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Migjeni, before 1935

Migjeni (real name: Millosh Gjergj Nikolla or Miloš Đoka Nikolić ; born October 13, 1911 in Shkodra , † August 26, 1938 in Torre Pellice ) was an Albanian poet. Under the acronym of his name, Migjeni , he wrote almost exclusively works in Albanian .

Migjeni attended the Serbian-language elementary school in his hometown Shkodra and later the Orthodox seminary of Sveti Jovan in the then Yugoslav Monastir (now North Macedonia ). There he learned, among other things, Russian , French , Greek and Latin and read literature in these languages. When he returned to Albania, he gave up his career aspiration to become a priest and became a teacher instead. He worked in Vraka near Shkodra and later in Puka . During this time he began to write poetry and prose in Albanian.

Migjeni became infected with tuberculosis , sought a cure in northern Italy without success and died of this disease in the Waldensian hospital in Torre Pellice at the age of 26.

During his lifetime, a volume of poetry entitled Vargjet e Lira (German: Free Verse) was printed in Tirana , but shortly afterwards banned by the authoritarian Zogu government. Although Migjeni's oeuvre is not very extensive because of his early death, he is still valued as an important poet in Albania to this day.

The Migjeni Theater in his hometown Shkodra is named after him.


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