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Hans Friedrich Lewy (born October 13, 1896 in Dresden ; † November 30, 1942 in Auschwitz concentration camp ) was a German automobile racing driver .


A Bugatti T37A from 1927.

The cigarette manufacturer from Dresden was a successful private driver in road and hill climbs in Germany and neighboring Czechoslovakia between 1925 and 1932 . Lewy, who competed with a monocle , achieved a total of 28 victories - exclusively on racing cars from the French manufacturer Bugatti . His cars included a T13 , a T37 and a T37A .

With the T37A, Hans Lewy won the AVUS race in the class up to 1500 cm³ in 1931 . He needed 1: 18.26.0 h for the 196.56 km, which corresponds to an average speed of 150.38 km / h. Besides Lewy, only the Frenchman Louis Decaroli ( Salmson ) reached the finish line of the eleven pilots who competed .

In 1932, Hans Lewy acquired a Bugatti T51 with a 2261 cc eight-cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts . Together with Paul Pietsch from Freiburg and Hans Simons from Berlin , he founded the private racing club PiLeSi that year .

On May 22, 1932, Lewy was involved in the fatal accident of Georg Christian von Lobkowitz with his T51 during the international AVUS race in Berlin , in which he himself was uninjured.

At the Grand Prix of Germany 1932 on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring , counting as Grande Épreuve for the European Grand Prix Championship in 1932 , Lewy registered this car for Group I (without displacement restrictions ). At the end of the first lap he had to head for the pit with stomach cramps . Pietsch took over the car and had a serious accident on the last of the six laps, but was uninjured.

After the seizure of power of the Nazis in 1933, Lewy saw the Jew was increasingly exposed to reprisals. As far as is known, he left Germany in 1935 and later lived in France . On September 25, 1942 Hans Lewy was the transit camp Drancy and on November 3, 1942 to Auschwitz deported , where he died on November 30 1942nd

Pre-war grands prix results

season team dare 1 2 3 Points position
1932 PiLeSi (private) Bugatti T51 Flag of Italy (1861-1946) .svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio) .svg 23 22nd
colour meaning EM points
gold victory 1
silver 2nd place 2
bronze 3rd place 3
green Classified, covered more than 75% of the race distance 4th
blue not entitled to points, covered between 50% and 75% of the race distance 5
violet not eligible for points, covered between 25% and 50% of the race distance 6th
red not eligible for points, covered less than 25% of the race distance 7th
colour abbreviation meaning EM points
black DSQ disqualified 8th
White DNS did not start
DNA did not arrive
other P / bold Pole position
SR / italic Fastest race lap
DNF Race not finished (did not finish)
1Together with Paul Pietsch .

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