Fringe - borderline cases of the FBI

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Television series
German title Fringe - borderline cases of the FBI
Original title Fringe
Logo Fringe.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2008-2013
Warner Bros. Television ,
Bad Robot Productions
length Pilot episode: 81 minutes
Season 1: approx. 50 minutes
Seasons 2–5: approx. 43 minutes
Episodes 100 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre Adventure , action , drama , mystery , science fiction
Theme music JJ Abrams
idea JJ Abrams,
Alex Kurtzman ,
Roberto Orci
music Michael Giacchino (2008–2011) ,
Chris Tilton (2009–2013) ,
Chad Seiter (2008–2009) ,
Mike McCready (episode Noyo County only)
First broadcast September 9, 2008 (USA) on Fox
first broadcast
March 16, 2009 on ProSieben , SF two

Fringe - Grenzfalls des FBI (Original title: Fringe ) is an American television series with mystery and science fiction elements, which was designed by JJ Abrams , Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and premiered on September 9, 2008 on Fox televisioncelebrated. The series is about a special FBI department whose members first deal with supernatural phenomena and later realize that they are related to a parallel universe . " Fringe " means "edge", "edge area", "edge zone", "border area" etc., as an adjective also "remote", "extreme" or (in the sense of " borderline ") "borderline". Of this, the term "derived fringe science " ( " marginal " or " para-science (s)") from.

In January 2013 the series ended after five seasons and 100 episodes with a two-hour series finale in the USA, and in March 2013 in Germany.



The series is about a special department of the FBI based in Boston , Massachusetts , the so-called Fringe Division , whose specialty is cases (mostly deaths) whose circumstances go beyond the horizon of experience of modern science. In many of the cases, the perpetrator or perpetrators use experimental methods which, according to the current state of the art, can be assigned to the border sciences . As the series progresses, it becomes apparent that one of the causes for many of these incidents is an impending conflict with a parallel universe .

The focus of the series is FBI agent Olivia Dunham, who is in charge of investigating the cases under the direction of Phillip Broyles. She is supported by an eccentric scientist named Dr. Walter Bishop, who worked on behalf of the US military in the 1980s with precisely those scientific areas that are currently the focus of investigations. In fact, it turns out that Dr. In many cases, Bishop's research is directly related to the cases. Since Dr. Bishop spent seventeen years as an inmate in a mental hospital due to mental health problems, his adult son, Peter Bishop, must take over the guardianship of his father. Since Peter also has scientific knowledge, he also works as a consultant for the FBI from now on. In addition to Peter, FBI agent Astrid Farnsworth watches over Walter and his experiments.

In the course of the investigation, there is often a connection to the company Massive Dynamic . This is one of Dr. William Bell founded and now managed by Nina Sharp company in New York with great influence on the world market. Almost everything that has to do with science and technology has a connection to Massive Dynamic . The company employs the best scientists in a wide variety of fields and has almost unlimited financial possibilities and enormous influence. According to Dr. Bell's death becomes Walter Bishop the sole heir of all company shares, so that it belongs to him from then on. The company's motto is “What do we do? What are we not doing? ” .

Towards the end of the second and in the course of the third season, the fringe division of the parallel world also takes a larger place in the plot concept. The main task of this unit is to seal the cracks on their own side that appear due to the ongoing destruction of both worlds - triggered by a history-changing intervention by Walter Bishop. The focus is on the agents Olivia Dunham or her doppelganger from the parallel universe (in the course of the series from the regular universe also called Fauxlivia , for fake Olivia ) as well as Charlie Francis, Captain Lincoln Lee and the Secretary of Defense Walter Bishop (or Walternativ , for the alternative Walter , as he is called by the regular universe).

Opening credits

In Fringe, unlike most other TV series, various opening credits alternate irregularly. However, they are an essential part of the mystery series, as they signal at the beginning of an episode in what time and in which universe the episode will take place. There are a total of five different basic leaderboards, each consisting of scientific animations and images and highlighted with suitable terms that change over the course of the seasons.

The first version, which is the main leader, is mostly blue and is used almost exclusively in the first two seasons. This is the episode in the "real" universe at the present time.

