Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (film)

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German title Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Original title Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry potter 6 de.svg
Country of production United States , United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 2009
length 153 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 10
Director David Yates
script Steven Kloves
production David Heyman , David Barron
music Nicholas Hooper
camera Bruno Delbonnel
cut Mark Day

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Successor  →
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a British-American film adaptation of the bestselling novel of the same name by Joanne K. Rowling and directed by David Yates . It is the sixth film in the series. It started in German cinemas on July 16, 2009.


Both the wizarding world and the Muggle world are increasingly threatened by Lord Voldemort and his followers, who devastate Diagon Alley , kidnap the wandmaker Ollivander and bring down the Millennium Bridge in London. Harry and Professor Dumbledore visit former Hogwarts professor Horace Slughorn and persuade him to take up his post as teacher at Hogwarts again. Then Dumbledore takes Harry to the Burrow , where he and his friends Hermione , Ron and his sister Ginny spend the rest of the time until school starts.

Meanwhile, Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy , the mother of Harry's classmate Draco Malfoy , visit Professor Snape in his house and tell him that Draco has received an assignment from Voldemort. Narcissa and Bellatrix get Snape to seal with an unbreakable vow that he will help Draco and, if he fails, do the job himself. Later in Diagon Alley, Harry, Ron and Hermione watch Draco and his mother at a gathering of Death Eaters . Harry then suspects that Draco has been accepted into the circle of Death Eaters.

At Hogwarts, Professor Slughorn is given the teaching posts for the subject potions while Snape now the subject Defense Against the Dark Arts takes over. Harry achieved in the subject Potions an unexpected success with the help of an old textbook, registered in the handwritten notes and tips. The book was the property of a former student who called himself the "Half-Blood Prince". Throughout the school year, Professor Dumbledore regularly invites Harry to his office and confides in him some memories of the young Tom Riddle, later Lord Voldemort. The two try to reconstruct Voldemort's past. Of central importance is a memory Slughorn, which Slughorn does not want to reveal because he is ashamed of it. It concerns Tom Riddle as a student who asks him questions about black magic. Dumbledore instructs Harry to persuade Slughorn to reveal this memory, which he finally succeeds after a few failed attempts. It turns out that Tom Riddle had asked Professor Slughorn about horcruxes - magical objects in which to store part of your soul. Should the body be destroyed, one would still be alive thanks to the split off part of the soul. To make a Horcrux one must commit murder. Riddle showed interest in creating seven Horcruxes. Dumbledore explains to Harry that he is already looking for Voldemort's Horcruxes to destroy and make Voldemort mortal again.

Meanwhile, troubling things are happening at Hogwarts. While on a trip to Hogsmeade , the schoolgirl Katie Bell gets a curse that was on a necklace that she was supposed to give to the Headmaster Dumbledore. Ron is accidentally poisoned in Professor Slughorn's quarters and only barely rescued. The bottle of mead he drank from was also meant for Dumbledore. It later emerges that these were all failed attempts by Draco Malfoy to kill Dumbledore. Malfoy is also experimenting with a Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement , which later gives some Death Eaters unauthorized access to Hogwarts. Harry, who has not given up his distrust of Draco, follows him one day into the bathroom, where he finds him crying. When Draco notices Harry's presence, a fight ensues in the course of which Harry attacks Draco with the Sectumsempra curse he read in the Book of the Half-Blood Prince. The spell hurts Draco badly, but Professor Snape can save him with a healing spell. Harry escapes and Ginny then, with Harry's consent, hides the book in the Room of Requirement. This leads to a kiss between Harry and Ginny.

Harry witnesses a conversation between Professors Dumbledore and Snape in which Snape says he is not ready for his job, but Dumbledore makes it very clear that Snape made his promise to him.

