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The rifle shotgun is a variant of the combined arms and is a long weapon with a shotgun barrel and a ball barrel.

In contrast to the over and under rifle shotguns , these are not arranged one above the other, but side by side (English " side-by-side ").

The rifle shotgun is mainly used in areas where the hunter hunts for small game and large game , for example fox and hare, which are shot with shot, or deer and wild boar, which are shot down with bullets.

The rifle shotgun was very widespread in Germany around the turn of the last century, as it could often be made from a normal side-by-side shotgun or transverse shotgun by installing a barrel .

More recently, the renowned German gun manufacturers Krieghoff and Blaser have given the rifle shotgun a rebirth.

Formerly the runs still soldered together specifically what often with warm rounds of meeting shift led, so they are called today thermostable , since the runs may expand heat / independently, without the point of impact to affect each other's run. In addition, the weapons produced by the manufacturers mentioned have a built-in muzzle adjustment . The muzzles can be adjusted to each other, which has advantages when shooting in the weapon. The change of the ammunition lot or the load is thus easy to accomplish.

In terms of handling, the rifle gun is more suitable for short forest hunting distances. The barrels are usually adjusted so that they shoot together after approx. 50 m, i. This means that the axes of the barrel cores intersect. Then the bullet flies from the left barrel to the right and vice versa. In an over and under rifle, the axis of the soul intersect in the vertical direction, i.e. H. you either have a hit that is a little too high or too deep, which is hunted but tolerable. With the rifle shotgun, the hit may be next to it, which is more of a problem. The rifle shotgun is more of a lover's weapon these days and, like all combined weapons, will continue to enjoy a loyal fan base. Please also compare the double rifle .

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