Since from episode 22 of the second season certain episodes are mainly set in the parallel universe, the opening credits are kept in a reddish tone. Here, too, the action takes place in the present.

For episode 16 of the second season, which mostly takes place in the "Real" universe and takes place in 1985, a retro opening credits were created, which is kept in the style of the possibilities at that time. It is used again in the 15th episode of the third season, as this episode takes place in 1986.

The fourth type of leader was only used for the final episode of the third season and is gray. Since the action takes place in the future, the terms used are also possible future sciences or areas of research.

At the beginning of the fourth season, another opening credits, held in yellow (amber), were introduced, which stand for the current universes, from whose timeline Peter was initially removed.

In the 19th episode of the fourth season and the fifth season, which takes place in 2036, another type of leader is introduced. However, this is fundamentally different from all its predecessors. It is no longer just a crime scene that is shown, but all people behind a wall with barbed wire. The color here is blue. In addition, no scientific terms are used, but those which the totalitarian state prohibits, such as "freedom" or "free will". With this he refers to the suppression of the human population on the part of the observers.

Glyph code

Light blue characters appear on a black background at regular intervals within an episode, in a different order depending on the episode. They result in a so-called glyph code.

The characters are similar to an apple , a leaf , a seahorse , a frog , a butterfly , a flower , a hand with six fingers and a tail that resembles a human figure. Distinctive things from the plot of the series are built into these symbols. The kernels of the apple resemble two human fetuses , which represent the same properties and external characteristics of the inhabitants of the regular and parallel universes. In addition, there are geometric symbols in the leaf and the seahorse, the Greek letter Phi on the frog , and insect wings can be seen in the flower. The butterfly even has a bone structure. These symbols, which appear in different variations, correspond to letters. If you put together the symbols / letters that appear one after the other in the respective sequence, you get a word that relates to the sequence. An example of this is “Observer” in the pilot episode.

season 1

In the course of the first season it turns out that behind the cases investigated by the Fringe Division and summarized as "the pattern" (orig. "The pattern"), a terrorist organization named "Destruction through advances in technology", ZFT for short, stuck. The "observers", a group of bald, largely emotionless men who are present at all incidents related to the "scheme" and document them in writing, also play an as yet unexplained role. In addition, in the course of their investigations, Dunham and her colleagues often come across the implications of a global research firm called Massive Dynamic , whose founder, Dr. William Bell was once a colleague and friend of Walter Bishop's. In the 1980s, both of them carried out experiments with children in order to unleash superhuman abilities in them. Olivia eventually learns that she was one of those children herself and that she also has special skills. At the end of the first season it turns out that the ZFT intends to gain access to a parallel universe in which Bell has been staying for many years.

season 2

In the second season it turns out that agents from the parallel universe have been active in the "real" universe for some time. As biomechanically modified shapeshifters, they are able to take on the appearance of any human being, usually killing them before they assume their identity. One of the shapeshifters kills FBI agent Charlie Francis, a colleague of Olivias, after she has returned from a trip to the parallel universe. However, you finally manage to expose the fake Charlie and kill him. At this point, Bell had already warned her that a war with the parallel universe was imminent. Finally, it confirms what was already hinted at at the end of the first season: Peter is in reality not Walter's son from the usual universe. His son Peter had died as a child, whereupon Walter brought the son of his counterpart from the parallel universe into his universe as a "replacement" and thus unintentionally set the conflict between the two worlds in motion in the first place.

The Walter of the parallel universe has meanwhile risen to the position of Secretary of Defense of the USA and thus also the Commander in Chief of the shapeshifters who infiltrate the familiar universe. As soon as Peter found out that he came from the parallel universe, he is visited by his actual father, who brings him back into his own universe. However, Walter, Olivia, and a few more people who were among the children Walter experimented with in the 1980s follow them to bring Peter back. You learn that "Walternativ" (orig. "Walternate"), as Walter calls his counterpart from the parallel universe, plans to connect Peter to a machine with which he plans to destroy the "Real" universe. Walter and William Bell meet again, with the latter sacrificing his life in the end so that Olivia, Walter and Peter can return to the familiar universe. In fact, "Walternativ" has captured Olivia and replaced it with the Olivia of his world, who is under his command.

season 3

At the beginning of the third season, the plot repeatedly alternates between the two universes. In the "Real" universe, the Olivia of the parallel universe infiltrates the Fringe Division and devotes herself to the investigation of further cases that are related to the parallel universe. In doing so, however, she secretly tries to sabotage the Fringe Division's efforts to fend off the threats posed by the parallel universe. In addition, she begins a relationship with Peter, who previously felt attracted to the "real" Olivia. Meanwhile, Walter has inherited Bell's Massive Dynamic company .

