Parenthood (TV series)

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Television series
German title Parenthood
Original title Parenthood
Parenthood Logo.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2010-2015
Imagine Entertainment ,
Universal Television
length 43 minutes
Episodes 103 in 6 seasons ( list )
genre Dramedy
Theme music When We Were Young - Lucy Schwartz
idea Jason Katims
production Ron Howard ,
Brian Grazer ,
Dylan Massin
music Jon Honest
First broadcast March 2, 2010 (USA) on NBC
first broadcast
May 14, 2012 on Glitz *

Parenthood is an American dramedy - television series about the extended family Braverman, based on the feature film Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie by Ron Howard from the year 1989. It shows the different ups and downs of being a parent based on Braverman's four adult siblings . The series takes place in the same series universe as the series About a Boy , as Dax Shepard has an appearance as Crosby Braverman in the tenth episode of the second season of About a Boy .

The idea came from screenwriter Jason Katims, inventor of Friday Night Lights , and the series is produced by the production companies Imagine Television and Universal Television . In January 2015, the series ended after six seasons and over 100 episodes. In Germany, the pay TV broadcaster Glitz * started the first broadcast of the first season on May 14, 2012, the free TV premiere was broadcast on September 15, 2012 on the VOX channel.


The focus is on the extended Braverman family, especially the four adult siblings Adam, Sarah, Crosby and Julia with their own children and life partners. The father of the siblings is Zeek Braverman, married to Camille Braverman.

Her oldest son is Adam Braverman, 40 years old and married to Kristina. The two have a teenage daughter named Haddie and their eleven-year-old son Max. When the school suspects Max to have Asperger's syndrome , the otherwise harmonious family life is facing a major test. Shortly afterwards, Adam also has to change his career, as his long-term job in the shoe factory is suddenly quit. Kristina falls ill with cancer; her disease is considered cured after chemotherapy.

Adam's two year younger sister Sarah Braverman has long been divorced from rock musician Seth Hold, whom she once accompanied on his band tour after high school. As a single mother of two teenagers, 16-year-old Amber and 14-year-old Drew, she was only able to work in temporary jobs such as bartending due to a lack of professional training. As her financial problems became too great, she decided to move back in with her parents with her children in order to build a new life in her hometown. She becomes engaged to the teacher Mark Cyr, who breaks the engagement again. Sarah begins a love affair with her boss, a photographer.

Sarah's younger brother Crosby Braverman works as a music producer. In contrast to him, his girlfriend Katie wants children together. When his former girlfriend Jasmine suddenly appears, he gets into a relationship crisis when he learns that he has been a father for five years and does not know how to deal with this new responsibility. With Adam as a business partner, he founds his own recording studio.

The youngest of the siblings is Julia, who is married to Joel Graham. While Julia is busy building her career in her law firm, her husband first has to settle into his new role as househusband, which he has taken on for the sake of his little daughter Sidney. Since another wish to have children remains unfulfilled, the couple adopts ten-year-old Victor.


Zeek and Camille Braverman

  • Zeek Braverman - the head of the family and father of the four siblings Adam, Sarah, Crosby and Julia can often tell of his many professional and life experiences, especially of his time in the Vietnam War.
  • Camille Braverman - Zeek's longtime wife loves to know her children are close by and welcomes her single daughter Sarah with open arms when she returns home. She currently only lives out her artistic streak in gardening.

Adam Braverman's family

  • Adam Braverman - the 40-year-old is happily married to his wife Kristina and has three children, Haddie, Max and Nora. He is a very sociable and reliable person, so his siblings often ask him for advice and help. However, his stable family happiness is shaken when the elementary school teacher of his younger son expresses a suspicion of Asperger's syndrome.
  • Kristina Braverman - Adam's wife is very homely and understanding. Although she is seen as the mainstay of the family, the medical diagnosis of her son Max overwhelms her and she does not want to hear the news.
  • Haddie Braverman - Adam and Kristina's 15-year-old daughter is a good and popular student and plays on the soccer team. When her younger brother's diagnosis messes up family life, she goes to great lengths to maintain the image of a model daughter.
  • Max Braverman - Adam and Kristina's nine-year-old son always seemed to be particularly sensitive and his tantrums caused many problems for his parents. When his disorders are attributed to Asperger's Syndrome , a mild form of autism, individual family members react quite differently to this diagnosis.
  • Nora Braverman - the youngest daughter, who sees the light of day in the third season.

