Lock (weapon)

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The lock is the mechanism used to ignite the propellant charge in a firearm .

The lock is not to be confused with the lock . The lock serves to close the gun barrel towards the rear. It can contain parts of the ignition mechanism.

The first firearms were ignited by the shooter holding a burning fuse or piece of wood to the ignition hole with one hand . Over time, mechanisms developed to make the process easier and more reliable.

  • Matchlock (15th – 17th centuries): A lever moves the burning match to the ignition hole.
  • Wheel lock (16th – 17th centuries): A friction wheel and pebbles generate sparks.
  • Flintlock (17th – 19th centuries): A flint hits metal and creates sparks.
  • Percussion lock (19th – 20th centuries): A tap strikes a percussion -sensitive percussion cap .
  • Modern firearms are still based on the principle of the percussion lock; however, the primer is already contained in the cartridge . As an additional safety device, there are different models of safety turnbuckles for modern bolt action rifles .

With today's hunting rifles with tiltable barrels , the most famous lock designs are:

  • Lightning lock : All lock parts are mounted on a horizontal lock plate. It can thus be easily removed from the weapon and is mainly used in combined weapons such as B. Triplets use.
  • Side lock or sheet metal lock: All lock parts are mounted on a vertical lock plate. It can be easily taken out of the weapon and is mainly characterized in shotguns , double sleeves , Bockbüchsflinten and triplets use.
  • Box lock (also called Anson & Deeley system ): All lock parts are mainly housed in the lock box ( receiver ), which means that it has a very compact design. It is mainly used in side-by-side shotguns, side-by-side rifles and over and under rifle shotguns.
  • Einschlosshandspannsysteme: tensioning the castle during bending of the legs provided, which also clamping slide is advanced. This enables a quick sequence of shots. They are mainly used in over and under rifle shotguns and mountain sockets .
  • Two lock hand clamping systems (e.g., system Krieghoff two-lock combination manual cocking.) Biases the castle when bending of the barrels provided that also the cocking slide is advanced. This enables a quick sequence of shots. They are mainly used in over and under rifles, over and under rifles, double rifles, triplets and mountain sockets.