Code name UNCLE

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German title Code name UNCLE
Original title The Man from UNCLE
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2015
length 116 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 12
Director Guy Ritchie
script Guy Ritchie,
Lionel Wigram
production John Davis ,
Steve Clark-Hall ,
Lionel Wigram,
Guy Ritchie
music Daniel Pemberton
camera John Mathieson
cut James Herbert

Codename UNCLE is an American agent - Action - Comedy with Henry Cavill , Armie Hammer , Alicia Vikander and Hugh Grant , who came to the US cinemas on August 14, 2015. In Germany, the film started a day earlier. The film premiered on August 2, 2015 in Barcelona. The producer and director of the film is Guy Ritchie . The film is from Warner Bros. distributed.

The film is a cinema adaptation of the solo agent series for ONCEL from the 1960s. At that time Napoleon Solo was played by Robert Vaughn , Illya Kuryakin by David McCallum , Waverly by Leo G. Carroll .


In 1963, the former master thief Napoleon Solo travels to East Berlin on behalf of the CIA . Solo was originally sentenced to 15 years in prison, but was pardoned after signing up to work for the CIA for 15 years instead. In East Berlin he visits the car mechanic Gaby Teller and tells her that her father Udo Teller, who developed new weapons as a scientist for the Nazis, worked for the Americans after the Second World War and led a new life in the USA, until he recently disappeared. It is believed that he is now developing nuclear warheads for an international criminal organization with ties to former Nazis, the manufacture of which, thanks to a research project also developed by Dr. Teller newly developed and significantly less complex process for uranium enrichment becomes possible. Therefore Solo is supposed to flee to the West with Gaby in order to get Udo Teller back with her help. Both were wiretapped, however, and are therefore forced to flee to West Berlin immediately in order to avoid the threat of arrest. As they flee, they are followed by the police, KGB agent Illya Kuryakin, but Gaby and Solo just manage to escape Kuryakin at the Berlin Wall .

The simplified enrichment process developed by Dr. Teller, it would be possible for practically everyone to manufacture weapons-grade uranium and use it to build nuclear weapons. Both superpowers want to prevent this, in addition, both the USA and the Soviet Union want Teller's research results for themselves and a collaboration between Solo and Kuryakin, who are only reluctantly willing to do so, is agreed. To find Teller, Gaby is supposed to contact her uncle Rudi, who works for the Vinciguerra forwarding company, which is seen as the facade of the criminal organization that wants to build the nuclear warheads. Sergio Vinciguerra, the company's founder, was originally a member of the Italian fascists and, according to rumors, smuggled part of the Nazis' gold stocks into South America after the war. Sergio's son Alexander Vinciguerra and especially his wife Victoria continue to run the company; Alexander leads a life as a playboy, while Victoria has been running the company since the death of Sergio Vinciguerra and is considered the real fanatical sympathizer of the Nazis. Gaby, Kuryakin and Solo travel to Rome to meet Gaby's uncle Rudi, and Kuryakin is passed off as Gaby's fiancé. Solo infiltrated an art thief at a Vinciguerras event and aroused the interest of Victoria Vinciguerra with the offer to "get" certain works of art for her collection.

Solo and Kuryakin break into a Vinciguerras plant at night and actually find evidence of uranium enrichment there, almost getting caught and barely escaping. The next day, at a meeting with Uncle Rudi and Alexander Vinciguerra, Gaby reveals the camouflage of the two agents and offers her services to her father's final conviction for the cause. Kuryakin escapes, but Solo is drugged by Victoria and is said to be tortured to death by Uncle Rudi, who already worked as a torturer for the Nazis. Meanwhile, Gaby travels with the Vinciguerras to their island, where the nuclear weapons are built. Kuryakin can free Solo, Uncle Rudi is now tortured by the agents himself, he reveals the secrets of the Vinciguerras and offers himself as a key witness against the Vinciguerras. Due to a malfunction, however, the electric chair with which Uncle Rudi first tortured Solo and to which he has now been strapped himself catches fire, and he dies as a result.

