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Kyle MacLachlan at Comic-Con in San Diego (2017)

Kyle Merritt MacLachlan (born February 22, 1959 in Yakima , Washington ) is an American actor . He became known through his collaboration with David Lynch on the television series Twin Peaks and the films The Desert Planet and Blue Velvet .

life and career

Kyle MacLachlan was born the son of a stockbroker and is the oldest of three brothers. In 1977 he finished high school in his hometown of Yakima. In Seattle he studied at the University of Washington and completed his drama studies in 1982 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts .

MacLachlan worked particularly closely with director David Lynch . In 1984 he played as Paul Atreides in Lynch's adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel Dune , which also marked MacLachlan's debut, and shortly afterwards as Jeffrey Beaumont in the film Blue Velvet (1986). His final breakthrough came in 1990 as FBI agent Dale Cooper in Lynch's award-winning television series Twin Peaks . In the same year, he received the Golden Globe Award and other nominations for his acting performance , including an Emmy in 1990 and 1991 . For Lynch, he mostly played the innocent-looking "boy next door", albeit with dark or insecure facets. Writer Rich Cohen described MacLachlan's roles as "boy next door when that boy spends a lot of time alone in the basement".

Kyle MacLachlan (1991)

In 1991 MacLachlan played the musician Ray Manzarek in Oliver Stone's The Doors , a biopic about the rock band of the same name . In 1993 he played the leading role of Josef K. in the British literary film The Trial , which is based on the novel by Franz Kafka . At his side acted among others Anthony Hopkins and Jason Robards . In 1994 he starred again in the drama Against the Wall (alongside Samuel L. Jackson ). In the same year he appeared in the comedy film Flintstones - The Flintstones also in a supporting role as an opponent of John Goodman and Rick Moranis . In 1995 he took on the male lead again in Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls . The film was torn apart by the critics at the time, but has now achieved the status of a cult film . In 2000, Maclachlan took over the role of Claudius in a modernized version of William Shakespeare's Hamlet .

In the 2001 computer game Grand Theft Auto III, he acted as a voice actor for the character Donald Love . Since the turn of the millennium, MacLachlan was also seen more and more often in television productions and played in a number of successful television series : He was particularly known for the role of Trey MacDougal in the television series Sex and the City (2000-2002) as well as by Role of Orson Hodge , which he played from the end of the second season (2006) to the end of the sixth season (2010) in Desperate Housewives . In later seasons he returned to the role for guest appearances. In 2006 he had one of the leading roles in the short-lived crime series In Justice , the series had 13 episodes. Between 2010 and 2014, he appeared in seven episodes of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother as The Captain . Since 2011, MacLachlan has appeared on the television series Portlandia , in which he plays the mayor of Portland . From 2014 to 2015 he appeared in the second season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD in the role of the insane surgeon Calvin Zabo .

In 2014 David Lynch and Mark Frost announced a sequel to the Twin Peaks mystery series , which premiered on May 21, 2017. In this MacLachlan took his role as Dale Cooper again. In 2017 he played the role of a mad warlock in the fantasy film The House of Mysterious Clocks (alongside Jack Black and Cate Blanchett ) . This was MacLachlan's first role in a motion picture in a long time, having previously worked exclusively in television productions for years. In 2019 he played a supporting role in Steven Soderbergh's sports drama High Flying Bird , and he can also be seen in the series Carol's Second Act .

MacLachlan's oeuvre encompasses around 70 film and television productions.

Private and miscellaneous

MacLachlan with Lara Flynn Boyle (1990)

From 1985 to 1989 MacLachlan was in a relationship with Laura Dern , whom he met while filming Blue Velvet . He then had a relationship with Lara Flynn Boyle , his serial colleague from Twin Peaks, until 1992 . He then started a partnership with the Canadian model Linda Evangelista , which broke up in 1998. On April 20, 2002, MacLachlan married Desiree Gruber, a businesswoman in Miami . He lives with her and their son (* 2008) alternately in New York and Los Angeles .

MacLachlan, who has a particular taste for wines , is co-owner of a well-known wine trading company from Walla Walla in his old home in Washington. The actor, whose family has Scottish and German roots, also once claimed in an interview that he was a direct descendant of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach (through his grandmother of German descent) . In retrospect, however, this turned out to be a joke, as the ancestral lines of his grandmother (demonstrably) cannot be traced back to the same family called Bach .

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