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Wolf Schneider (2010)

Wolf Dietrich Schneider (born May 7, 1925 in Erfurt ) is a German journalist , non-fiction author and language critic .


Wolf Schneider is a son of the lawyer and politician Bruno Schneider . He grew up in Berlin . After graduating from high school, he did his military service in the Air Force. After the end of the war he first worked as an interpreter for the US Army, then from 1947 for the Münchner Neue Zeitung , a newspaper of the US military government; initially as a volunteer , then as an editor . From 1950 onwards he was a correspondent for the AP news agency for six years , later head of the newsroom and Washington correspondent for the Süddeutsche Zeitung . During this time he worked as a lecturer for the Werner Friedmann Institute (later: German School of Journalism ).

In 1966 Schneider moved to Stern magazine , where he was first on the job and from 1969 head of the publishing house. In 1971 he moved to Axel Springer AG to develop an "anti-mirror". The project was stopped and in 1973 he became editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper Die Welt , then Hamburg. Because Schneider published a critical commentary on the Chilean dictator Pinochet , he aroused Axel Springer's displeasure and was replaced after just over a year. But Schneider stayed with Springer "for special use". In this function, he defended the position of the Axel Springer Verlag with numerous requests to speak when Günter Wallraff presented his book Der Aufmacher on the practices of the Bild newspaper in public events in 1977 .

In 1979 Schneider was appointed director of the newly founded Hamburg School of Journalism (later: Henri-Nannen-Schule ). He was at the head of this training center for journalists until 1995, during which time he contributed to the good reputation of the school and made a name for himself as a language teacher and critic. In 1980, Wolf Schneider climbed the 4505 m high Weisshorn near Zermatt as part of a GEO report .

From 1979 to 1987 and 1991 to 1992 Schneider was one of the presenters on the NDR Talk Show . From May 2009 to 2011 he spoke in the video column Speak Schneider! on sueddeutsche.de regularly on topics of the German language. From 1991 to 2013 he wrote articles and columns for the monthly magazine NZZ Folio of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung .

Schneider lives today with his wife Elisabeth-Charlotte in Starnberg . Both Schneider and his wife were candidates for the FDP in Starnberg in the Bavarian local elections for a seat on the city council in 2020. Both clearly missed entry.

Language critic and language style teacher

From 1995 to 2012, Wolf Schneider held language seminars for press and business and was a trainer at journalism schools. He wrote 28 non-fiction books, including standard works such as Deutsch fürs Leben. What the school forgot to teach , German for connoisseurs. The new style , German for professionals. Paths to Good Style and The New Handbook of Journalism . Since the January 2012 edition, The New Handbook of Journalism has been published under the title The New Handbook of Journalism and Online Journalism (together with Paul-Josef Raue ). Schneider recommends a concise but informative spelling.

Wolf Schneider is one of the critics of the spelling reform . In autumn 2005, together with the chairman of the German Language Association (VDS), Walter Krämer , and Josef Kraus , the then President of the German Teachers' Association, he founded the Lebendiges Deutsch campaign , with which between 2006 and 2010 words were collected that were superfluous, ugly or should replace not generally understandable English words. Schneider also claims that he has a “warlike relationship” to gender language , as it has led to a “ridiculous understanding” of German. It is foolish to associate the natural gender with the grammatical gender.



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“I feel like I've been treated very well by God. It's a nice feeling that I now do exactly what I enjoy doing full-time and what an entire industry is asking for. I've never had as many orders as this year. "

- Wolf Schneider : "I just wanted to slap them all appropriately". (Interview, 2007)


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