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Double rifle

A double rifle (also known as a cross rifle) is a hunting rifle with two ball barrels of the same caliber lying next to each other. The break-open rifle is often used on driven hunts because it allows a second quick shot at the ready. However, it is also used when hunting defensive game (big cats, buffalo, elephant), as all essential components (trigger, lock, barrel) are duplicated and thus malfunctions of the entire weapon are unlikely. The double rifle is to be distinguished from the over and under rifle , in which the two barrels are arranged one above the other.

In classic double rifles, the two barrels are firmly soldered to one another, which, due to the different heating of the barrels, can mean that the two barrels do not "shoot together" or only poorly, and the hit position from both barrels is therefore not identical. In modern double rifles, the barrels are freely swinging and even individually adjustable. Thus, the barrels can be adjusted to each other, which enables a shooting performance like a repeater .

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