X-Men (film)

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German title X-Men
Original title X-Men
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2000
length 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 14
Director Bryan Singer
script David Hayter
Tom DeSanto
production Ralph Winter
Lauren Shuler Donner
music Michael Kamen
camera Newton Thomas Sigel
cut Steven Rosenblum
Kevin Stitt
John Wright

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X-Men 2

X-Men (also: X-Men - Der Film ) is an American comic adaptation by Bryan Singer from 2000. The film is based on the comics of the same name by Marvel Comics . The film was produced by 20th Century Fox . The film opened in German cinemas on August 31, 2000. It is the first installment in the X-Men film series .


1944: Erik Lensherr, a thirteen-year-old Jewish student, is transferred to the Auschwitz concentration camp . When he is forcibly separated from his parents, in his desperation he builds up unexpectedly powerful magnetic forces that enable him to bend a metal fence.

In the present: The student Marie alias Rogue discovers her ability to briefly absorb other people's memories and powers through touch. She runs away from home and meets in Canada the loner Logan alias Wolverine , who has heightened senses and the ability to heal his own injuries in seconds. In addition, his skeleton is completely covered with the almost indestructible metal adamantium and armed with six extendable claws. However, Logan has no memory of his own past.

Marie hides secretly in Logan's vehicle and drives with him when he is thrown out of a bar because of an argument where he took part in wrestling matches. When Logan discovers the unwanted passenger, he takes her with him in the car. On the way, they are ambushed by the mutant Sabretooth, but are saved by the X-Men Cyclops and Storm. They take them to the “Institute for Gifted Youngsters”, where they meet Professor Charles Xavier, who helps young mutants to better control their powers. Xavier is convinced that behind the attack was his former friend Erik Lensherr, who is notorious as a magneto thanks to his ability to telekinetically control metal. He sees mutants as progress in evolution and normal people as a danger.

Magneto and his supporters have kidnapped US Senator Kelly in the meantime to test a way to activate mutant abilities. Magneto plans to transform the world's leaders into mutants at a UN reception in New York , so that they can campaign for equality for mutants around the world. The experiment is successful and the anti-mutant senator becomes a mutant himself. However, the artificially induced mutation makes its cell structure unstable. With the help of his new skills, he managed to escape. As a mutant, however, he does not dare to go to a hospital, but see the X-Men who provide him with medical care. However, the artificial mutation turns out to be fatal and the Senator dies shortly afterwards.

A major obstacle to Magneto's endeavors is the fact that using his mutation machine is draining him. Therefore Magneto plans to transfer his powers to Rogue and let them start the machine. To separate Rogue from the X-Men, Magneto's ally Mystique (who can transform into any form) influences Rogue with false claims about how to escape. The X-Men later find the runaway rogue at the New York train station, where Magneto has also met with his men, and a fight ensues. Magneto manages to kidnap Rogue by threatening the police with their own metallic weapons.

The decisive battle takes place on the Statue of Liberty . After Magneto's henchmen Toad and Sabretooth are defeated, the X-Men can work together to thwart Magneto's plan and free Rogue. The X-Men hand over Magneto to justice, who is now being held in a special prison completely without metal. Only Mystique was able to escape, and she is later seen on television in the form of Senator Kelly, as he appears to repent and revoke his own demands for strict laws against mutants. Logan is sent by Professor Xavier to an allegedly abandoned base on Alkali Lake, where he hopes for answers about his past, and with a promise to Rogue to come back, Logan leaves school for Canada.


The German synchronization was for a dialogue book and the dialogue director of Tobias Meister on behalf of Interopa Film GmbH in Berlin .

role actor Voice actor
Charles Xavier / Professor X Patrick Stewart Rolf Schult
Logan / Wolverine Hugh Jackman Tom Vogt
Erik Lensherr / Magneto Ian McKellen Jürgen Thormann
Dr. Jean Gray Famke Janssen Christin Marquitan
Scott Summers / Cyclops James Marsden Matthias Hinze
Ororo Munroe / Storm Halle Berry Anke Reitzenstein
Anna Marie LeBeau / Rogue Anna Paquin Berenice Weichert
Mystique Rebecca Romijn Andreschka Grossmann
Victor Creed / Sabretooth Tyler Mane Tilo Schmitz
Mortimer Toynbee / Toad Ray Park Tobias Master
Senator Robert Kelly Bruce Davison Reinhard Kuhnert


  • Comic book writer and co-producer Stan Lee made a cameo in the film : He played the customer of a hot dog seller on the beach.
  • When Wolverine criticizes the X-Men suit, Cyclops asks him if he would prefer a yellow latex suit. This is an allusion to the comics in which Wolverine is usually drawn in a yellow costume.
  • Dougray Scott was originally supposed to play the role of Wolverine, but the shooting of Mission: Impossible II prevented his involvement. That's why Hugh Jackman got the role.



Box office earnings [million]
territory U.S$ CHF
world world 296.3 251 269.8
Production costs 75 63.5 68.3
United StatesUnited States United States Canada
157.3 133.2 143.2
GermanyGermany Germany 12.3 10.4 11.2
AustriaAustria Austria 1.1 0.9 1
SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 1.2 1 1.1
(Access date: February 1, 2015)

The film got good reviews and became a huge box office hit. X-Men grossed over $ 157 million in the United States alone, while total grossing nearly $ 296 million worldwide. Due to the success he paved the way for other comic adaptations like Spider-Man or Hulk .

  • Carsten Baumgardt: “Director Bryan Singer succeeded in making a true-to-original comic adaptation with“ X-Men ”. Mutated superheroes fight for the continued existence of humanity. [...] "
  • Moviepilot judges: “[…] On the part of the actors, Singer brings up some well-known personnel with Bruce Davison, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen that you don't necessarily expect in a comic book adaptation. All three fit perfectly into their roles, Stewart and McKellen convey a lot of subliminality in the relationship between Xavier and his old friend and opponent Magneto, Davison convinces as Senator Kelly, who gets between the two in his plan to denounce the mutants. [...] "

Other sometimes rather negative film reviews:

  • Conny Crämer (CyberKino): "The gifted Shakespeare actor Patrick Stewart must have been drugged when he signed the contract for such a film."; Rüdinger Rapke (TV-Movie) 2000–18: “The first two“ Superman ”and“ Batman ”films were great moments in comic cinema. That cannot be said of “X-Men”. The film's strengths are makeup, masks and effects. And even if some optics are very astonishing, they cannot hide the weak story. The Secret of US Success? A strong fan base and marketing. "Or Eric Stahl (TV Today) 2000-18:" A heroic epic that is as effective as it is entertaining in XL format. "


Bryan Singer won an Empire Award , Michael Kamen the BMI Film Music Award . The film was nominated for ten Saturn Awards in 2001 and received it in six categories. X-Men won a total of 11 awards and was nominated 21 times. The film also received an IMP award for the film poster. The German Film and Media Evaluation FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the title valuable.


The film was continued with X-Men 2 in 2003 and X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006 . The resulting trilogy told a largely closed story. More films from the franchise followed. X-Men: Future is Past from 2014 overwrites various events of the trilogy with the help of time travel.


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