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Hartmut Neugebauer (born September 2, 1942 in Zirke ; † June 22, 2017 in Munich ) was a German actor , voice actor , dialogue book author and dialogue director .

life and career

Neugebauer was one of the busiest voice actors in Germany. He lent his voice to Gene Hackman , John Goodman and Robbie Coltrane and William Shatner in the American series Boston Legal . In the anime series Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs , he spoke the evil chief boss Nemesis. He also gave his voice to the pirate king Gol D. Roger from One Piece . He was also heard in numerous black and white slapstick films in the Klamottenkiste series , where he was a voiceoverboth male and female performers (with disguised voices) spoke. He also worked on numerous radio play productions. He also spoke in 1978 in the cartoon adaptation of The Lord of the Rings the Companion Boromir. Hartmut Neugebauer could also be heard as a centurion in some Asterix cartoon cartoons . He also spoke to Hagrid from Harry Potter and Dr. Eggman in Sonic X , Sonic Generations , Sonic Lost World, and Sonic Forces.

In film and television productions, Neugebauer was seen in Inspector Clouseau, Secret Code: Wild Geese and Derrick, among others.

He was the father of the actress and voice actress Veronika Neugebauer, who died on October 11, 2009 .

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