Dr. Crippen is alive

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Original title Dr. Crippen is alive
Dr.  Crippen Lives Logo 001.png
Country of production Federal Republic of Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1958
length 86 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Erich Engels
script Erich Engels
Wolf Neumeister
music Siegfried Franz
camera Albert Benitz
cut Alice Ludwig-Rasch

Dr. Crippen Lives is a German crime film by Erich Engels from 1958. Its content is linked to the plot of the 1942 film Dr. Crippen on board with Rudolf Fernau and René Deltgen , among others , who worked on the real criminal case around the murderer Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen based.


One day after the execution of the murderer Dr. Harvey Crippen, the police find out that the man wasn't Crippen at all, but his assistant. Crippen is alive and has the advantage on his side that nobody knows what he looks like. The police are therefore putting together an international team of investigators under the direction of Commissioner Ferrier in Paris . The Dutch police have sent Commissioner Steen to Paris, and Scotland Yard and Interpol have also been informed.

Ferrier's attention and that of his colleagues are focused on the young medical student Fleur Blanchard. Their parents had been murdered by Crippen because he wanted to get to the secret of a serum against snake venom, which Fleur's father and Crippen had researched. But the information about the serum is still in the records of Fleur's father and the police suspect that Crippen wants to get to the secret through the young woman. Therefore, Fleur Blanchard is now being monitored at every turn. Various people around Fleur are suspected one after the other, which leads to some resentment.

Nevertheless, Crippen almost succeeds in an attack on Fleur, which by chance hits not the girl but her roommate Maja. When Fleur travels to Amsterdam to receive her father's estate, she is accompanied by Inspector Steen for safety. At the last second, he was able to prevent another attempted murder. Steen now wants to accommodate Fleur on a ship in the Amsterdam harbor, the “Kareia”, so that she can be better protected.

Through a chance conversation by Ferrier with the Dutch police headquarters it now turns out that the man acting as Inspector Steen cannot be the real Steen and therefore none other than Dr. Crippen itself has to be. Crippen had eliminated the real Steen and pretended to be a commissioner. Fleur is now in great danger on the “Kareia”. It comes to a showdown on the ship, where ultimately the criminal can be hunted down.


The film was produced in 1957 as a black and white film by Real-Film GmbH (Hamburg) and was first awarded by Europa-Filmverleih GmbH (Hamburg). In 1961 he was also licensed by Progress Film Distribution in the GDR . It was first broadcast on television on October 19, 1963 on ARD .


“Unrealistic, flat tear, with which Erich Engels in vain on the success of his crime film Dr. Crippen on board (1942) speculated. "


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