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Commemorative plaque for the Wendland families, attached to the library pavilion in front of the Berggarten in 1948

Hermann Wendland (* 1825 in Herrenhausen ; † 1903 in Hanover ) was a German botanist and chief gardener of the Herrenhausen Gardens and an author . Its official botanical author's abbreviation is “ H. Wendl. "


As the son of the royal court garden inspector Heinrich Ludolph Wendland, Wendland came from a well-respected family of botanists and gardeners. He was a recognized expert on palm trees and grew one of the world's largest palm collections in what was then Europe's largest palm house in the Herrenhausen Gardens. He collected more palm trees on his research trip through Central America in 1856/57 . He described and named over 130 species.


The Wendlandiella palm genus is named after him. Many species from the palm family were later named after him. A number of other species known and widespread today were also made known by him. These include the flamingo flower and the usambara violet .


Hermann Wendland wrote a number of botanical writings, particularly on palm trees, as well

  • The Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen near Hanover , Hanover 1852
  • Index palmarum, cyclanthearum, pandanearum, cycadearum, quae in hortis europaeis coluntur , Hanover 1854
  • A new genus of palm . In: Botanische Zeitung . tape 16 , no. 21 , May 21, 1858, pp. 145 ( biodiversitylibrary.org ).


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