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The list of apple varieties contains over 7600 names of over 5700 varieties with over 2900 images of the cultivated apple .


Appearance of the variety names

Multiple names

  • Since many, especially old varieties, have very different regional names, all known names are listed for each variety.
  • Each variety has a main entry with the preferred name (if there is an article for the variety, with a link to its lemma) and, if possible, with a picture and a more detailed description.
  • Subordinate variety names each have a secondary entry that only refers to the main entry; possibly also on several main entries, separated by commas. Side entries contain no further information or images and no links.
  • In the main entry, in the first column after the preferred name, the other names are added alphabetically in brackets and separated from one another by a comma. To avoid confusion with compound names in parentheses, e.g. B. "Cox Orange Pippin (Potter)", the subordinate names are introduced by an "or:", z. B. "Berlepsch (or: Baron De Berlepsch, Freiherr Von Berlepsch, Goldrenette Freiherr Von Berlepsch)".
  • Foreign language names are possible.
  • If there are German names, these are used as a preferred designation.

special character

Names are not listed separately for which only

  • an umlaut or another letter with diacritical marks was reduced to its basic letter ("Altländer" -> "Altlander")
  • a "ß" was replaced by "ss" ("Prussian" → "Prussian")
  • a hyphen ("-") has been replaced by a space ("") or vice versa.

Spelling of names

  • The names are put in the singular.
  • Preceding articles are omitted ("La Nationale" → "Nationale")
  • All names are written in the Latin alphabet and transcribed accordingly for other original spellings.
  • Old spellings are modernized ("Zimmel-like crown apple" → "Cinnamon-like crown apple")
  • The first letter of every word in the name is capitalized, everything else is lowercase.
  • Letters and numbers are separated by a space.
  • The genitive apostrophe in English variety names is retained.
  • Diacritical marks, "ß", hyphens, periods and round brackets are possible.
  • The names do not contain commas.


The list is sorted alphabetically according to the variety name.

  • No distinction is made between uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Letters with diacritics are treated like the corresponding basic letters. (The Wikimedia table sorting does it a little differently, e.g. it sorts accented letters after the normal alphabet.)
  • Hyphens are sorted like spaces.
  • Apostrophes and periods are ignored ("Citron D'Hiver" like "Citron DHiver", "Wadey's Seedling" like "Wadey's Seedling").
  • "Ss" is sorted like "ss".


Links to individual articles on apple varieties are only placed on main and not on secondary entries.


Sources are only given in the main entries; the side entries remain without references.

Individual evidence is given as usual; the mass verifications come from the following sources:


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