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A sexual partner (also: sexual partner ) is a living being ( human or animal ) that enters into a sexual relationship with another living being . The sexual contact can be one or more times. There does not necessarily have to be an affection or love relationship between the individuals involved .

Types of sexual partnerships

The sexuality during a marital union can exclusively with a single ( monogamy ), or with multiple partners simultaneously ( polygamy are lived). It is also possible that one partner is monogamous while the other has other sexual partners. In polyandry ( polyandry ) the latter applies to women and in polygyny (polygamy) to men.

In polyamory (group marriage), sexual intercourse with several partners takes place within the same period of time. If the sexual partners change frequently, this is called promiscuity .

In an open two-way relationship , two people form a civil partnership , but do not require the partner to live monogamous.

Choice of sexual partner

The preference for certain sexual partners is subject to development and is not predetermined per se. Both genetic and social components play a role.

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