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Dirk Böttcher (born October 13, 1921 in Hanover ; † January 23, 2011 ) was a German master printer , author and long-time chairman of the Association of Friends of the Hanover Historical Museum on the Hohen Ufer .



Dirk Böttcher was the great-grandson of Christian Ludewig Küster (born November 23, 1823 in Salzderhelden; † May 19, 1871 in Hanover), a merchant and liqueur manufacturer, who on October 9, 1853 in Hainholz was Sophie Elisabeth Grosse (* in Uelzen; † 2. August 1893), married the daughter of the master carpenter. Their only child was Carl Conrad Christoph Küster (born October 31, 1854 in Hanover; † 1913, 1886 founder of the Carl Küster printing company, which temporarily had between 50 and 70 employees ). He married on November 20, 1895 Millicent Anna Louise Büsch, daughter of the court jeweler Friedrich Carl Büsch and his wife Caroline Charlotte Auguste Louise Bertha Steinbeißer(* March 7, 1842 in Herzberg). Their two daughters were Elisabeth Carola Büsch (* February 29, 1900) and the older Hildegard Bertha Mathilde Helene Büsch (* July 12, 1896), the mother of Dirk Böttcher.

The marble figure that was erected at the family grave in Engesohde's town cemetery in 1915 was made by the sculptor Roland Engelhard and is said to have the facial features of Millicent Anna Louise Büsch and the hands of Elisabeth Carola Büsch.


Dirk Böttcher was born in Baringstrasse 7, the residential and commercial building of the Carl Küster book printing company, which was destroyed on the night of October 9-10, 1943 and reopened at Dieterichstrasse 35 A immediately after the Second World War .

He made his Abitur at the Kaiser Wilhelm and Ratsgymnasium Hanover and was drafted by the Wehrmacht until 1945 . In 1948 he became a master book printer and received the diploma of operations manager from the master school for Germany's book printers in Munich. Until 1964, Böttcher was the gravure printing manager in Sao Paulo ( Brazil ). The printing company partner was chairman of the Association of Friends of the Hanover Historical Museum. He was buried in 2011 in the family's grave at the Engesohde cemetery in Hanover .

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Dirk Böttcher is co-author of the following works:

In addition, he published:

  • A printing company in transition. My little professional history mainly in the Carl Küster printing works from 1886 . In: Hannoversche Geschichtsblätter , New Series 54, 2000, pp. 97–114.

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