The Muppets Christmas story

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German title The Muppets Christmas story
Original title The Muppet Christmas Carol
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1992
length 82 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Brian Henson
script Jerry Juhl
production Martin G. Baker ,
Brian Henson
music Miles Goodman ,
Paul Williams (songs)
camera John Fenner
cut Michael Jablow

The puppet film The Muppets Christmas Story was produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 1992 and was released in German cinemas on December 9, 1993. He transfers the story A Christmas Carol (German: A Christmas story or a Christmas carol in prose ) by the English novelist Charles Dickens from 1843 into the world of the Muppets .


The bitter and stingy businessman Ebenezer Scrooge is feared and hated by his fellow men because of his inaccessible character. His assistant Bob Cratchit and his family suffered particularly from his hard-heartedness. On the night before Christmas, however, Scrooge visited three Christmas ghosts who, through the Christmas celebrations of his past, present and future, vividly remind him of his mistakes and omissions. Purified by the visits of the spirits, Scrooge realizes the true meaning of Christmas and transforms himself into a warm and loving person.

Cinematic implementation

British Oscar winner Michael Caine will play Ebenezer Scrooge . His nephew Fred, his wife and Scrooge's old childhood sweetheart as well as some extras are also portrayed by human actors. However, all other characters in the story are represented by Muppet dolls , each based as closely as possible on their well-known characters from the Muppet Show .

The eternally grumpy box grandpas Statler and Waldorf appear as a creepy duo in the role of Jacob Marley, Scrooge's deceased business partner, which has been doubled especially for them. Kermit the Frog plays the accountant Bob Cratchit; his wife Emily is played by Miss Piggy .

The good-natured Fozzie Bear plays Scrooge's old teacher, the fun-loving merchant Fezziwig - who promptly appears here as Fozziwig . Another original Dickens role shows Sam the eagle , who is the strict schoolteacher of little Ebenezer Scrooge.

The large number of well-known muppets and the unlimited usability of dolls, however, literally explode the frame of the circle of figures: in Scrooge's office there is not only Bob Cratchit as an assistant, but also a good dozen additional clerks and accountants in the form of a very bustling group of rats, who has to fight hard with the pitfalls of objects (which are far too large for them) such as invoice books, rulers or window blinds. Brand new roles are introduced for Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat : those of the narrator Mister Dickens and his companion. In doing so, they are not sitting comfortably off-screen , but go directly into the scenery of the story - and thus often in danger. The street scenes, in which Dickens' already colorful and diverse London city population is reinforced by talking draft oxen, morally indignant chickens, slithering penguins and singing vegetables, offer further opportunities for puppets of all kinds.

Brian Henson , son of the late Muppets inventor Jim Henson, is directing the 82-minute implementation of the Dickens story . The Muppets dolls are played by the puppeteers Dave Goelz , Steve Whitmire , Jerry Nelson and Frank Oz . The Christmas songs and chants were written by Paul Williams especially for the Muppets Christmas story; In the German version, the lyrics of the songs are also translated.

The original theatrical version was almost 2 minutes longer - the reason was the decision of the Walt Disney Studios to shorten the scene in which Belle separates from the young Ebenezer in later releases - this was also in the cinema with the song “When Love is gone “is highlighted. The reason was that this scene was unsuitable for children. Why Rizzo the rat cries so heartbreakingly at the end of the scene used today is less understandable due to the cut. In the original, at the end of the film, the reprise “When Love was found” can still be heard today in all releases - in German, synchronized with “we found today what united us”, more appropriate to the cut.


The German-language dubbing was done at Film- & Fernseh-Synchron München based on a dialogue book by Eberhard Storeck , the dialogue was directed by Hartmut Neugebauer .

role actor Voice actor
Ebenezer Scrooge Michael Caine Jürgen Thormann
Bob Cratchit Kermit the frog Andreas von der Meden
Emily Cratchit Miss Piggy Berno from Cramm
Fozziwig Fozzie Bear Bruno W. Pantel
Charles Dickens Gonzo the Great Gudo Hoegel
Rizzo Rizzo the rat Willi Roebke
Robert and Jacob Marley Statler and Waldorf Manfred Lichtenfeld
Walter Reichelt
Christmas spirit present Jerry Nelson Hartmut Neugebauer
Tiny Tim Robin Dieter Landuris
principal Sam the eagle Wolf Ackva
Supplicant Dr. Honeydew bunsen burner and assistant Beaker Mogens by Gadow
Eberhard Storeck


The Fischer Film Almanach 1994 said: “A great pleasure, which Michael Caine as Scrooge gives a greater depth than one might even assume as a Muppets fan. Caine is the focal point that gives hold to the many small and large ideas. He is supported by excellent camera work, which finds fascinating aspects in the doll world, and by the restrained and safe use of trick technology. "

DVD release

  • The Muppets Christmas Story. Special Edition (anniversary edition) . Buena Vista Home Entertainment 2006.


  • Miles Goodman , Paul Williams : The Muppet Christmas Carol. Original motion picture soundtrack . Jim Henson Records / BMG, New York 1992, sound carrier no. BG2 30017.


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