In the parallel universe, “Walternativ” brainwashed the Olivia of the usual universe and convinced her that she was indeed the Olivia Dunham of his own universe. She now works in the Fringe Division there and takes on investigations into cases that, according to "Walternativ", are related to the threat from the familiar universe. However, her subconscious tries to convince her in the form of Peter that she does not belong in this universe and must return to her own. Her direct superior, Phillip Broyles of the parallel universe, also repeatedly criticizes the strategy of “Walternativ”. Olivia mentions during a child abduction case that she is with the FBI, which has not existed in the parallel universe for ten years. Broyles confronts Olivia, but lets her go. Olivia, who is arrested after a failed attempt to escape, finally finds help from Broyles. In this context, she also finds the opportunity to communicate in a risky way with the parallel universe, using the scientific equipment of the Department of Defense as well as her special skills. After spending the night with the "wrong" Olivia, Peter receives a message from a cleaning lady who previously had an appearance by the "real" Olivia. Peter then subjects “Fauxlivia” to a test and finds out for himself that it is the wrong one. However, "Fauxlivia" notices his test and flees, but can be arrested by the FBI. Before she can be subjected to an upcoming survey, she is brought back from her own parallel universe. In exchange, the body of Broyles, who has meanwhile been killed, is sent, who in turn helped Olivia to return to the familiar universe. The "real" Olivia and Peter, who have also returned, have immense difficulties in expanding their flare-up relationship, of which Peter first has to inform them. In addition, “Fauxlivia” by Peter is pregnant, which neither Peter nor the “real” Olivia know. Massive Dynamic succeeds in assembling most of the machine, but “Fauxlivia” stole a part so that the machine cannot be switched on. When Peter approaches her, the machine moves and he gets a nosebleed. After research by Nina Sharp, it turns out that Peter seems to be the key to the machine. Also, it turns out that the power of the machine is to either create or destroy a universe, and Peter alone has the power of decision.

The machine is finally activated from the other side by "Walternativ", whereupon Peter tries to switch it off again, but is thrown back by a kind of protective shield and is seriously injured. During his subsequent hospital stay, Walter and Astrid found out that a phenomenon of spontaneous lightning strikes, which injure people in many places, runs like a swath across the country: from the point where their machine is to Liberty Island, where the machine is of the parallel universe. Walter then has her version brought to Liberty Island in this universe in order to keep the aisle as small as possible. Meanwhile, Olivia receives information about the so-called "first humans" and that there is a key that allows Peter to get into the machine: Olivia's telekinetic powers. With Olivia's help, Peter can get into the machine and then wakes up in New York from 2026 at the One World Trade Center . In this future the familiar universe begins to form cracks, as they appeared in the already destroyed parallel universe. Walter finds out that the Central Park wormhole points 250 million years into the past and that the machine was thus sent piece by piece into the past, which gives rise to the “first man” myth. Walter convinces Peter that in the past he could make a different decision when he gets into the machine. Arriving again in 2011, Peter wakes up in the machine and connects the rooms of both universes in which the machine is, so that both Fringe teams meet. Peter convinces them that they must work together to save both universes and the Olivias and Walters agree to work together, whereupon Peter suddenly disappears. Outside of Liberty Island you can see the watchers standing; "September" tells "December" that Peter's friends have already forgotten him and that Peter has done his job, ending the third season.

