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Apple refers to a fruit or a tree:


Apple is the family name of the following people:

  • Alfred Apfel (1882–1941), German lawyer, association official and writer
  • Arthur Apfel (1922-2017), British figure skater
  • Ernst Apfel (1925–2002), German musicologist
  • Fabian Apfel (* 1998), German handball player
  • Hermann Apfel (1807-1892), German Lutheran theologian
  • Holger Apfel (* 1970), former German politician (NPD)
  • Iris Apfel (* 1921), American designer and style icon
  • Oscar Apfel (1878–1938), American silent and sound film actor
  • Rahel Apfel (1857–1912), German writer, poet and Zionist, mother of Alfred Apfel

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