Jack, Queen, King, grass

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German title Jack, Queen, King, grass
Original title Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 1998
length 107 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Guy Ritchie
script Guy Ritchie
production Matthew Vaughn
music David A. Hughes
John Murphy
camera Tim Maurice-Jones
cut Niven Howie

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a film of British author and film director Guy Ritchie from the year 1998 . The independent film combines the thriller and comedy genre. In 2000 a spin-off series with the same name was shot.


The film is about four friends who keep their heads above water with small scams and want to land the coup of their lives with a game of poker (the variant Three card brag ). Eddy, who is known to be a really good poker player, and his friends Tom, Soap and Bacon are now trying to raise the necessary stake of £ 100,000  so that Eddy can take part in an illegal poker game run by local mob boss Harry Lonsdale. As was to be expected, however, they also work with marked cards and lazy tricks, so that the four friends not only get rid of their stakes, but also stand in the chalk with the big boss with £ 500,000 in debt . They have to find the money in a week now - or their fingers will be cut off.

By chance - the walls of their apartment are not exactly thick - the four friends learn that criminals who live next to them are planning a deal and want to steal a lot of money and a large amount of marijuana . They want to take this from a few stoners who grow and sell the weed for Rory Breaker. Then the four of them had the idea to take the stolen property from the criminals after their raid in order to pay their debts to Harry.

After the successful attack, the quartet wants to sell the grass. Tom speaks to the Greek Nick, who then wants to thread a deal between them and Rory Breaker. Rory is also interested, but finds out that it is his own weed that is now to be sold to him. He goes out with a killer squad to get his weed and money back.

At the same time, the criminal neighbors of the four find out who stole them and hide at their home. There they meet the men of Rory Breaker. There is a shootout that almost no one survives. Only one of the stoners escapes with the grass. The four friends themselves were not at home at the time.

When they come home and see what happened, they go into hiding and call Harry. However, he has already received the money from his debt collector Chris, who had previously secured it from the four friends. Harry still wants to speak to the boys. The meeting with the gang boss is very different than expected. They also have two old, very valuable rifles , which Harry had commissioned to steal, but whose value the thieves had not recognized, so the rifles got to the four friends via Nick "the Greeks".

In the penultimate scene, Big Chris comes to the boys in the bar and gives them back the bag. At first they think the money is in it, but later notice that it contains an auction catalog instead. Shortly before that, they sent one of their own to sink the two rifles in the Thames, as they are evidence. The catalog says how much these two antiques are worth, and immediately the other three panic and try to reach the fourth on his cell phone. The last scene has an open ending, you can't see whether he'll finally manage to save the guns.


The shooting took place on location and in the studio in London . The film was made on an estimated budget of £ 960,000. This contrasts with box office profits of $ 3,650,677 in the US and £ 11,399,953 in the UK.

It premiered in August 1998 at the Edinburgh Film Festival . The theatrical release was on August 28, 1998. The theatrical release in Germany took place on December 3, 1998.

Bube, Dame, König, grAS was nominated for the 1999 BAFTA Award for “Best British Film” of 1998. In 2000, Matthew Vaughn won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Screenplay for Jack, Dame, König, grAS .


  • While filming, actor Lenny McLean fell ill with pleurisy. Upon treatment and further x-rays, it was found that McLean had lung cancer that had already metastasized to his brain. He died shortly afterwards on July 28, 1998, a few weeks before the film was released. Guy Ritchie dedicated the film to him and had the posters and the credits of the film changed for this.
  • Not only in Great Britain did the film conquer the cinema and video charts. After the success, Guy Ritchie co-produced a relatively short (a pilot film and six episodes or episodes) British television series with the same name Lock, Stock… , but with other actors, which was in German and English in DD 2.0 on a length of about 390 minutes long DVD (FSK 12) has been available in Germany since the end of 2009.
  • The English title Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (literally: lock , stock and two smoking barrels ) is an allusion to the phrase lock, stock and barrel , which is derived from the three essential parts of a rifle. In a figurative sense, this means “with all the trimmings”, “with stump and handle”, “with bag and bag”.
  • The English narration voice of Alan Ford was spoken in the German dubbing by Martin Semmelrogge .
  • There is an almost 12-minute longer Director's Cut of the film, which is available both in the USA (released under the name Locked 'N Loaded Director's Cut ) and in the country of production, England.


“An unusual gangster film, which of course suffers from the overflowing abundance of its script ideas and despite good approaches does not get the story to the point. Some brutalities are just as disturbing as the brittle imagery of the film, which presents a fatalistic worldview. "

"The ingenious fun between black comedy, hard 70s thriller and young British cinema has long been a huge success in England and will also delight everyone here who loves shrill attacks on morale and established viewing habits."

The German Film and Media Assessment FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the rating “particularly valuable”.

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