Season 4

It has been around three years since the Fringe Division was founded . Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop and Astrid Farnsworth belong to this special unit, led by Phillip Broyles and not known to the public. The two units now use the transition between the parallel universes recently created by Peter Bishop to operate from the other side. Peter, Walter's son, was removed from all memories and past actions by the observers by rewriting the timeline and died on both sides in early childhood. The distribution of roles in the team has changed slightly, for example Astrid accompanies Olivia on the field and Walter watches everything from the laboratory, where he also lives. At the same time, Olivia from the parallel world does not remember Peter either, who was the father of her child. With Peter's removal from both universes, the child no longer exists. But to the alarm of the observers, traces of the adult Peter break through again and again. These frighten Walter in particular, since he cannot explain who the unknown person is. Soon he thinks he's insane and needs to go back to St. Claires. Only when Olivia prevents him from using medical instruments to damage his brain in order to end Peter's hallucinations, it turns out that Peter appears not only in Walter's mirror surfaces, but also in Olivia's dreams. Shortly afterwards, Peter also appears in reality.

In one case, the real-world Fringe Division comes together with Lincoln Lee, who from now on stands by the unit. Although he had already supported the team before Peter's disappearance, no one remembers it, including himself. At the same time, there is great distrust between the two special forces, which leads to conflicts. Captain Lincoln Lee from the parallel universe is shot dead by an assassin in one case.

Olivia increasingly remembers events from the old timeline and forgets experiences from the new line. The Observer "September" appears and tells that Olivia is also from the old timeline and will die in every known future. The opponent of season 4 is Jones, known from previous seasons, whose goal is to create his own universe and destroy both other universes beforehand. He uses Cortexiphan children to trigger earthquakes at certain points on the earth, which can ultimately be responsible for the destruction of the universes. Since the team cannot find all of the “children” in the short term, it is decided to separate the bridge in order to stop the process. Lincoln Lee goes into the parallel universe. The earthquakes stop after the bridge is separated.

In the further course, Olivia and Peter find Jones' whereabouts and ultimately bring him down through Olivia's powers of thought. Meanwhile, Walter is firmly convinced that his old friend Dr. William Bell must still be among the living. Nina Sharp does not believe Walter's assumptions, but helps him find Bell. While Astrid and Walter are looking for Bell together, Astrid is shot and Walter is kidnapped by Bell. Bell wants to survive the collapse of the two universes on a ship (ark) and use the "child" with the strongest Cortexiphan powers, Olivia, as a source of energy. After Olivia and Peter find Bell's whereabouts by helicopter with the help of Nina, they break into Bell's ship. Finally, to stop the destruction of the universes, Walter has no choice but to shoot Olivia in the head. Now the assumptions announced in the run-up to September have been confirmed: Olivia must die . Bell then explains to Walter that he was on the right track. He disappears immediately. In order to save Olivia anyway, Walter removes the projectile from the back of her head; the cortex heals them. After she finally woke up in the hospital, she tells Peter that she is pregnant.

Season 5

The final season is a seamless continuation of the nineteenth episode of the fourth season, in which future observers have taken over the world. In the future - in the year 2036 - Olivia's and Peter's daughter Henrietta ("Etta") will get Walter, Peter and Astrid out of the amber in which the Fringe team had locked themselves in to protect themselves from the observers. In search of Olivia, Etta Bishop leads the three through the totalitarian future state of the observer.

After finding Olivia, they return to the old Harvard laboratory, sealed with amber, via underground tunnels. There they begin videos that contain parts of the plan to drive the observers from the earth, to free the amber. This plan was given to Walter from September, but Walter forgot about it during an interrogation of the observer Captain Windmark .

After Broyles reveals himself to be a mole, Etta is shot dead by the same observer who is leading the observer. When Peter discovers that many of the Observer's traits can be traced back to a probe in the neck, he implants one of those probes himself to avenge Etta.

Through a video, Walter, Peter and Olivia enter a house in which the laws of physics seem to have changed or not exist. They learn that a small, bald boy (season 1 episode 15) was hidden there by a man named Donald, but is no longer in the apartment block. Through another video, the Fringe team finds two of the cylinders (season 1 episode 4).

Peter, who is now looking for revenge, sets a trap for Windmark by determining his future. In an argument with him, Peter almost loses his life. When Olivia finds out that the probe is changing the brain, she manages to persuade Peter to take the probe out.