Gaby meets her father on the island of Vinciguerras and tells him that she has come to his rescue and that he is supposed to finish the nuclear warhead. This is one of two originally conventional warheads that could use a signal to align themselves with one another in order to hit the same target and thus increase their effectiveness. Gaby's father tries to sabotage the nuclear warhead, but Victoria surprises him and uses Gaby as leverage to force her father to complete it. After the warhead is completed, Gaby's father is finally shot by Victoria. Solo and Kuryakin are just about to make their way to the island to free Gaby and are approached by MI6 agent Waverly. He reveals to them that Gaby Teller has been his agent for two years and he offers the agents his support in order to free Gaby, secure the nuclear warhead and take out the Vinciguerras.

From a British aircraft carrier, Solo and Kuryakin infiltrate the Vinciguerras facility with the help of Royal Marines . Alexander then escapes with Gaby in his power and one of the bombs over a land bridge to the mainland, but the two agents can stop him and he is finally killed by Kuryakin. It turns out that the warhead that Alexander escaped with is not the nuclear weapon, it only has a conventional charge. Victoria is meanwhile on the way with the nuclear warhead on an old fishing boat to hand over the bomb to a Nazi submarine. Solo can reach Victoria by radio, which makes it possible to locate her and kill her using the second conventional warhead.

Back at the hotel in Rome, Solo and Kuryakin destroy all of Teller's notes together so that they do not have to kill each other. In the end, Solo, Kuryakin and Gaby are set up as a joint team for a new organization under the leadership of Waverly: UNCLE (United Network Command for Law Enforcement).

Production and grossing

The shooting took place in England and Italy. External shoots took place in Campania near Naples , including on the Gulf of Naples , and in Rome . The film budget was estimated at $ 75 million. On the other hand, there is a worldwide box office of around 110 million US dollars, which means that the film fell far short of expectations.

In view of this, there is currently nothing to be heard of a possible sequel, even if screenwriter Lionel Wigram is said to have already started the script for one in 2017.


The RC Production took over the German-language dubbing of the film. Klaus Bickert wrote the dialogue book, Tobias Meister directed the dialogue.

role actor Voice actor
Napoleon Solo Henry Cavill Nicolas Boell
Gaby Teller Alicia Vikander Yvonne Greitzke
Illya Kuryakin Armie Hammer Sascha Rotermund
Victoria Vinciguerra Elizabeth Debicki Katrin Fröhlich
Alexander Vinciguerra Luca Calvani Claudio Maniscalco
Uncle Rudi Sylvester Groth Sylvester Groth
Udo Teller Christian Berkel Christian Berkel
Waverly Hugh Grant Patrick Winczewski
Sanders Jared Harris Lutz Schnell


At Rotten Tomatoes , the film received a score of 67 percent from 213 counted reviews (142 positive reviews, 71 negative). The average rating was 6.2 out of 10 points. In summary, code name UNCLE is described as an unbalanced action thriller with just enough style to cover up the shortcomings in content. So the charismatic actors and the set distract from the not particularly remarkable story. Metacritic recorded 40 reviews, 16 of which were positive and only 4 negative, so that a value of 55 percent was given for the film.

On the film is described as a mixture of Ocean's Eleven and James Bond . He has wit, style and action, and is therefore a modern twist on the 60s television series. TV Spielfilm describes the film as “a fast-paced retro-style orgy” that offers a “balanced mixture of nostalgic genre recites and fast-paced action scenes with a perfect lead duo”.

Andreas Borcholte writes in Spiegel that a series from 50 years ago should hardly be known to current audiences and that parodies of the original are therefore obsolete. To get around this, the characters and new story would have to be significantly more original than they actually are in the movie. The actors and guest actors as well as the soundtrack by Daniel Pemberton are positively mentioned. It remains a respectable agent thriller with a beautifully designed backdrop, in which Ritchie does not know how "he should fill it with depth of field, real emotions or even just an exciting plot".

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