was born in 1943 with his wife Sigrid. Peters (* 1923) married.


1968 Willy Maertens handed over the Albert-Bozenhard-Ring to Steffen. In 2006 he passed it on to Christoph Bantzer .
In 1992 Steffen received the Pinneberg District Culture Prize .


Radio plays

  • 1952: Allow me, my name is Cox - Murder is punishable (A joker in the fight with the underworld) (as Detective Assistant Collins), with Carl-Heinz Schroth - Director: Hans Gertberg
  • 1954: Under the Milk Forest by Dylan Thomas (as Mr. Pritchard) - Director: Fritz Schröder-Jahn (NWDR Hamburg)
  • 1959: Allow me, my name is Cox - Murder on luggage ticket 3311 (as private detective Thomas Richardson), with Erwin Linder - Director: SO Wagner
  • 1960: Penal decision by Michael Brett - Director: Günter Siebert (RB)
  • 1961: Wolfgang Weyrauch : Totentanz (speaker) - Director: Martin Walser (radio play - BR / NDR)
  • 1967: Pastorale 67 (as Mack), with Horst Bollmann - Director: Fritz Schröder-Jahn
  • 1979: Hello Grandpa, I said softly (as Grandpa Nidetzky) - Book: Elfie Donnelly
  • 1981: The great journey (among other things as a forefather)
  • 1982: The three ??? : Episode 31 - The Scarred Face (as Mr. Hitfield) and Episode 32 - The Ant Man (as Dr. Woolley)
  • 1982: Five Friends : Episode 19 - On the Smuggler Hunt (as Herr Schwarz)
  • 1983: Flash Gordon: Episode 9 - The Beast from Outer Space (as Captain Sloane)
  • 1985: Masters of the Universe (as Webstor the Spider Man)
  • 1985: Lucky Luke series from RCA (as narrator)
  • 1986: The Name of the Rose (as Abbo the Abbot) - Director: Otto Düben
  • 1987: The Three ???: Episode 41 - The People of the Winds (as Pamir)
  • 1988: A sweet voice from Hans Kasper ; Director: Horst Loebe (RB)
  • 1988: Margaret Millar : McCowneys Miracles - Director: Norbert Schaeffer (radio play - NDR)
  • 1988: Pippi loots the Christmas tree and other stories
  • 1989: Look, Madita, it's snowing! (as narrator)
  • 1989: Christmas in Bullerbü and other stories (as narrator)
  • 1989: You are a Nebulo (as Martin Lampe, servant of Immanuel Kant)
  • 1990: Jocotobi company: A dragon and a treasure (as Dr. Felix Dax)
  • 1992: Lotta can ride a bike (as a narrator)
  • 1992: Nils Karlsson Däumling (as narrator)
  • 1992: Junker Nils von Eka (as narrator)
  • 1992: The dragon with the red eyes (as narrator)
  • 1992: Sonnenau (as narrator)
  • 1992: The Lord of the Rings (as Gandalf and Saruman) - Director: Bernd Lau
  • 1994: The birthday present (as an uncle) Director: Hartmut Kirste
  • 1995: Help, the Herdmanns are coming (as narrator)
  • 1996: Treasure Island (as narrator)
  • 1996: Christmas in Bullerbü (as narrator)
  • 1997: The Three ???: Episode 78 - The Empty Grave (as Albert Hitfield)
  • 1998: How good that there are Christmas holidays, said Madita (as narrator)
  • 1999: Cemetery of the cuddly toys
  • 2002: I want to go to school too (by Astrid Lindgren) (as narrator)
  • 2002–2006: Thomas and his friends
  • 2003: The Christmas Secret (as speaker)
  • 2003: The robbers from Liang Schan Moor (as narrator)
  • 2007: Barclay and Felipe (as Felipe)

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