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Trillion, open

The buck treble is a long weapon for hunting purposes with three barrels arranged one above the other.

As a rule, the shot barrel is arranged at the top so that a running rail can be used for sighting when shooting a quick shot. A rifle barrel has a large caliber for shooting strong game. The second barrel has a smaller caliber for shooting small game. Triumphbock is the name of a barrel arrangement in which the smaller ball barrel is to the side next to the other barrels of the triplet that are vertically stacked (jacked up) (see illustration).

Barrel arrangement in the triple tree

The large-caliber barrel is firmly aligned for the shot barrel. The small barrel can be adjusted to a common point of contact compared to the large barrel.

The over and under triple rifle is a break-open rifle , which means that the barrel assembly is bent in relation to the receiver for loading or unloading . He is one of the single-shot weapons .

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