Sarah Braverman's family

  • Sarah Braverman - 38-year-old single mother of two teenagers, Amber and Drew, was forced to move back into her parents' home because of increasing financial problems. Marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Seth Holt, a well-known rock musician, has failed for years because of his excessive lifestyle, but she never found a lucrative job without a college degree. At home in Berkeley, she tries to make a fresh start on a professional as well as a romantic level.
  • Amber Holt - Sarah's 16-year-old daughter is totally against moving because she didn't want to leave her rocker friend. With her unruly and rebellious behavior, she demonstrates to those around her that she does not want to get used to the new life. She is often very tough and tough, but is also very vulnerable inside.
  • Andrew "Drew" Holt - Sarah's 14-year-old son is much calmer and more sensitive than his sister. His reasons against moving are different, he fears that he will have far less contact with his father than usual, but he does not share his worries with anyone.
  • "Baby" Zeek Holt - son of Amber and Ryan, is born in episode 6.12 (We made it through the night).

Family of Crosby Braverman

  • Crosby Braverman - the 32-year-old is self-employed as a music producer, but likes to be pampered by his mother at home. However, his carefree attitude towards life cannot help him when suddenly his ex-girlfriend Jasmine appears with a 5-year-old child and introduces him as Crosby's son.
  • Jasmine Trussell - Braverman - five years ago she had a one night stand with Crosby. Jasmine struggled as a dancer, but when her now 5-year-old son Jabbar really wanted to get to know his birth father, she returns and tells Crosby about his fatherhood. In the season finale of the third season, she marries Crosby.
  • Jabbar Trussell - Jasmine's son is five years old and finally wants to meet his father, Crosby Braverman.
  • Aida Braverman - daughter of Jasmine and Crosby, is born in the 5th season.

Family of Julia Braverman-Graham

  • Julia Braverman-Graham - The 30-year-old working mother has a 5-year-old daughter named Sydney, Joel Graham. Her career as a lawyer is very important to her and her husband supports her by staying home and taking responsibility for the house and children. The changed role distribution also has unforeseen consequences, so Joel is often in contact with other mothers, and Sydney seems to prefer to turn to her father rather than Julia.
  • Joel Graham - he has a five-year-old daughter with his wife Julia. Since he was not as financially successful as his wife as a lawyer as a building contractor, he decided to support his wife's professional career as a houseman. In his new role, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and soon also working with the neighboring mothers.
  • Sydney Graham - Julia and Joel's 5-year-old daughter has a very close relationship with her father. She is a very gifted student.
  • Victor Graham is adopted by Julia and Joel at the age of ten and given their name.
  • Baby Girl Graham - Victor's biological sister, is adopted by Joel and Julia in episode 6.13
  • Baby Boy Graham - the youngest child of the Graham family, seen in a Christmas scene in the season finale.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization was from the synchronous company Interopa film in Berlin carried out under the dialogue director of Boris Tessmann and Heike Kospach. Tessmann also wrote the dialogue books alongside Jörg and Dirk Hartung.

