Solo for ONCEL

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Television series
German title Solo for ONCEL
Solo for UNCLE
Original title The Man from UNCLE
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1964-1968
length 48 minutes
Episodes 105 in 4 seasons
genre Crime , thriller
Theme music Jerry Goldsmith
idea Sam Rolfe
production Norman Felton
music Gerald Fried (45 episodes)
camera Fred J. Koenekamp (90 episodes)
First broadcast September 22, 1964 (USA) on NBC
first broadcast
May 2, 1967 on ZDF

Solo for ONCEL (original title The Man from UNCLE ) is an American television series of the secret agent thriller genre, of which 105 episodes were produced in a total of four seasons from 1964 to 1968. The main characters are the American Napoleon Solo ( Robert Vaughn ) and the Russian Illya Kuryakin ( David McCallum ), who work for the United Network Command for Law Enforcement ( UNCLE ).

In Germany, 26 episodes of the series were broadcast by ZDF from 1967 to 1968 . Another 64 episodes were dubbed from 1993 to 1994 on behalf of RTL , including 15 episodes that had already been shown by ZDF. The series ran on RTL, Super RTL and DF1 / Premiere under the title Solo for UNCLE

Feature films

Various episodes of the series were also combined into a total of eight full-length feature films that were shown in cinemas in Germany and a few other European countries in the 1960s. The spelling of the series title was slightly modified here: Solo for ONKEL The films in detail:

  • 1964: Agent on Kanal D ( To Trap a Spy ) - German cinema release: March 19, 1965
  • 1964: The Spy with My Face - German cinema release: July 8, 1965
  • 1965: One Spy Too Many - German cinema release: August 5, 1966
  • 1965: War of the Spies ( One of Our Spies Is Missing ) - German cinema release: June 9, 1967
  • 1966: The Spy in the Green Hat - German cinema release: August 4, 1967
  • 1966: Die Karate Killer ( The Karate Killers ) - German cinema release: January 19, 1968
  • 1967: The Despicable Three ( The Helicopter Spies ) - German cinema release: June 21, 1968
  • 1967: How to Steal the World - German cinema release: October 2, 1969
  • 1983: Thunderball ( The Fifteen Years Later Affair )


role actor German voice actors
Napoleon Solo Robert Vaughn Niels Clausnitzer (ZDF dubbing)
Reinhard Kuhnert (RTL dubbing)
Illya Kuryakin David McCallum Fred Maire (ZDF dubbing)
Sascha Draeger (RTL dubbing)
Alexander Waverly Leo G. Carroll Erik Jelde (ZDF dubbing)
Gerd Holtenau (RTL dubbing)

Awards (selection)

In 1966, the series was awarded the Golden Globe Award for “best television series” . Robert Vaughn and David McCallum were each nominated for the award in the "best male lead actor in a television series" category.


It is noteworthy that in a series filmed in the USA in the 1960s - that is, in the middle of the "Cold War" - an American and a Russian fight side by side.

In August 2015, a modernized adaptation of the series was released in cinemas under the title code name UNCLE . The leading roles are played by Henry Cavill (Napoleon Solo), Alicia Vikander (Gaby Teller), Armie Hammer (Ilya Kuryakin) and Hugh Grant (Alexander Waverly).


In the USA and Great Britain between 1965 and 1971 a series of novel adaptations appeared under the title The Man from UNCLE. Five volumes of the series were also published in German translation.

German-language comics with the title Napoleon Solo - Der Mann von UNCLE appeared with nine issues from December 1967 to April 1969 every two months by Semic-Verlag. The individual comic booklets each had 36 pages and were drawn realistically in black and white. The following comic volumes from this series have been published in Germany:

  • The mysterious jet smugglers
  • The secret of deadly toys
  • The gold secret
  • Brainwashing
  • The underwater fort
  • Big game in Singapore
  • Death riddle
  • The secret of the flying people
  • The dogfight

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