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The Hanoverian Biographical Lexicon with the subtitle From the Beginnings to the Present is a Hanoverian local biography , i.e. a biographical reference work that focuses on people from Hanover . It was published in 2002 by Schlüterschen Verlagsgesellschaft . The editors were Dirk Böttcher , Klaus Mlynek , Waldemar R. Röhrbein and Hugo Thielen .


Recorded people

The lexicon contains around 1,350 biographies of people who died by the editorial deadline on May 31, 2002. In the introduction, "The Authors" explain personalities of the city's history who have made significant contributions in the fields of politics, society, economy, religion, culture and sport. Immigrants who have achieved important things in or outside the city are also included in the lexicon. In this way, connections with an actually larger historical context than the urban history are taken into account, but primarily the urban historical points of contact are worked out. The Hanover street names and the online database of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library were also helpful in making decisions . Monuments, memorial plaques, memorial stones or the naming of names on streets, squares, bridges, fountains, schools, churches, barracks and other structures such as still existing graves of the protagonists were also taken into account . People who are only relevant to the district are not included, even if, for example, a street is named after them. An attached register of persons records personalities mentioned in the lexicon to whom no separate article has been dedicated.

City Lexicon Hannover as successor

The successor is the City Lexicon Hannover published in 2009 . Their editors and main authors, Klaus Mlynek and Waldemar R. Röhrbein, refer to the two lexica Hannoversches Biographisches Lexikon and Hannover Kunst- und Kultur-Lexikon as precursors or preparatory work for the Hannover city lexicon as a now combined subject and person lexicon.


In addition to the four main authors, the following were particularly involved: Gerd van den Heuvel , Rainer Kasties, Helmut Knocke , Karl-Friedrich Oppermann , Hans Otte , Jens Schmidt-Clausen, Peter Schulze and Helmut Zimmermann . Other authors were Karin Ehrich, Werner Heine, Beatrix Herlemann , Günther Kokkelink , Wolf-Dieter Mechler , Thomas Scharf-Wrede , Michael Taistra, Günter F. Tölke and a large number of company owners or their successors.


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