main actor

actor Role name Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Peter Krause Adam Braverman 1-6 Charles Rettinghaus
Lauren Graham Sarah Braverman 1-6 Melanie Pukass
Dax Shepard Crosby Braverman 1-6 Markus Pfeiffer
Monica Potter Kristina Braverman 1-6 Maud Ackermann
Erika Christensen Julia Braverman-Graham 1-6 Ulrike Stürzbecher
Sam Jaeger Joel Graham 1-6 Boris Tessmann
Savannah Paige Rae Sydney Graham 1-6
Max Burkholder Max Braverman 1-6
Joy Bryant Jasmine Trussell 1-6 Ilona Brokowski
Miles Heizer Drew Holt 1-6 Christian Pointer
Mae Whitman Amber Holt 1-6 Marie-Luise Schramm
Bonnie Bedelia Camille Braverman 1-6 Dagmar Dempe
Craig T. Nelson Zeek Braverman 1-6 Christian Rode
Sarah Ramos Haddie Braverman 1-3 4-6 Anne Helm
Tyree Brown Jabbar Trussell-Braverman 2-6 1
Xolo Mariduena Victor Graham 4-6 3 Till Flechtner

supporting cast

actor Role name role Episodes Voice actor
Marguerite Moreau Katie Friend of Crosby 1.01–1.05 Magdalena Turba
Amanda Foreman Suze Lessing Mother of Noel, who also has Asperger's, friend of Adam and Kristina 1.02-3.03 Carmen Katt
Phil Abrams Phil Lessing Father of Noel, friend of Kristina and Adam 1.02-2.07, 3.03 Stefan Krause
Tom Amandes Dr. pelican Doctor of Max Braverman specializing in children with Asperger's Syndrome 1.02-1.12, 2.06, 2.18 Bernd Rumpf
Remember Hayes Racquel Joel Graham's housewife friend, daughters are best friends 1.02-1.10 Katrin Zimmermann
Asher Book Steve Williams Friend of Haddie Braverman 1.04-1.13
Jason Ritter Mark Cyr Friend and later fiancé of Sarah Braverman 1.05-1.13, 2.18-6.09 Sebastian Schulz
Minka Kelly Gaby Helps the family with Max, job there: behavior therapist 1.06-2.19 Maria Koschny
William Baldwin Gordon Flint Adam and Sarah's boss 2.01-2.10 Johannes Berenz
Tina Lifford Renee Trussell Grandmother of Jabbar Trussell 2.02-2.15, 3.18-6.13 Arianne Borbach
Michael B. Jordan Alex Friend of haddie 2.07-3.04 Nico Sablik
John Corbett Seth Holt 2.15-2.17, 3.05-3.16 Nicolas Boell
Richard Dreyfuss Gilliam T. Blount 2.19-2.22
Rosa Salazar Zoe DeHaven 3.01-3.18 Annina Braunmiller
Skyler Day Amy Ellis Friend of Drew 3.03-5.15 Friederike Walke
Alexandra Daddario Rachel 3.08-3.13 Sarah Riedel
Mia Allan Nora Braverman Daughter of Kristina and Adam Braverman 3.16-6.13
Ella Allan
Ray Romano Hank Rizzoli 4.01-6.13

Episode list

Awards and nominations


NAMIC Vision Award
  • 2012: Award in the Best Drama category
PRISM Awards
  • 2012: Award in the Drama Series Episode - Substance Use category
  • 2012: Award in the Male Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline category for Craig T. Nelson
  • 2012: Award in the Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline - Mental Health category for Max 'Aspergers Syndrome


  • 2012 : Nomination in the category guest actor in a drama series for Jason Ritter
Young Artist Awards
  • 2012 : Nomination in the category of best supporting actor in a television series for Max Burkholder
  • 2012: Nomination in the category of best guest actor in a television series - between 18 and 21 years for Max Ehrich
Teen Choice Awards
ALMA Awards
  • 2011: Nomination in the category Favorite TV Actress - Supporting Role for Sarah Ramos
  • 2012: Nomination in the category Favorite TV Actress - Supporting Role for Sarah Ramos
Casting Society of America
  • 2010: Nomination in the category Outstanding Achievement in Casting - Television Pilot - Drama for Carrie Audino, Laura Schiff and Nina Henninger
NAACP Image Awards
  • 2012: Nomination in the category Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series for Ken Whittingham, episode Opening Night
Television Critics Association Awards
  • 2010: Nomination in the Outstanding New Program of the Year category

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