Petro Hulak-Artemowskyj

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Petro Hulak-Petrowytsch Artemowskyj ( Ukrainian Петро Петрович Гулак-Артемовський * January 16 jul. / 27. January  1790 greg. In Horodyshche , Kiev Governorate , Russian Empire ; † October 1 jul. / 13. October  1865 greg. In Kharkov , Kharkov Governorate , Russian Empire) was a Ukrainian writer and translator.

Hulak-Artemowskyj studied at the theological seminary in Kiev and the University of Kharkov . In 1818 he became a lecturer in the Polish language and in 1825 professor of Russian history and geography. From 1841 to 1849 he was rector of the university.

Since 1817 Hulak-Artemowskyj published fables, poems, romantic ballads and parodies of the Odes of Horace . Herr und Hund , a satire on Russian serfdom , became famous . Editions of his collected works appeared in 1927 and 1958. Hulak-Artemowskyj was the uncle of the composer Semen Hulak-Artemowskyj .