Parade's End - The last gentleman

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Television series
German title Parade's End - The last gentleman
Original title Parade's end
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
year 2012
length 45 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season ( list )
genre drama
production Michel Buck ,
Damien Timmer ,
David Parfitt
music Dirk Brossé
First broadcast 24 August 2012 (UK) on BBC One
first broadcast
June 7, 2013 on Arte

Parade's End - The last gentleman (Original title: Parade's End ) is a British - American historical drama of the BBC and HBO in the format of a miniseries . Author Tom Stoppard adapted the tetralogy of Ford Madox Ford . All episodes were directed by Susanna White , with Benedict Cumberbatch , Rebecca Hall and Adelaide Clemens in the lead roles . The original five-episode series first aired on August 24, 2012 in the United Kingdom and on February 26, 2013 in the United States. In Germany, the series was first seen on June 7, 2013 on Arte .


Christopher Tietjens is a British country gentleman and brilliant statistician who can look back on a long line of aristocratic ancestors. In 1908 he met the beautiful Sylvia on the train and immediately became intimate with her. She immediately becomes pregnant. Although he does not know whether the child is his, he marries Sylvia against the wishes of his family.

But the marriage with Sylvia leads to a marriage that makes both dissatisfied. The wife is quickly bored of him and his virtues, which she despises and despairs of. Then she has fun at lavish parties. Finally, Sylvia betrays Christopher with an officer. When she is bored of her affairs too, she remorsefully returns to her husband. On an excursion in 1911, Christopher meets the suffragette Valentine Wannop, but for reasons of honor he cannot bring himself to betray his wife as well. A divorce is also out of the question for him, as he always puts a sense of duty and decency in the foreground.

At the beginning of the First World War , Christopher finds himself in a love triangle between his wife and Valentine, in the course of which he has to choose one of the two women.


Poeke Castel in Aalter

Much of the film was shot in Kent in England , particularly at Dorton House (Seal, Kent) and St. Thomas a Becket Church (Fairfield, Kent). Additional scenes were filmed at Freemasons' Hall in London and at the Duncombe Park manor in Helmsley, North Yorkshire . The moated castle Poeke in the Belgian municipality of Aalter served as another location. Scenes from the Western Front were filmed in Flanders .

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization was for a dialogue book by Christoph Cierpka and Tobias Neumann and the dialogue director Christoph Cierpka by the synchronous company Interopa Film GmbH in Berlin .

role Actress Dubbing voice
Christopher Tietjens Benedict Cumberbatch Tommy Morgenstern
Sylvia Tietjens Rebecca Hall Nadja Schönfeldt
Valentine Wannop Adelaide Clement Annina Braunmiller
Mrs. Wannop Miranda Richardson Arianne Borbach
Edward Wannop Freddie Fox
Mark Tietjens Rupert Everett Tom Vogt
Vincent MacMaster Stephen Graham Olaf Reichmann
Lord Brownlie Jamie Parker Matthias Klages


In the original version, the miniseries consists of five episodes, each around 60 minutes running. In the German version, a total of six episodes were created by changing the editing, each with a running time of around 45 minutes.

No. German title Original title First broadcast in UK German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
1 Episode one Episode One Aug 24, 2012 June 7, 2013 Susanna White Tom Stoppard 3.52 million -
2 Episode two Episode Two 31 Aug 2012 June 7, 2013 Susanna White Tom Stoppard 2.30 million -
3 Episode three Episode Three Sep 7 2012 June 7, 2013 Susanna White Tom Stoppard 2.15 million -
4th Episode four Episode Four 14 Sep 2012 14th of June 2013 Susanna White Tom Stoppard 1.70 million -
5 Episode five Episode Five 21 Sep 2012 14th of June 2013 Susanna White Tom Stoppard 1.77 million -
6th Episode six - - 14th of June 2013 Susanna White Tom Stoppard - -

Awards and nominations (selection)

  • BAFTA TV Award 2013
    • Award in the Best Costume Design category for Parade's End
    • Nomination in the Best Miniseries category for Parade's End
    • Nomination for Best Actress for Rebecca Hall
    • Nomination for Best Screenplay for Parade's End
    • Nomination in the category Best Make-Up for Parade's End
    • Nomination for Best Production Design for Parade's End
    • Nomination in the Best Visual Effects category for Parade's End

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