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Group sex of a woman with two men Variant with a man and two women
Group sex of a woman with two men
Variant with a man and two women

Threesome , just three , threesome or triplet called, is the colloquial name for the practice of sex between three people and thus represents the smallest possible variant of Group represents.


The idea of having sex with two partners at the same time is widespread and is often discussed in literature and film , for example . Sometimes the brisk threesome results from an occasional situation, such as an “exciting evening for three”, often as a one-off adventure , whereby alcohol and other drugs can help reduce inhibitions .

Couples sometimes see this as an extension of their sexual life (see also swingers ), although threesome is especially suitable for really stable partnerships. One of the two partners is often the driving force, while the other is more passive and supportive. Some couples develop a triangular relationship (Ménage à trois).


A threesome can be exercised between two men and one woman ( male-male-female or MMF for short ) or between a man and two women ( male-female-female or MFF ); both as a heterosexual variant (two men have sex with a woman, or two women with a man) and bisexual (the man has sex with a man and a woman, the woman has sex with a man and a woman, or all three have sex mutual sex with each other). As a homosexual variant, threesomes are played by three men or three women together.

A threesome includes all forms of sexual intercourse, both alternately in twos and at the same time in threes in flowing alternations. In addition, there is the desire to watch ( voyeurism ) and to be seen ( exhibitionism ), and the corresponding additional eroticization of the situation.

If two men penetrate a woman at the same time - one man vaginally , the other anally  - one speaks of a double penetration , colloquially also sandwich or double decker . Double penetration is also possible if two men penetrate the vagina at the same time or, more rarely, and often only with prior practice, penetrate the anus of a woman or a man at the same time . Another variant is the penetration of two men at the same time in the pubic region and in the mouth of a woman or a man.


The fantasy of having sex with two partners at the same time is dealt with in many literary works , for example in the novel Nachtfalken by Andreas Kurz and in the debut novel Romāniņš by the Latvian author and sex columnist Dace Rukšāne , which led to a literary scandal in Latvia; as well as in audio books such as Angelica Allure's triangular relationships .

Some artists have repeatedly addressed the brisk threesome in their pictures, such as Daniel Richter , of whom several works with such names are shown in the book Daniel Richter - Hirn . In 2001 the Berlin band Stereo Total released a commercially very successful single "Liebe zu threes ".

More uses of the word

The term threesome is always popular when three people get together and have fun together. A German television series broadcast from 1996 to 2000, in which three students set up a shared apartment in the parents' apartment of one of them, was called " Ein flotter Dreier " . The RTL erotic advisory program with Erika Berger , which began under the title A Chance for Love , was temporarily called a threesome between 1991 and 1992 . The Austrian cabaret troupe Die Männer , which consists of three men, called their third program Threesome in 2006 .

But it is also used in completely different constellations: Joachim Mischke referred to the organizationally difficult premieres of all three operas ( Le nozze di Figaro , Don Giovanni , Così fan tutte ), for which Lorenzo da Ponte the libretto and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart the music wrote as Threesomes. The Warsteiner company presented its standard beer with a reduced-alcohol light beer and an alcohol-free fresh beer on a poster and once titled it with Threesome and the other time with each one . Another company sold a wooden box with three different fires , calling them Mohr-Sederl Threesome . The term is sometimes used in marketing when e.g. B. Bakeries sell three pieces of cake at a special price (volume discount).

As a metaphor , it is sometimes used for the BMW 3-series cars or the M3 .

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