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NZZ Folio
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description Swiss magazine
publishing company NZZ media group
First edition 5th August 1991
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 90,748 (previous year 96,104) copies
( WEMF circulation bulletin 2018)
Widespread edition 90,748 (previous year 96,104) copies
(WEMF circulation bulletin 2018)
Range 0.341 (previous year 0.371) million readers
(WEMF MACH Basic 2018-II)
Editor-in-chief Christina Neuhaus
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NZZ Folio is the monthly supplement to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung . It appears in Zurich in the publishing house of the NZZ media group and is included in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on the first Monday of each month . The magazine sets a thematic focus in each issue, which is supplemented by sections and columns .

NZZ Folio reaches a WEMF - certified circulation of 90'748 (previous year 96'104.) Sold / distributed copies and a range of 341'000 readers (WEMF MACH Basic 2018-II) (previous year 371'000.).



NZZ Folio was designed by Lilli Binzegger. It received approval for this from the board of directors of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung in October 1990. The first issue appeared as No. 8 on August 5, 1991. Binzegger was the magazine's first manager. She was replaced in 1999 by Daniel Weber, previously a film and media editor at the NZZ, but continued to write for the magazine until she retired in 2005.


From the beginning until 2016, the title pages were designed by the artist Max Grüter and photographed by Patrick Rohner. The house cartoonist of the NZZ Folio is Gerhard Glück .

The first redesign took place in 1999. The NZZ-Postreiter disappeared from the title header, and the sans serif Frutiger replaced the classic Sabon as the title font. In 2005 there was a second redesign in which the title page was reduced to the essentials and the title and ticker were changed in content .

From 2012, NZZ Folio appeared in a slightly different layout . A major change in the layout took place on the 25th anniversary on September 1, 2016, and from then on , NZZ Folio appeared in a smaller format and with a revised title.

Title heads :

spelling, orthography

Like the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, NZZ Folio only partially uses the reformed spelling , but follows the classical spelling even more closely than the NZZ and thus largely the recommendations of the Swiss Orthographic Conference (e.g. Stop , tonight ).


From 1991 to 2013 the journalist and language critic Wolf Schneider was a columnist for the NZZ Folio . From 1997 to 1998 the journalist Constantin Seibt wrote the falsified literature column “Fundstücke” in the NZZ Folio, which even scientists were fooled by. From May 1997 to February 2002, Martin Suter wrote the column “Living correctly with Geri Weibel” in the NZZ Folio , which achieved cult status and was published in 2005 by Diogenes as a book.

The August 1993 edition about French-speaking Switzerland was consistently bilingual in German and French. In August 2009, the NZZ Folio “Flight LX 14” was also published in English, and the NZZ Folio “The Just Wages” in April 2018 in French and Italian.

In February 1996, the NZZ Folio website went online on the occasion of the “Networked World” issue .

In January 2005, NZZ Folio published a picture with the torn off head of a Palestinian suicide bomber in the “Bombs” issue and was reprimanded by the Swiss press council for violating human dignity .


Journalists from the NZZ Folio have won dozens of awards, including the Zurich Journalism Prize several times . Selection:

  • 1994 Peter Haffner : Zurich Journalist Award of the Zurich Press Association for "Polski Blues"
  • 1998 Peter Haffner: Zurich Journalism Award of the Zurich Press Association for "Silent days in the ice"
  • 2000 Cornelia Kazis : Egon Erwin Kisch Prize for «Last Days»
  • 2002 Peter Haffner: Prix Media of the Swiss Academy of Sciences for "A completely normal genius"
  • 2002 Ursula von Arx: Zurich Journalist Award of the Zurich Press Association for "The Second Life"
  • 2004 Reto U. Schneider : Prix Media of the Swiss Academy of Sciences for “In the golden cage” about an animal sanctuary for former experimental monkeys
  • 2005 Gerhard Glück : German Caricature Award of the Saxon Newspaper for a cartoon on the subject of "To the point, honey!"
  • 2006 Editor NZZ Folio : Special Price footprint of the initiative proDente for the special issue "At the dentist - a dream in white"
  • 2009 NZZ Folio editors : Hugo Junkers Prize of the Aviation Press Club for "Flight LX 14"
  • 2010 Reto U. Schneider: Arthur Koestler Prize from the German Society for Human Dying for “Bea geht” over the last four years in the life of a young woman
  • 2011 Reto U. Schneider: Journalists' award for computer science from Saarland University for "divining rod with GPS"
  • 2014 Reto U. Schneider: Georg von Holtzbrinck Prize for Science Journalism for "Mars Makes You Immobile" on the effects of long-term weightlessness on the human body, "The rescue of Angelina" on the topic of the genetic cause of breast and ovarian cancer and "Not Kevin", which deals with the question of the psychological effects of a name on its wearer and the environment
  • 2016 Reto U. Schneider: Prize for technical journalism and technical photography Punkt of the German Academy of Technical Sciences Acatech for “The Duel”, which deals with digitization in the self-experiment man versus machine, brain versus artificial intelligence
  • 2018 Barbara Klingbacher: Zurich Journalism Award of the Zurich Press Association for “The Last Course” about her attempt to not only eat an animal, but also to kill it beforehand

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