Hot dogs in Ibiza

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German title Hot dogs in Ibiza
Original title Hot dogs in Ibiza /
On est venu là pour s'éclater
Country of production Germany , France
original language French
Publishing year 1979
length 77 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Max Pécas
script Didier Philippe Gérard ,
Hartmut Neugebauer
production Karl Spiehs ,
Max Pécas,
Jacques Leitienne
music Gerhard Heinz ,
Georges Garvarentz
camera Roger Fellous
cut Gisela Haller ,
Paul Cayatte ,
Nicole Colombier

Hot Dogs in Ibiza is a German-French film amusement from 1979 by Max Pécas .


Thomas, called "Cri-Cri", is fed up with his monotonous job. Day after day, he has to ring the doorbell and clean the doorknobs in Paris to sell books that nobody wants on behalf of his boss, Monsieur Alfred Gomez. At most one or the other sexually willing housewife pulls him into their four walls. Through a friend who flies to Ibiza the next day to work as an entertainer, he agrees to come along to try this job too. He soon made numerous contacts with the ladies in the holiday club, and the swimming pool was the ideal hunting ground for him and various other hormone-laden guys. The fun threatens to be abruptly interrupted when Cri-Cris former boss, whom he had rubbed his departure under his nose with drastic words, flies in with his wife and their beautiful daughter Eva in vacation paradise.

Other holidaymakers also cause all sorts of confusion: there is, for example, the son of the old man Norbert, who always only reads science fiction novels, who absolutely wants to get his son excited about the beautiful topless girls, or the shy German Hans Kulpa, the you accidentally billeted in the same apartment with a pretty blond young lady named Claude. The over-the-top (and in this case also fluffy-maned) gay, which is obligatory for this film genre, who chases pretty boys and regularly shows up, should of course not be missing either. While Thomas tries to get at his former boss, Monsieur Gomez, with silly pranks, he falls in love with his pretty daughter Eva. Their parents meanwhile happily change partners. But in the end everything is fine: Cri-Cri gets his Eva and on top of that with her an extra week at her side in Ibiza.

Production notes

The 33 days of shooting hot dogs in Ibiza took place from May 2nd to June 8th 1979 in Paris as well as in Ibiza and Mauritius . The German version of the film was completed in early September 1979, and Hot Dogs was premiered in Ibiza on September 26, 1979 in Paris. The German premiere took place in three German cinemas (Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf) on November 30, 1979.


"A more than poor, lying film that looks like an advertisement for the 'potency paradise' Ibiza."

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