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Thomas "Tom" Vogt (born March 31, 1957 ) is a German voice actor and film actor .


Tom Vogt was born in Westphalia in 1957 . From 1977 to 1981 he studied film and photo design at the Folkwang School in Essen . He then trained as an actor at the Berlin University of the Arts . In the mid to late 1980s he received engagements at the Schauspielhaus in Zurich and at the city theater in Freiburg . Since 1990 he has been working as a freelance voice actor and narrator in Berlin in the fields of film, television, advertising, radio, audio books and computer games.


With Jonathan Frakes and Robert Duncan McNeill , Vogt lent his voice to two actors from Star Trek . He also spoke Hugh Jackman in the X-Men movie Part 1 and Chris Noth as John James Mr. Big Preston in Sex and the City and Det. Mike Loagan in Criminal Intent . He gave his voice to Russell Crowe in the film A Beautiful Mind .

As a permanent German voice, he dubs Colin Firth , Clive Owen , Laurence Fishburne , Aaron Eckhart , Mark Strong and Rupert Everett , including Bridget Jones - Chocolate for Breakfast ( Bridget Jones's Diary , 2001), Actually… Love for films with Colin Firth ( Love Actually , 2003), girl with a Pearl Earring ( girl with a Pearl Earring , 2003), Bridget Jones - the edge of Reason ( Bridget Jones - the edge of Reason , 2004) and the King's Speech , 2010 or A Single Man (2009). Films with Clive Owen, who dubbed Vogt as his party voice, include Trust (2010) Inside Man (2006) Sin City (2005) and The International (2009). Also in 2009 he dubbed Erin Brockovich as part of the festive voice of Aaron Eckhart and, in 2005, Thank You for Smoking . As examples of his dubbing work for the German voice of Rupert Everett include The Best Friend's Wedding ( My Best Friend's Wedding , 1997), An Ideal Husband ( An Ideal Husband , 1999), A Midsummer Night's Dream ( A Midsummer Night's Dream , 1999) or Being Serious Is Everything ( The Importance of Being Earnest , 2002) and as the voice of Prince Charming in Shrek 2 and to name Shrek the Third . Vogt had his breakthrough as a dubbing actor as Morpheus in The Matrix , and has since dubbed Laurence Fishburne in all other feature films. In addition, Vogt is in Clive Owen's star role as Dr. John D. Thackery heard in Steven Soderbergh's extraordinary HBO production The Knick . In 2015 he spoke the voice of Dylan McDermott in the action thriller Survivor .

Vogt also works as an off-screen commentator. He accompanies documentaries, reports or regularly recurring television formats such as B. The kitchen battle - the weekly review or Germany your artists . Vogt was seen in front of the camera in two crime scenes and in the West German horror film Horror Vacui produced in 1984 . He also speaks audio books and can be heard in numerous commercials - including Nivea Man and Volvo . He also voiced the angel Tyrael in the video game Diablo III in 2012 . He also takes on the role of narrator in the 2001 new edition of the Jan Tenner radio play series . He was also active as a voice actor in the anime industry and, among other things, took on some speaking roles in the anime detective Conan .

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