The Fringe team can finally track down the observer boy, who now bears the name Michael. Since Walter thinks the boy might know who the mysterious man named Donald is, the three get electronic aids while Nina takes care of the boy in one of Massive Dynamic's outdoor laboratories. Windmark finally finds out about it and seeks them out. Nina just manages to hide the boy before Windmark appears. She explains to the leader of the watchers that the boy is no longer here and eventually sacrifices himself to prevent her from reading her mind.

Peter, Olivia and Walter return after Windmark leaves the scene and Walter finally learns that Donald is none other than September, but has now assumed human form. Walter gets into the tank and finds the place where Donald is. You're going to New York.

After talking to the former observer, they learn that Michael is a genetic abnormality and the plan calls for him to be sent to the year 2167 to be studied by a Norwegian scientist. Because Michael is the proof that you don't have to sacrifice emotions to increase intelligence. Thus the observers would never exist. On the run from the observers, Olivia Michael loses Windmark.

In order to get the boy out of the research station on Liberty Island, Walter relocates Olivia Cortexiphan so that she can travel to the alternate universe, where she gets to the Department of Defense with Bolivia and Lincoln's help, and from there goes back to get the boy out. On the way back to the alternate universe, she is stopped by two observers, but she can turn them off. Finally, Michael and Olivia return safely to their world.

After Broyles is captured by Windmark at his headquarters, they use several toxins (Season 1 Episode 1, Season 1 Episode 9, Season 1 Episode 11, and Season 2 Episode 9) which they send into the ventilation system. Both all observers and loyalists die and they manage to free Broyles. Peter also learns through a video that Walter has to sacrifice himself because he has to travel into the future with Michael to show the boy the way to the Norwegian scientist.

Olivia manages to kill the leader of the observers, Captain Windmark, with the help of the remaining cortexiphan in her body. He is trapped in a car and dies. After all, they create a large wormhole at the port after a shootout in which September dies. Walter steps through with the boy.

In 2015 Olivia, Peter and Etta are now in Central Park. This now speaks for a success of the plan. Back at home, Peter finds a letter from his father with the picture of a white tulip in it (Season 2, Episode 18), which should now lead him back to the laboratory where the video is waiting for him, which explains why Walter does not exist anymore.

Cast and dubbing

The German dubbing was based on a dubbing book and directed by Timmo Niesner by the dubbing company Arena Synchron in Berlin . The first episode of the second season was dedicated to the late voice actor Walter Bishops, Hans-Werner Bussinger .

Main cast

Role name: regular universe Role Name: Parallel Universe actor Main role
Main role
Supporting role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Special Agent Olivia Dunham Special Agent Olivia Dunham Anna Torv 1-100 1-5 Luise Helm
Peter Bishop - Joshua Jackson 1-100 1-5 Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Dr. Walter Bishop Secretary Dr. Walter Bishop John Noble 1-100 1-5 Hans-Werner Bussinger
Bert Franzke
Junior / Special Agent Astrid Farnsworth Special Agent "Looker" Astrid Farnsworth Jasika Nicole 1-100 1-5 Corinna Riegner
Special-in-charge agent Phillip Broyles Colonel Phillip Broyles Lance Reddick 1-87 1-4 91, 99-100 5 Leon Boden
Nina Sharp Nina Sharp Blair Brown 1-87 1-4 94, 96-97 5 Rita Engelmann
Special Agent Charles "Charlie" Francis Special Agent Charles "Charlie" Francis Kirk Acevedo 1-24, 31 1-2 42-61 2-3 Martin Kautz
Special Agent John Scott - Mark Valley 1-13 1 Torsten Michaelis
Special Agent Lincoln Tyrone Lee Captain Agent Lincoln Tyrone Lee Seth fork 66-85 4th 42-63, 99 2-3, 5 Ozan Unal