Looking for another Horcrux, Harry and Dumbledore Apparate onto a rock by the sea in front of a large cave. Inside this cave they find a vessel with a liquid that has to be drunk in order to get to the horcrux inside. Dumbledore, with Harry's help, finishes the potion, causing him the worst agony, but allowing Harry to take the Horcrux. Harry and Dumbledore Apparate back to Hogwarts. Dumbledore, weakened by the potion, asks Harry to get Professor Snape immediately. But Draco's appearance prevents him from doing so and watches what is going on from a hiding place. Draco reveals to Dumbledore that he is a Death Eater and should kill him. At this moment, more Death Eaters appear who have reached Hogwarts through the Vanishing Cabinet, including Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry tries to intervene, but is told by Professor Snape to stay in hiding. He himself goes to Dumbledore and the Death Eaters. To Harry's horror, Snape turns out to be an accomplice of the Death Eaters and kills Dumbledore with the killing curse " Avada Kedavra ".

The Death Eaters flee Hogwarts. Harry pursues them and puts Snape on the school grounds. Snape successfully defends himself against Harry's curses and reveals to him that he is the Half-Blood Prince , the former owner of the Potions book. He disarms Harry and the Death Eaters flee.

The film ends with a gathering of all students and teachers in honor of Professor Dumbledore and a closing conversation between Harry, Ron and Hermione, in which Harry explains to his friends that he will not be returning to Hogwarts next year and will instead complete Dumbledore's search for Voldemort's Horcruxes . Harry tells them the Horcrux from the cave is a fake and shows a slip of paper that was in the locket. According to this, a certain RAB took the real Horcrux. Hermione assures that she and Ron will accompany Harry and that Ron has nothing against a relationship between Harry and his sister Ginny. Finally, the trio watch Fawkes , the phoenix Dumbledore, as they leave school.

Differences from the book

Several scenes in the book have been modified or left out. The full first chapter, which contains a conversation between the Muggle Prime Minister and the former as well as the new Minister for Magic, has been replaced by the demolition of a London bridge and the kidnapping of Ollivander from his shop in Diagon Alley.

Nor is it Nymphadora Tonks that Harry finds on the Hogwarts Express and freed after Malfoy paralyzed him and left him there. In the film, Luna Lovegood does this.

Furthermore, the kissing scene between Harry and Ginny has been changed: In the film, Ginny kisses Harry in the Room of Requirement, while in the book the kiss takes place in the Gryffindor common room in the presence of almost all Gryffindor students after winning Quidditch.

Furthermore, a scene was built into the film in which the Death Eaters Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback attack and destroy the Burrow, the home of the Weasleys, in which the wedding between Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley was supposed to take place in the seventh part of the story. The scene in which Harry Potter can be seen flirting with a waitress in a London Underground bar was only added for the film.

The end of the film was also shown differently from the book. So Harry is not forced by Dumbledore to watch his death under the invisibility cloak, but instead follows Dumbledore's request not to intervene and does not stand in Snape's way. Furthermore, the duel between the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters within the school is omitted. The final funeral of Albus Dumbledore is also not shown. The separation of Harry and Ginny after the funeral due to the imminent danger from Lord Voldemort is therefore also missing.



Several new characters appear, including Horace Slughorn, played by Jim Broadbent , Lavender Brown ( Jessie Cave ), Fenrir Greyback ( Dave Legeno ) and Cormac McLaggen ( Freddie Stroma ).


The German dubbing was done at FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron in Munich and Berlin . Frank Schaff wrote the dialogue book .

