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When combined arms weapons are called, which consist of several interconnected weapons.


Historical special forms of combined arms include elements common to edged weapons and firearms . The pistol qatar is a well-known variant of these weapons. The so-called Apache revolver even combines three elements: brass knuckles , revolver and knife. Actually include Ordonnanzwaffen that offer the possibility of a bayonet to plant, in the category of "combined arms"

Modern hunting weapons

Are common guns , the grist and rifle barrels have. They are almost exclusively for the hunting built a hunting weapon to be able to adapt to diverse conditions. Common features are the single loader and drop barrel system . By using an insert barrel , it is also possible to convert a double shotgun into a combined weapon.

Combined weapons are ranked based on the combination of barrels. The most common combinations are shown in the gallery.


1 side-by-side shotgun, 2 over-and-under shotguns, 3 double rifles,
4 Bergstutzen / over and under rifles, 5 rifles,
6 over and under rifles, 7 triplets, 8 double rifles,
9 over and under triplets , 10 quadruples

The following weapon types are common. The combination possibilities of barrels are only limited by the skills of the gunsmith (and later by the usability):

  • Rifle shotgun - ball and shotgun barrel lying side by side
  • Over and under rifle shotgun - ball and shotgun barrel lying on top of one another
  • Normal treble - two shotgun barrels of the same caliber lying next to each other and a ball barrel arranged in the middle below
  • Waldläuferdrilling - two shotgun barrels lying next to each other and above that, mostly in the rail between the shotgun barrels, a ball barrel in a closed season caliber (e.g. .22 lfB , .22 Hornet )
  • Double rifle drilling - two ball barrels of the same caliber lying next to each other and a shotgun barrel arranged below in the middle
  • Bockdrilling - (also triumphal block), shotgun barrel and two ball barrels of different caliber
  • Quadruple - T-quadruplet (T-shape), rail quadruplets or double rifle quadruplets arranged in a cross shape, often with two shotgun and two ball barrels or as a so-called safari quadruplet with four ball barrels (usually two to three different calibers)

The term component Bock indicates the arrangement of the barrels on each other (broken bock t). Double rifles and Bergstutzen among the single-shot rifles and shot rifles , but not because the characteristic of the association of grist and ball rolling missing to the combined arms. The distinction is only theoretical. A rifle shotgun / over and under rifle shotgun loses its property as a combined weapon through the installation of a barrel and then becomes a mountain socket .


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