Supporting cast

Role name actor Supporting role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Observer "September" / Donald Michael Cerveris 1-100 1-5 Philipp Moog
Dr. David Robert Jones Jared Harris 7, 10, 14, 20, 73-74, 79, 83, 86 1, 4 Stephan Schwartz
Rachel Dunham Ari Graynor 11-13, 15-18, 21, 40, 42 1-2 Tanya Kahana
Ella Dunham Lily Pilblad , Emily Meade 11-13, 15-18, 28, 40, 42, 65 1-3 Charlie Niesner
Dr. William Bell Leonard Nimoy 20, 24, 30, 42-43, 62, 84, 86-87 1-4 Norbert Gescher
Sam Weiss Kevin Corrigan 22-23, 25, 37, 55, 63-64 2-3 Robert Missler
Brandon Fayette Ryan McDonald 24, 28, 35, 39-40, 42, 44, 46, 48-49, 51, 54, 56-57, 61-65, 73 2-4 Tobias Müller
Thomas Jerome Newton Sebastian Roché 24, 30, 35, 38-39, 41, 45, 47 2-3 Tom Vogt
Observer "December" Eugene Lipinski 28, 35-36, 53, 65-66, 76, 79, 99-100 2-5 Lutz Schnell
Henrietta "Etta" Bishop Georgina Haig 84, 88-91, 93 4-5 Maria Koschny
"Captain Windmark" observer Michael Kopsa 84, 88, 90-91, 93-100 4-5 Udo Schenk
Anil Shaun Smyth 88, 90, 92, 94-96, 99-100 5 Viktor Neumann


  1. also from the regular universe Fauxlivia called
  2. Walter gets Peter out of the parallel universe and brings him into the regular universe
  3. also from the regular universe Walter native called
  4. Season 1
  5. From season 2
  6. After changing the timeline, she bears the title Special Agent
  7. After changing the timeline, she bears the title Special Agent
  8. Was produced during the 1st season, but only aired in the middle of the 2nd season
  9. Not found
  10. Regular universe before timeline change and after destruction parallel universe
  11. Regular universe before timeline change and after destruction parallel universe
  12. Appearance only as a cartoon character
  13. Mini appearance
  14. Mini appearance


Script and direction

There are some season-dependent and some permanent scriptwriters. The series creators JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci also drafted several scripts for the first season in addition to the pilot episode. The main scriptwriters in the following three seasons were the two producers Jeff Pinkner and JH Wyman, who especially wrote the story-defining episodes. They were often supported by Akiva Goldsman , who, in addition to some scripts, mostly also staged the respective season finale. Other directors of the first season included Frederick EO Toye, Brad Anderson and Paul Edwards. On June 19, 2012 it was announced that Jeff Pinkner would no longer be involved as a screenwriter on the series. So JH Wyman is the only responsible producer of the series.


The first episode of the series - "Flight 627" - was filmed in Toronto. Most of the others were taken in New York State . From season two, the production facility moved to the Canadian city of Vancouver .

New advertising break concept for the first season

Fox tested a new concept with the series Fringe and Dollhouse under the project name "Remote Free TV" , which mainly consisted of shortening the commercials by a total of five minutes in order to have more time for the presentation of the plot. The producers hoped for a higher quality of entertainment, more attention and thus overall increased value for the remaining advertising minutes as well as a higher price that other broadcasters would have to pay to buy the series for their own programs. From the second season, the normal episode duration (approx. 40-42 min.) Was returned.

Radiance and reach

United States

Graphic representation of audience ratings for the US television series "Fringe" on US broadcaster Fox

The series started in the US on September 9, 2008 on Fox . The first season ran there until May 12, 2009. But the last episode, the 21st of the first season, was only broadcast during the second season. The second season started on September 17, 2009 and ended on May 20, 2010. On March 6, 2010, Entertainment Weekly and Variety reported that Fox had renewed Fringe for a third season. This consists of 22 episodes. The first broadcast of the third season was from September 23, 2010 to May 6, 2011 on the American channel Fox. The fourth season was shown between September 23, 2011 and May 11, 2012 on the Friday evening slot.

On September 28, 2012, the broadcast of a shortened fifth and final season began. The series finale was also shown on January 18, 2013 as a two-hour special. With the thirteen episodes of the fifth season, the series consists of a total of 100 episodes.