role actor Voice actor
main characters
Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe Nico Sablik
Ron Weasley Rupert Grint Max fields
Hermione Granger Emma Watson Gabrielle Pietermann
Faculty at Hogwarts
Albus Dumbledore Michael Gambon Wolfgang Hess
Rubeus Hagrid Robbie Coltrane Hartmut Neugebauer
Horace Slughorn Jim Broadbent Horst Sachtleben
Severus Snape Alan Rickman Bernd Rumpf
Minerva McGonagall Maggie Smith Barbara Adolph
Filius Flitwick Warwick Davis Mogens von Gadow
Argus Filch David Bradley Fred Maire
Voldemort and his followers ( Death Eaters )
Bellatrix Lestrange Helena Bonham Carter Elisabeth Günther
Fenrir Greyback Dave Legeno Ole Pfennig
Tom Riddle (11 Years) Hero Fiennes Tiffin Paul Deny
Tom Riddle (16 Years) Frank Dillane Raban Bieling
Peter Pettigrew Timothy Spall Gudo Hoegel
Members of the Order of the Phoenix
Remus Lupine David Thewlis Frank Röth
Nymphadora Tonks Natalia Tena Kathrin Gaube
Arthur Weasley Mark Williams Leon Rainer
Molly Weasley Julie Walters Katharina Lopinski
role actor Voice actor
Hogwarts student
Ginny Weasley Bonnie Wright Marcia from Rebay
Draco Malfoy Tom Felton Moritz Pertramer
Lavender Brown Jessie Cave Katharina Berthold
Neville Longbottom Matthew Lewis Fabian Rohm
Luna Lovegood Evanna Lynch Laura Elßel
Parvati Patil Shefali Chowdhury Martina Krause
Padma Patil Afshan Azad Malika Bayerwaltes
Cormac McLaggen Freddie Stroma Roman Wolko
Seamus Finnigan Devon Murray Daniel Haidinger
Dean Thomas Alfred Enoch Fabian Rainer
Pansy Parkinson Scarlett Byrne Annina Braunmiller
Narcissa Malfoy Helen McCrory Madeleine proud
Fred Weasley James Phelps Stefan Günther
George Weasley Oliver Phelps Stefan Günther
Mrs. Cole (orphanage manager) Amelda Brown Marina Koehler
service Elarica Gallacher Anke Kortemeier


“The sixth film is an interlude, and that's what makes it so dramatic. He makes it clear that whatever end comes next. "

- Sophie Albers : stern.de

"Stylish, visually splendid cinema adaptation of the Joanne K. Rowling tome, which, in addition to the usual good actors, also convinces in terms of content."

- Michael Reisner : MovieGod.de

"Incredible but true," Harry Potter 6 "is a big disappointment - and that pains me even while writing these lines as a die-hard fan. The focus of the film is simply wrong, incomprehensible changes destroy the last bit of fun that a lot of the film becomes cut too superficially and left unexplained. And those who allow themselves such missteps will ultimately be punished in the evaluation, no matter how beautiful the film is technically successful. It's a shame, because the series has now received its first disappointing part. "

- Sebastian Stumbek : moviereporter.net

Theatrical release

The film was originally scheduled to open on November 21, 2008 in the United States and the United Kingdom, and on November 20, 2008 in Germany. Although the film was already in post-production , Warner Bros. postponed the theatrical release by eight months in August 2008 in order to make better use of the theatrical release gaps caused by the writers' strike that lasted several months in the USA and thus to increase revenues. The film finally opened in German cinemas on July 16.

With grossing US $ 22.2 million on its premiere night in the USA alone, the film is the most successful film of all time in this regard and replaced the previous record holder The Dark Knight . Within five days, the film grossed US $ 159.7 million in the US, making it the most successful Harry Potter film in this respect too.

In Germany, too, the cinemas were sold out on the day of the premiere. According to Media Control , 386,000 people watched the movie on the first day alone.

The film had a total of 6.1 million visitors in German cinemas. At the international level, a success of 934.3 million US dollars can be calculated (as of December 7, 2019). Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ranks 59th in the list of the most successful films without adjusting for inflation (as of August 8, 2020).


Academy Awards 2010

British Academy Film Awards 2010

Satellite Awards 2009

Grammy Award 2010

  • Nomination for Best Composed Soundtrack Album for Film, Television or Other Visual Media for Nicholas Hooper

MTV Movie Awards 2010

The German Film and Media Assessment (FBW) awarded the film the rating “valuable”.


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