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Lexicon of all technology , 2nd edition 1904
"Steam boiler", lexicon of all technology , 2nd edition 1904
Grave site in the Prague cemetery in Stuttgart

Otto Lueger (born October 13, 1843 in Tengen , Baden, † May 2, 1911 in Stuttgart ) was a German engineer , municipal building officer and university lecturer , who also emerged as a specialist author and editor of the lexicon of technology .


Lueger studied at the Polytechnic Karlsruhe , where he was a member of the Corps Saxonia . He then went to Europe to study. From 1866 he worked for the water works in Karlsruhe and from 1871 for those in Frankfurt am Main . From 1874 he headed the Frankfurt civil engineering department, later that of Freiburg im Breisgau .

From 1878 he worked as a freelance engineer in Stuttgart and mainly built waterworks, including in Baden-Baden , Freiburg im Breisgau, Pforzheim and Lahr .

In recognition of his scientific and practical achievements in the field of water supply, Otto Lueger was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Halle-Wittenberg in 1894 .

From 1895 he was associate professor , from 1903 full professor for hydraulic engineering at the Technical University of Stuttgart . Lueger was the first editor of the Lexicon of the Entire Technology , which appeared in several editions.

He found his final resting place in the Pragfriedhof in Stuttgart.


  • The fountain management of the city of Freiburg. Built 1873-76. A representation of the creation, execution and operation of the same. Freiburg im Breisgau 1879.
  • Theory of the movement of groundwater in the alluvions of river basins. Stuttgart 1883.
  • The water supply for the city of Lahr. Lahr 1884.
  • The water supply of cities. 2 volumes, 1890. / 2nd edition, 1908.
  • (as editor): Lexicon of the entire technology.
    • 1st edition, 7 volumes, 1894–1899.
    • 2nd edition, 8 volumes, 1904–1910. / (posthumous) supplementary volumes 1914 and 1920.
    • 3rd edition, 7 volumes, 1926–1929. (posthumously)
    • 4th edition, 17 volumes, 1960–1972. (posthumously)


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