In Germany, ProSieben showed the first season from March 16 to August 10, 2009. The second season began broadcasting on March 8 and ended on May 17, 2010 with the tenth episode. Between May and August 2010, the station planned to repeat the first season. However, since the odds were well below the channel's average, these repetitions were already canceled in July. Instead, the remaining thirteen episodes of the second season were broadcast from August 2, 2010. The second season finale was shown on October 25, 2010. The third season ran from January 10, 2011. After the first half of the season was broadcast until April 4, 2011, the second half began to be broadcast on August 15, 2011. ProSieben showed due to the cancellation of the supporting program of the mystery series Vampire Diaries between September 5 and 26, 2011, the remaining episodes in double episodes. The broadcast of the fourth season began on June 25th and ended on August 20, 2012. Either two or three episodes were shown at a time.

The final fifth season was broadcast from February 1, 2013 to March 16, 2013 in double episodes, also on ProSieben .


In Austria, the first season was broadcast on Puls 4 from September 17, 2010 .


In Switzerland, SF two showed the first season from March 16, 2009. The second season was broadcast from March 10, 2010 and ended on May 19, 2010 with the 10th episode. On August 2, 2010, the broadcast of the 2nd season with episode 11 continued. The third season was broadcast from January 12, 2011 and in an uncut version. After eleven episodes, Fringe paused . On August 15, 2011, the second half of the season began broadcasting in the night program.


Reviews of the series

season 1

“Fringe invokes some of the sillier forms of television devices - teleportation, psychokinesis, transmogrification and even bionic prostheses - but still manages to seem smart and stylish. For viewers who stopped trying to get to the bottom of Lost, this pilot promises a more manageable and more logical suspension of disbelief. "

“Fringe draws on some of the silly facets of television - teleportation , telekinesis , metamorphosis, and even bionic prostheses - but still manages to look intelligent and stylish. For all viewers who have given up trying to get to the bottom of Lost , the pilot episode promises more manageability and a more logical exposure of the doubt. "

- Alessandra Stanley : The New York Times

Mostly in the US there was additional criticism of the last episode when the World Trade Center was shown as a functioning financial center in a parallel world.

season 3

At the beginning of the third season, the ratings meter of the mystery series certified intelligently written episodes such as "Olivia", "Milo" or "Marionette". In addition, the online magazine praised the special effects, which were sufficient "to create a whole simultaneously fascinating and credible parallel universe". However, the positive statements change to a critical view in the second part of the season. The author Stefan Tewes thinks that the interesting storyline is increasingly being neglected and that Fringe, like before, would keep tearing red threads “only to not lose a word about it for months afterwards.” In addition, the plots of the second half of the season would be occasional seem quite unfinished. In addition, Tewes criticizes the fact that "in a series that is always pseudo-scientific, it takes getting used to" to let love win over physics and fate over death.

Tewes particularly noted the unspectacular special effects in the season finale and said that there simply seemed to be a lack of money for a furious look at the apocalypse after the broadcast slot was relocated and the ratings collapsed. But the series didn't crash in one fell swoop, because "Fringe also delivered excellent moments, a complex and imaginative mythology and some exciting twists in the second half of the season."

Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times said of the 2011 Emmy Awards:

"And would it kill voters to give Fox's 'Fringe' a little credit where credit is due? This has been an amazing season, with an alternative-universe construct requiring two discreet stories criss-crossing and pulling apart with admirable consistency and the performers doing double duty in many cases - this year, John Noble delivered not just one of the best dramatic performances on TV, he delivered two. "

“And would it kill Emmy voters if they did Fox ' Fringe the honor it deserves? It was an amazing season, with the construction of alternate universes that required jumping back and forth between two separate, cleverly told stories, and keeping them apart with admirable consistency, while the actors occupied multiple roles - this year John Noble delivered not just one of the best acting on television, he delivered two. "

Criticism of the ProSieben advertising

To promote the series, ProSieben broadcast a post-it news program on Friday, March 13, 2009, in which the birth of a person who is aging very quickly was reported. Another report mentioned butterflies attacking people. These imitations of the ProSieben news, which for some viewers are difficult to recognize as advertising trailers, caused sharp criticism. At the beginning of 2010, the Commission for Youth Media Protection (KJM) fined the broadcaster for this advertising, which is said to have been around 3500 euros. As a justification, the KJM stated that the trailers violated the Youth Media Protection Act because they were likely to impair the development of children under the age of twelve.

