October 13th

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The October 13 is the 286th day of the Gregorian calendar (the 287th in leap years ), thus remain 79 days by year end.

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Politics and world events

54 AD: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
1812: The Battle of Queenston Heights
1825: Ludwig I of Bavaria
1977: Route of the kidnapped Landshut
2006: Ban Ki-moon


  • 1908 : Haber reports a "method for synthesizing ammonia from the elements", based on the pioneering Haber-Bosch process , the patent to.
  • 1914 : The American inventor Garrett Morgan receives a patent on the gas mask .
  • 1948 : In a planned action, the miner Adolf Hennecke drives a high-performance shift in the Karl Liebknecht hard coal works in Saxony , during which he exceeds the work standard by 387%. October 13 then becomes activists' day in the GDR .
  • 2008 : As part of the internationally coordinated action plan to defuse the financial crisis , European governments decide at the beginning of the new stock market week to help national financial institutions with more than 1 trillion euros. Almost all stock exchanges worldwide react with strong growth to the actions of governments and central banks . With a plus of 11.4% , the DAX recorded the highest percentage daily increase in its history and made up half of the losses of the previous week, while the Dow Jones closed with a plus of 936.42 points and thus the highest point gain in its history.

science and technology

The Royal Greenwich Observatory
1950: Lockheed Super Constellation


1830: Glyptothek (architectural sketch)
From 1975: Various YPS gimmicks
  • 1975 : The first regular issue of the comic magazine Yps appears in Germany . The magazine is particularly popular because of the gimmick that is enclosed with each magazine , often a toy that sets it apart from other comic magazines for young people in the first decades of its publication.


  • 1761 : The cloth merchant Jean Calas finds his eldest son hanged in his own house in Toulouse . However, the father is suspected of murder, for which he is later executed. Voltaire takes up the miscarriage of justice in 1763.
  • 1806 : Opening of the first school for the blind in today's Germany as the "Prussian-Royal Educational Institution".
  • 1916 : A cat tax is introduced in Dresden : the fee is 5 marks per year for the first cat, 10 marks for the second and 15 marks for each additional cat.



Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Catastrophe .


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Margaret Thatcher (* 1925)
  • 1925 : Margaret Thatcher , British chemist, lawyer and politician, first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom




Susan Thorsgaard (* 1988)


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Holidays and memorial days

  • Church memorial days
    • Théodore de Bèze , French reformer (Protestant)
    • Saint Koloman , Irish Martyr and Patron Saint (Roman Catholic)
    • Saint Lubentius , Irish priest, pastor and patron saint (Roman Catholic)
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Individual evidence

  1. Information on the International Day of for Disaster Reduction on the website of the United Nations

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