Awards and nominations (selection)


People's Choice Awards
  • 2011: Awarded as the best SciFi series
Saturn Awards
  • 2010: Award for Anna Torv as best actress in a television series
  • 2010: Award for Leonard Nimoy for best guest actor in a television series
  • 2011: Awarded as the best network series
  • 2011: Award for Anna Torv as best actress in a television series
  • 2011: Award for John Noble for best actor in a television series
Visual Effects Society Awards
  • 2009: Award for the pilot in the category Best Visual Effect in a Broadcast
    Program for Kevin Blank, Jay Worth, Andrew Orloff and Barbara Genicoff
EWwy Awards
  • 2010: Awarded an outstanding drama series
  • 2010: Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for John Noble
Australians in Film Awards
  • 2010: Anna Torv received the Breakthrough Award
Critics' Choice Television Awards
  • 2011 : Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for John Noble
Curt Siodmak Prize
  • 2011 and 2013: Best Science Fiction Series


  • 2009 : The pilot was nominated for Best Visual Effects
    for Kevin Blank, Jay Worth, Andrew Orloff, Johnathan R. Banta, Steve Graves, Spencer Levy, Scott Dewis, Steve Fong, and Thomas Turnbull
  • 2010 : The episode The White Tulip from the second season was nominated in the Best Sound Effects category
    for Paul Curtis, Rick Norman, Bruce Tanis, Paul Apelgren, Shelley Roden and Rick Partlow
Saturn Awards
  • 2009: Nomination for best network series
  • 2010: Nomination for best network series
Satellite Awards
  • 2009 : Nomination for Best Supporting Actor for John Noble
  • 2010 : Nomination for Best Supporting Actor for John Noble
Critic's Choice Television Awards
  • 2011: Nomination for best drama series
  • 2011: Nomination for best leading actress for Anna Torv
Teen Choice Awards
  • 2011 : Nomination for best fantasy / sci-fi series
  • 2011: Nomination for best actor in a fantasy / sci-fi series
  • 2011: Nomination for best actress in a fantasy / sci-fi series
  • 2012 : Nomination for best fantasy / sci-fi series
  • 2012: Nomination for best actor in a fantasy / sci-fi series
  • 2012: Nomination for best actress in a fantasy / sci-fi series

DVD publications

Season United States Great Britain Australia German-speaking area consequences FSK
1 September 8, 2009 September 28, 2009 September 30, 2009 October 23, 2009 20th from 16 years
2 September 14, 2010 September 27, 2010 November 10, 2010 December 3, 2010 23 from 16 years
3 September 6, 2011 September 26, 2011 October 26, 2011 December 2, 2011 22nd from 16 years
4th 4th September 2012 September 24, 2012 October 31, 2012 December 14, 2012 22nd from 16 years
5 May 7, 2013 13th of May 2013 November 8, 2013 13 from 16 years

On October 23, 2009, the first season was released on DVD and Blu-ray in Germany. The 21st episode of the first season is not on the DVD. This was only broadcast in the USA in January 2010 as the 21st episode as part of the second season. The second season was released on December 3, 2010 in Germany on DVD and Blu-ray; In the box is also the missing 21st episode of the first season (as an "exhumed episode" called Obsessed in the bonus material). The third season was released on December 2, 2011 on DVD in Germany. The fourth season has been available on DVD and Blu-ray since December 14, 2012. In the fourth season, Warner did without the slipcase that was used in the first three seasons. The DVD and Blu-ray versions of all previously released seasons do not contain any German 5.1 multi-channel sound, although this was available on the ProSieben free TV broadcast .


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  1. The episode "Obsessed" was produced together with the first season, but only aired in the second season. It is also not on the DVD of the first season, but on the second season and is listed as an exhumed episode. A clear indication is the appearance of Charlie Francis, who has already died in previous episodes.

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